The psychological zone is anywhere but in material things

Updated May 8, 2023

Healing the psychological part of a psychosomatic combo takes no time. All psychological feelings are fleeting when looked at where they are conceived, namely in the mental zone. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Your image of yourself in the psychological sphere has nothing to do with the body, which feels attacked when you try to alter it with your mental ideas.


The brain creates the psychological sphere, the body, and the world of duality. But just like you do not drive a car in the factory where it is made, you do not experience the psychological sphere, the body, and the world of duality in the brain. Instead, the body is experienced as something substantial in a tangible world. But determining where the psychological zone is experienced is more problematic because most try integrating it with the body.

However, that is not how the brain has set it up. The psychology sphere is immaterial, thus the opposite of the material body. They interact to define each other, like breathing in and out, but they can never be combined. Accepting this twofoldness, the duality flow continues uninterrupted, and you feel vigorous.


The psychological zone is so airy that everything is fleeting unless projected on something perceived as substantial.


When swimming, the water touching your body feels good, but not if it gets inside it. Likewise, the body enjoys the psychological sphere but avoids being integrated with it.


It is a waste of time looking for your psychological emotion in the body because it is solely physical, thus without anything psychological or spiritual. You could also say that the body is visible, whereas non-physical issues are invisible, and visibility and invisibility do not blend.

So if you have projected emotional issues onto the body with the assumption that you can hide them there, you better start correcting this fantasy by recognising them where they were conceived, namely in the psychological sphere. Facing them there, they gently open up and reveal they are not singular but twofold. Thus there is no specific psychological issue to bother you.


The psychological sphere is anywhere but in bodily feelings. Thus you are close to it at sleep. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since non-duality is formless, thus endless, the experience of duality is fantasy. Therefore, since the psychological and physical world is imaginative, everything experienced, including the body, is nonmaterial. However, since Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings are written within the context of duality where everything comes in contrast to define each other, the experience of the physical world is perceived as substantial and the psychological world unsubstantial, although they are immaterial.


In Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings, the psychological area, sphere or zone is also called the mental area, sphere or zone. It is very airy, thus anywhere but in material things. Hence bringing back into awareness the psychological feelings you have projected onto the solidness of your body is not done by facing them there but in the non-material mental sphere.

In this airy sphere, everywhere around you, a psychological feeling does not seem heavy, like when imagined combined with the body. Thus one look at it is enough to make it vanish and reveal its opposite. For example, one look at hate replaces it with love, which, when looked at, replaces hatred. They are constantly interacting to define each other.

That is the way of duality. Everything comes in pairs of opposing opposites. Being in sync with this twofoldness, you feel complete in the psychological zone. But not if you eliminate one part of a duality pair by projecting it onto your body or the world or imagining uniting the opposing parts.

The opposing elements in a duality pair can neither be united nor separated because they depend on each other to be defined, like two sides of a coin. Therefore, if you mess with the interaction of the opposing elements in a duality pair, you break up duality, thus feeling broken.

In other words, if you want to feel whole in a world of duality, you never hold onto a specific thought or feeling. Instead, you view them as part of a duality pair in which they interact with their opposing element to define what it is and be defined by that. This movement, called the duality flow, makes you feel complete, thus not needing to hide non-physical issues in the body, wherefore the biological system is free to keep the body sound as it was made to.


If you do not feel complete, you have broken a duality pair. However, that is impossible because you cannot experience a world of duality without them. In other words, feeling incomplete is like having vertigo. Read more about vertigo here. It is not a matter of the world’s appearance but how you sense it psychologically. Thus you correct it in the psychological zone by perceiving your reaction to feeling incomplete as ‘it is what it is.’ Since that reveals your response is not singular but twofold, you feel complete.


You cannot explain the world in this image because its elements are mixed impossibly, except in fantasy. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To get into the duality flow, you do not use the perception ‘it is what it is’ on a house you see but on your reaction to it. Hereafter, the response is revealed as twofold in the mental zone. Hence you are in the duality flow.

However, if your reaction triggered old feelings projected onto the body, you do not perceive your response to the house but to your upset body as ‘it is what it is.’ Again having your reaction revealed as twofold.

