CANCELLEX The fake link between immateriality and materiality [DRAFT] ???

Updated September 22, 2021

CANCELLEX Being in sync with the brain’s script or not

Updated September 29, 2022

What you believe to be can be compared to a smartphone. Although it can do thousands of things, it depends entirely on its operator – just like you do on the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although the basic self feels free to follow the brain and the special self believes it is free from it, none is free. Since the brain processes all experiences, also those believed to come from the heart, higher consciousness and whatnot, we are a product of the brain. The special self denies this and opposes the brain. But what you fight, you need. However, the basic self does not hide its brain dependency but happily counts on it.

And just like a magician’s tricks are laid bare, the more you watch them, the experiences of the brain are exposed as nothing, the more you follow them. Hence the basic self sooner or later realises that it is a fantasy of the brain. Consequently, the illusion of being someone in a world where there seems to be more than one does not seem to hide that there never was or will be anything but that which is One.

Alexius hates the brain’s script when he wakes up to the smell of cat piss on the floor. However, he does not try to reduce his hate by thinking his cats are sweet and innocent. He hates them, too, for pissing on the floor. But if he stands by all his hate, it defines all his love. Thus the interaction of love and hate makes him feel like walking on clouds when he cleans the floor. Read about the joy of the duality flow in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.  Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self is so removed from its basic being that it thinks it needs to be grounded or transformed into something higher. But, on the other hand, the basic self has no need to change because it relates to the thoughts coming from the brain as they are, thus in sync with the present experience processed by the brain.

This does not necessarily mean the present experience makes you feel good, but as long as your reaction to it refers to the brain’s thoughts, you will feel entertained whether they seem to make you angry or calm.

Nor does it mean your life gets more consistent. Maybe you get an impulse to read this article in the middle of doing the dishes, and so you go reading it, regardless of being the basic or special self, because the brain is always in charge.

The special self does not relate to the present experience produced by the brain but how it envision it. Thus it feels disconnected.

But since the special self feels insecure, this is triggered by the perceived inconsistency. So it blames the brain for holding it down and distances itself from it by claiming to come from the heart. But this experience, like any other, is processed by the brain, so its independence is an illusion.

On the other hand, the basic self perceives the apparent disturbance as an integrated part of the day’s entertainment. That is, if it senses any disruption at all. Most likely not, because the basic self feels fulfilled, so it has no need to perceive anything as inconsistent.

The special self wants to be free of the brain, but the only one oppressing it is itself. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Practically speaking you are always in sync with the brain. You cannot choose not to follow its script of duality. But you can choose to think you know a better way. However, this does not change anything other than you you do not feel connected because the script goes on as programmed by the brain.

In other words, being in sync with the brain’s script of duality is not a matter of waiting for things to happen according to the manuscript. They always do. It is simply a matter of perceiving your reaction to it as ´it is what it is.´ By doing so, you see your response is not singular but twofold. Thus you are in sync with the script of duality.

If you perceive the sun to go up and down, your perception is out of sync with the brain’s script because the sun does not go up and down. Instead, what and where you believe in being goes up and down.

If your perception is in sync with the speed of the Earth and thus of you moving with it, you feel calm inside while racing outside.

Therefore, your perception is not coordinated with what is going on, namely that your feet are spinning at around 1.000 miles an hour while the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67.000 miles an hour. Hence you will not feel the thrill of moving at such a high rate, but the depression from a static perception founded on unstable thoughts.

This stagnant perception, which is the one society supports, is meant to make you think that fulfilment does not come from not resonating with the present movement as it is but with a slowed-down version of it that gives you time to make a perception of yourself where you look powerful, humble, balanced, active or whatever you reckon will make appear more impressive.

Feeling the pulsation of the moment, however, there is no time to make up a perception where you seem to be significant, nor is there any need to do that because the body shivers with ecstasy as if an earthquake of tenderness shakes it.

In the case of Alexius, he sometimes feels that it is like listening to the Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk playing extremely rapid, intricate patterns of notes, which produce overtones so trance-inducing that a cascade sound of purity makes you forget, it is ignited by the speed and complexity underneath it. Read more about that here.

There is no right way to perceive the complexity of a moment. But as long as the perception relates to it and not to an edited and simplified version of it, every perception will make you feel good. So good, indeed, that the inherent speed may bring about glimpses of Enlightenment (read about glimpses of Enlightenment here).

The special self may claim it wants this, but that is a lie. It fears speed because that prevents it from controlling its appearance. Hence it meditates or something else to slow things down so that it has the time to consume static stuff like books and clothes and become wiser and more beautiful in the future, which it imagines will make it more loved.

