Pretending is a way to reality

Updated April 6, 2023

Pretending to be together in a world of music. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you believe you are someone definitive in a world defined by time and space, you can undo this belief by pretending to be there because where you pretend to be, you are not. However, unconsciously, everybody is already doing it.

When you look at a new home, you may picture what kind of people used to live there and imagine what type of person you could be if you moved in.

At work, you may pretend to be someone who fits into the environment socially and professionally. But when not at work, you probably pretend to be your own. And going to the disco, you most likely appear as a party-goer.

If your kids are worried, you pretend everything is fine. And if they are naughty, you pretend something terrible will happen.

Being attracted by the look or the vibe of someone, you pretend the other one has a personality that matches yours or that you are soulmates.

Making a pass on someone, you adjust your behaviour per what you believe will turn the other on so you can pretend to be that person.

While you read this, you may imagine what kind of person you should pretend to be if using or rejecting Alexius’ Duality Hacks.

Since pretending to be someone is something everybody already does but have forgot, Duality Hack #2 Pretending to be twofold undoes duality is about being aware of it.

You quickly learn what to pretend to remain a successful musician. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

… that you probably already know. You have sex with your spouse, but only your body is there. You fantasise about being with somebody else while you pretend to be with your spouse.

In the above encounters, you might be aware you pretend to be what you are not. But you are probably unaware everything is pretence. However, if you are aware of it, you know what and where you appear to be is as fictional as role-play. Thus pretending to be someone in the fantasy of a world defined by time and space is as entertaining as being in roleplay or watching a movie.

In other words, when you know the world is virtual, you are aware that the energetic people in an advertisement, the glamourous rockstar on the stage, or the beautiful people on social media are pretending to be something they are not. Thus, you do not look for authenticity but have fun pretending to be someone. And since you already are familiar with doing that – think about when you are on a dating site or social media, playing a game or an air guitar – it is easy.

Nevertheless, some think pretending is wrong, and they should stop acting and find their real self to express that.

First of all: What you really are is that which is One, and since it is formless, there is nothing to express. Secondly, the formlessness of oneness cannot be found in a world defined by time and space, nor can anything else. Formlessness is endless, so there is no world defined by time and space.

Within the context of such a world, you cannot be in the fantasy world of a video game, a movie, a book or a dream, but you can pretend to be there. It is neither bad nor good but a tool to have fun. But whether you believe or pretend to be in the world of a book, it takes the same course – likewise, regarding a world defined by time and space. The difference between believing and pretending is that the latter makes you feel entertained regardless of the outcome.

It requires much control to uphold the belief that you are someone in a capsule of time and space. If you are fed up with that, you pretend to be someone, which is fun because it requires no self-restraint. Besides, what you pretend to be, you are not. So the more you pretend to be someone, the less there is someone to hide, there never was or will be more than that which is One.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality Hack #2 Pretending to be twofold undoes duality.