But since most do not want to get into the duality flow, they perceive their reaction as ‘I know what it is,’ thus establishing it as a fact and yourself as in the know. Read more about this mix-up here. If you want to escape this imprisonment of yourself and others, you perceive your reaction to ‘I know what it is‘ as ‘it is what it is.’

So it is not about finding the cause of your problem but perceiving your reaction to it as ‘it is what it is’ because the root of the problem is that you are not living by duality, which is corrected by having a twofold reaction to the experience of duality.

To see any reaction in a world of duality is twofold, you do not actually have to perceive it as ‘it is what it is.’ It is a palpable tool Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings recommend to expose something translucent: a singular thought or feeling contains its counterpart, and they constantly interact to define each other. All you have to do to join this interaction, which is the duality flow, is to look at a singular reaction in the psychological zone. Then it opens up and reveals it contains its counterpart, wherefore you feel complete. Read more about the process in You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it.


When you do not project psychological issues onto the body, they do not seem hidden from your awareness. Hence you can perceive your reaction to them as ‘it is what it is,’ revealing your response as twofold. Therefore, since there is no specific reaction to confirm a definitive problem, there is no suffering to project onto the body.


When you project a particular psychological issue, for example, hate, onto your body, it seems removed from the psychological sphere. Therefore, since its complementary part, love, is alone, it cannot interact with hate to be outlined, so love confuses you. In other words, when one part of a duality pair is imagined as removed, you experience brain fog.


Like a strawn is built to deal with fluid and not tangible things, the body deals with material and not immaterial matters. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The paradox in trying to heal a psychosomatic disorder is that it reinforces the psychological fear of the physical symptoms, thus the impression that psychological and physical issues are linked and result in a psychosomatic illness that is real.


When physical symptoms of illness trigger psychological memories of endangerment, and those are imagined as linked, the physical symptoms are perceived to cause a threat. Hence a fusion of physical and psychological reality seems established. However, the body is material, thus unable to integrate non-material issues except in fantasy. Therefore, to heal the psychosomatic disorder, you must look at where the imagination is made, namely in the mental zone.

One look is enough to undo the imaginary link between physical and non-physical issues because fantasies are fleeting when you do not imagine them established as substantial by the body. Since the same applies to all thoughts and feelings in the mental zone, another look at the feeling of endangerment is enough to see through it, thus realising it is coupled with protection, with endangerment to define each other. But since that is done in constant interaction, endangerment does not get sticky. Consequently, not a threat.

However, when the psychological part of a psychosomatic disorder is dissolved, the physical aspect of the imagined fusion remains the same in the body. But maybe not for long because when the physical symptom is not imagined mixed up with a psychological problem, the body’s biological system is free to deal with the physical symptom as it was made to do.

To sum up: When you appear sick, and your concern about the physical symptom triggers a past sense of danger that you interpret as caused by the present physical symptom, you develop a psychosomatic disorder. But since the body cannot be fused with non-physical issues, this imagined combo is only in the mental zone where just one look exposes the supposed link as fake.


If pain in the mind is not denied the words that seems to cause the pain cannot hurt, but words projected onto the body – your own or somebody else´s – seems to be able to hurt and confirm the believe, that you are a person to be defined by time and space.

Feelings or thoughts you do not like, you hide from your awareness by imagining dumping them in the body. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Think of a movie as a metaphor for the physical. You cannot see the mental zone in it. It is something you add. Yet, it does not change anything but your perception of the film.

In other words, in the context of the world where we appear, everything is made of matter. However, contrary to a body in a movie, our bodies have feelings – but only physical ones. If they seem psychological, you have projected them onto the body to make them appear more significant. It could also be that you want to hide psychological issues from your awareness behind something physical, as described above.

But just like nothing changes in a movie, regardless of what you project onto it, nothing is transformed in your body when you project non-bodily issues onto it. If it seems so, it is something you envision mentally.