Perceiving the brain’s script as ‘it is what it is,’ you can count on always being in sync with it, thus feeling entertained. Being that you are not so far from the perception, ‘dunno what it is,’ which connects you with the empty breath* and its bliss of nothing instead of the brain’s entertainment of something. Read more in hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To appear as if you are in a world of something but not of it and thus in the bliss of nothing, you can neither be in nor out of sync with the brain’s script because both ways ratify that you are in its world of something as well as of it. So unlike the basic self who basically says ‘It is what it is’ and the special self who says ‘I know what it is,’ you say ‘Dunno what it is.’

When saying so, you do not ratify your present experience as something. Hence you go back to the nothingness from where the brain has used a second construct it. In other words, in linear time, you go back one second (read more about that here) to the gap the brain makes out between nothing and oneness. Physically speaking, you still appear to be someone in a world of something, but there is no awareness of being that. Thus you get the bliss of nothing (read more about that here).


  • No matter how you experience the appearances on a computer screen and, where you believe the experience to come from, what you experience to be, there is not there. Every part of it is a simulation generated by the computer, and it only seems to be real if you want to perceive it like that.
  • Just like a dream is a construction of nothing that never leaves the dreamer, although it seems to happen in a world outside of it, the self and the world that appears to be outside of it is a construction of nothing that never leaves the brain, regardless of what and where the self believes to be.

*) Read about the empty breath in the below two first hacks, and a state of not-knowing in all of them

NOTE: The above article is part of hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.





the self cannot have a conscious experience of being someone if it does not endorse the experiences of a tangible world as real because otherwise, there is not something to confirm its existence as someone substantial in a tangible world.

In other words, if you ignore the stream of thoughts the brain makes to simulate the existence of a tangible world, you will senseyou are a fantasy of the brain.


In other words, when being someone substantial in a tangible world does not seem appealing, one should ignore the stream of thoughts the brain makes to simulate the existence of such a world. Nor should one try to stop or change it, but to sense the nothingness the brain has twisted into this stream of something.

However, this is not possible while experiencing being someone in a world that seems to consist of something. But as the experience of something takes the brain one second to make (read more about that here), you can sense the unprocessed version of an experience at the beginning of that second, thus entering the bliss of not-knowing what the brain makes you experience one second later.

CANCELLEX Fear is just a four-letter word

Updated December 24, 2021

Meditation is a con trick

Updated September 20, 2022

Whether your eyes are open or not, whatever you experience is a symbol of that which is life. If that is not what you see, meditation will not change that. On the contrary, it will confirm the belief that there are good and bad things to experience.

There is only a need to relax through meditation because you always are on the way to a better moment than the present one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Traditional eastern meditation seems to be about emptying the mind for thoughts, whereas western meditation founded on Christianity wants to fill it with ideas of god. However, the mind is not a fact but make-believe. Thus both an empty mind and one full of god is imagined. This you suppress because you need to think you can alter the mind to prove you are in control. If you did not believe that, you would not try to be purified, changed or transformed via meditation.

Who but those perceiving themselves as dirty, needs to meditate to become pure.

Instead, you see that meditation is a con trick thought up by the rogue consciousness of the self.* It promises you that thoughts, at least the disturbing ones, will disappear when you meditate so that there is nothing to prevent you from being at peace. Nevertheless, most have the opposite experience. They experience more thoughts when they start to meditate. But if they dare to complain to their teacher, they are told it is part of the healing process.

<br /><br /><i>Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.<i/>

You have what it takes. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Meditation does not give you lasting peace or transform you into a higher state of being, and the teacher does not have something, you do not have yourself. You do not need help from anybody. All what is needed is that which makes it possible to experience a the world where there seems to be more than one, namely that which is One, and since it is formless, thus endless, you have nothing but that.

However, there is nothing to heal other than the sick belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One. Unfortunately, meditation does not change that. On the contrary, it enhances this belief because you meditate to fix its problems. So if anything should be stopped, it is the belief in being and having more than that which is one.

Since that which is you is the formlessness of oneness, being centred, balanced or anything else requiring a shape is an illusion.

In short, what you believe in being is nothing because it requires more than one to be something, and there is no more than that which is One since it is formless, thus endless. Therefore, since oneness is all-inclusive and meditation is exclusive, to meditate is a denial of oneness.

Meditating to make thoughts and feelings go away confirms the belief that they are something, whereas experiencing them as they are, reveals they are nothing because the experience does not last.

The belief in an illusion is undone when you look closely at it. Hence you will not have the belief in being some definitive undone with eyes closed but wide open. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Therefore, since being inclusive confirms oneness, you do not reject something you judge as disturbing, such as hatred. Instead, you include it by completely being it. And since hate is defined by its contrast, you cannot be hateful without acknowledging love. Thus it is also included.

And since a contrast cancels itself when both sides meet (read more about that here), the feeling perceived as disturbing is gone. Therefore, since it cannot define you, you become less defined the more you include. Inevitable, you enter a state of not-knowing. Read more about that in hack #5.2 The empty breath and the bliss of nothing.

Thoughts have no power unless you exclude particular ones to establish you as someone definitive because this makes you a victim of thoughts.