Please be aware this metaphor is made within the reality of duality. In non-duality, there is nothing tangible or intangible because there is no division. However, appearing in a world of duality, you must live by it to leave it. Fortunately, that is effortless because you move by the dice like in a board game. When the meaning you assign to the result is perceived as ‘it is what it is,’ you see your response is twofold, wherefore you are living by duality, thus able to leave it. See hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


The differentiation between physical and non-physical matters occurs automatically when you are the basic self. It relates to the stream of thoughts coming from the brain as it is and not as it should be per a body-mind philosophy. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self does not feel its body because, in the psychological zone, it sees the body as a means to hide or enhance thoughts and feelings. Of course, this mistake, generally diagnosed as a psychosomatic issue, make the special self foggy. However, it blames the body, thus making the imagined blend of physical and non-physical issues appear real. Then it approaches the presumed problem by trying to alter the body per ideas of yoga or other non-physical concepts. Waiting for the transformation such philosophies promise, the special self ignores the happiness the brain continuously injects into the body. Hence, the body remains a source of misery for the special self.

Should the special self accidentally discovers the brain’s love, it cannot help loving the whole world, thus having its idea of being superior dissolved by love, wherefore, it immediately dismisses the brain’s love as wrong. Read about the special self in Duality Hack #5 The worry-free life of the basic self.

Feeling the brain’s love has nothing to do with being spiritual but being adjusted to the virtual world of duality. You cannot experience spirituality in any way as that takes more than one, and spirituality is that which is One. That is why neither tantra nor meditation is about spirituality but fencing it off. Read more about that here.


In the psychological sphere, you soon learn you are loved as you are because you are created by the brain, which loves everything it makes. Naturally, that makes the body relax. However, since it only understands material matters, relaxation is not caused by love but by you not projecting unwanted thoughts and feelings onto the body or using it to prove you are worthy. In other words, when you feel wanted, thus not projecting anything onto the body, it does not have to defend itself, wherefore it relaxes.


Read more about the mental/psychological zone in this hack plus

The article is part of Duality Hack #7 Physical & non-physical issues do not mix.

CANCELLEX Karma is bulshit

Updated February 22, 2023

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Sex, Karma and Meditation

Updated April 19, 2023

Whether you call it love or sex, those emotions are physically expressed when you are in a material world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Does a computer become something else if you do not turn it on? No. It remains the same. And a leg, for example, remains physical even though you do not use it.

If you plant it among carrots, will a flower seed become a carrot seed? No, you fool yourself. And so you do if you believe a hard penis will become spiritual when you withhold the ejaculation via tantra sex. On the contrary, denying the body the pleasure of letting go enhances the belief in physicality as significant.

Trying to change or transcend something enhances the the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One.

Besides, it is only in a world where there seems to be more than one that transformation is possible. And such a world is an illusion because spirituality is oneness, which is formless, thus endless, so there is no more than that which is One. In other words, changes enhance the belief that there is more than that which is One. If you do not believe that, you have no need to change into something purer or higher by stopping yourself from the thrill of an orgasm.

Since spirituality is formless, thus endless, you are either spiritual or nothing. The latter is the case if you believe in having a shape. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Since oneness is formless, thus endless, being physical is as unreal as Santa Claus. However, like it is exciting to participate in the fiction of Santa, it feels thrilling pretending to be physical per its rules (read more about that here). For example, the nature of physics is that the sun makes you warm, and water makes you wet. No degree of personal control can change that. Nor can it alter physical needs. And since nobody has forced you into the physical game, it is evident that you want to play it. So why not give it your best shot?

Sex is an essential motivation for believing that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One. And since oneness is endless, the illusion of more than one depends on it. Thus an orgasm should not be stopped but enjoyed as a positive confirmation of oneness.

When you pursue the desire for sex in a tangible and horny way, the physical thrill of an orgasm is incredible. Especially because it is extended by the empty breath that makes the whole body quiver with joy. Hence you feel revitalised and not emptied after ejaculation. If the sexual desire is triggered by fantasy or something perceived as real does not matter. Everything experienced is make-believe. Read more about the empty breath in hack #9 The empty breath and the bliss of nothing.

If the car in this image seems to make you feel something special, you are constructing this effect yourself. The picture has no power to cause you to feel anything at all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You get an immediate physical effect when you hit a nail on the wall. It is not caused by the past but by the present. Should you bang your finger while hammering the nail and remember you once hit somebody else, it has nothing to do with that. Slamming the finger is an accident. Nothing in your past caused it, nor is there anything set in motion for the future apart from going to the doctor if the finger is severely damaged.

If you want causal connections to imply, what and where you believe in being has a special meaning, you must invent them.