However, you may have suppressed some thoughts and feelings so much that you cannot find them and therefore not include them by experiencing them as they are. In that case, do not distract yourself by looking for explanations of the discomfort the suppression has caused somewhere in the body but experience it as it is. This may seem unbearable, but if you do not try to stop or change it, the experience fades away because it cannot be defined when included. This also includes what you once suppressed even though you cannot remember what it was. Consequently, you are set free from your imprisonment. Read about not being exclusive but inclusive in hack #3.1 Inclusiveness is freedom.

Meditating to get rid of duality is a con trick to fool you into believing duality is real. There is nothing but non-duality since it is formless, thus endless. Consequetly, there is not something to change other than the belief that duality is real. That you undo by pretending to be someone in a world of duality because what and where you pretend to be is unreal. In other words, to get rid of duality, you neither have to restrain nor transform yourself – you just change your perception of what and where you appear to be.

Thoughts only seem disturbing when you believe they are yours. This you do because you need them to prove you are what you want to be. Therefore, when there is no wish to be something, thoughts are uninteresting, hence no need to get rid of them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Those meditating would be better off switching to SSRIs or beta-blockers and using the time saved to explore the world where they appear to be. By doing that, they acknowledge their belief in being there. Thus they can correct it.

If you meditate to find peace inside, you perceive inside and outside as separated. Hence you enhance what prevents you from being at peace.

The correction does not come from having insights, being at peace, going deeper or something else founded on the belief in being someone definitive. Instead, it comes from not being someone. That is the correction. This does not mean you cannot have a house, for example. But since you are nobody, it is not perceived as yours, thus not attesting to you as someone.

*) Read more about the rogue consciousness of the basic self in


Life is neither a cause nor an effect. There is no karma!

Updated August 21, 2022

If the car in this image seems to make you feel something specific, you are constructing this effect yourself. The picture has no power to cause you to feel anything at all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You get an immediate physical effect when you hit a nail on the wall. This is not caused by the past but by the present. Should you bang your finger while hammering on the nail and remember you once hit somebody else, it has nothing to do with that. Slamming the finger is an accident. Nothing in your past caused it, nor is there anything set in motion for the future, apart from going to the doctor if the finger is severely damaged.

If you want causal connections to imply, what and where you believe to be has a special meaning, you must invent them.

But to suffer from bodily pain because you accidentally hit your finger does not sound adventurous. So if you somehow connect the suffering with something from your childhood, you have a basis for a story of cause and effect in which you seem to be part of something greater, thus having a special purpose.

Since life is oneness which is formless, thus endless, nothing else could have caused life, nor can it cause something else. Consequently, everything a world where there seems to be more than one is lifeless, hence meaningless.

Whenever you look for something that seems to justify your current state of mind, you fabricate cause and effect – also called karma. As it is all an imagination, you feel its impact in the exact moment you imagine this connection. There is no other karma than this imagined connection. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

On top of that, this construction of cause and effect makes it possible to justify any thought, emotion or action as ‘caused’ by something in the past. Therefore, the concept of karma can be used to legitimise everything you think, feel and do, so you always look innocent. But if you do not construct this connection, there is no special cause, not an effect that makes you attractive. You appear to be nothing, thus not an effect of something.

Hence you are like life because it is formless, thus endless, wherefore it is not caused by something else. Consequently, you are not of a world defined by time and space but of the formlessness of oneness.

You do not reap what you sow. It is a childish fantasy like Santa Claus and the Fairy Tooth, which only seems real until you have developed common sense.

Fortunately, this misperception of what causes an event is easily corrected when you perceive an apparent effect of something as ‘it is what it is.’ Doing that, the effect is not something specific and thus not the cause of anything in particular. Read more about this perception in hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

You cannot know why this picture is here. Therefore, since any reason is made up, the cause is fictional, thus the effect. In other words, what you see is make-believe – likewise, the experience of a world where there seems to be more than one. Nobody knows the cause of it. There is a theory about a big bang which created something out of nothing. But there is neither nothing nor something because it requires more than one to be anything, and there is no more than that which is One. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The foundation of Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings is that the world is unreal. And since you are real, you are not there. One way to know this is to look at the actions of others. You cannot see what has caused them. Hence the cause is thought up. And since only what is unreal needs to be imagined, the cause is fake. Consequently, the effect it seems to cause is an illusion.

You could also say that since these effects do not seem to have a cause and there is no effect without a course, what appears to be an effect of something is an illusion. And since nobody knows the cause of the world – apart from the weird claim that an explosion of nothing, called the big bang, created a universe of something – the experience of being in it is an illusion. It is something you pretend. Read more about that in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation


  • The above article is written within a world where there seems to be more than one. Karma, therefore, is discussed in that context. However, ultimately, there is no sense in discussing karma because there is no more than that which is One, and it takes more than one to have karma.
  • This article is part of hack #1.2 You cannot change anything but your perception of it.