However, to suffer from bodily pain because you accidentally hit your finger does not sound adventurous. But if you can connect the pain with something from your childhood, you have a basis for a story of cause and effect in which you seem to be part of something with a greater meaning, thus having a special purpose.

Since life is oneness which is formless, thus endless, life cannot have been caused by something or cause anything. Consequently, everything in a world where there seems to be more than one is lifeless, hence meaningless.

On top of that, this construction of cause and effect makes it possible to justify any thought, emotion or action as ‘caused’ by something in the past, wherefore your life seems coherent and meaningful. But that is not life. It is that which is One, and it takes more than one to be cohesive and meaningful. In other words, you return to life by ignoring the concept of cause and effect.

Whenever you look for something that seems to justify your current state of mind, you fabricate cause and effect – also called karma. As it is an imagination, you feel its impact the moment you imagine this connection. There is no other karma than this imagined connection.

You cannot know why this picture is here. Therefore, since any reason is made up, the cause is fictional, thus the effect. In other words, what you see is make-believe – likewise, any other world experience. Nobody knows the cause of it. There is a theory about a big bang which created something out of nothing, which sounds ridiculous. Besides, there is neither nothing nor something because it requires more than one to be anything, and there is no more than that which is One. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen

The foundation of Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings is that the world is unreal. And since you are real, you are not there. One way to know this is to look at the actions of others. You cannot see what has caused them, so the cause is thought up. Therefore, since only what is unreal needs to be imagined, the cause is fake. Consequently, the effect it seems to cause is an illusion.

You could also say that since the effect does not seem to have a cause and there is no effect without a course, what appears to be an effect of something is an illusion. And since nobody knows the cause of the world – apart from the weird claim that an explosion of nothing, called the big bang, created a universe of something – the experience of being in it is fictive, thus something you pretend. Read more about that in hack #2 Pretending to be in a world of duality, you undo it

The above about karma is written within a world where there seems to be more than one. Karma, therefore, is discussed in that context. However, ultimately, there is no sense in discussing karma because there is no more than that which is One, and it takes more than one to have karma.

You only need to relax through meditation because you hope for a better moment than the present one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Those who meditate would be better off switching to SSRIs or beta-blockers and using the time saved to explore the world where they appear to be. By doing that, they acknowledge their belief in being there. Thus they can correct their mistake.

The correction does not come from having insights, being at peace, going deeper or something else founded on the belief in being someone definitive. Instead, it comes from not being someone. That is the correction. That does not mean you cannot have a house, for example. But since you are nobody, it is not perceived as yours, thus not attesting to you as someone.


Meditation is not needed to stop thoughts when nobody has them.


Who but those perceiving themselves as dirty needs to meditate to become pure?


Thoughts seem troublesome when you want to use them to construct a specific image of yourself, so you try to control them by meditating. Fortunately, when you do not want that, there is no need for thoughts to prove anything. Hence they are not bothersome.


Meditating to make thoughts and feelings go away confirms the belief that they are something, whereas seeing them as they are, namely, fleeting, they are nothing.


Thoughts have no power unless you exclude particular ones to establish you as someone because this makes you a victim of them.


The belief in an illusion is undone when you look closely at it. That is why the belief in being someone definitive is not undone with eyes closed but wide open. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Traditional eastern meditation seems to be about emptying the mind for thoughts, whereas western meditation, founded on Christianity, wants to fill it with ideas of god. However, the mind is not a fact but a make-believe. Therefore, whether it is empty or full of god is imagined. Nevertheless, most need to believe the mind is real, and they can change it via meditation into something better, thus being in control of their life.

But meditation is a con trick thought up by the rogue consciousness of the self.* It promises you that thoughts, at least the negative ones, will disappear when you meditate so that there is nothing to prevent you from living in a merry-go-round world. However, most people have the opposite experience. They experience more thoughts when they start to meditate, thus not feeling at peace. If they complain to their teacher about that, they are told it is part of the healing process.

However, there is nothing to heal other than the sick belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One. But, unfortunately, meditation cannot do that. On the contrary, it requires more than one to meditate. And you do it to fix the problems the belief in more than one entails, thus enhancing that belief. Besides, since oneness is all-inclusive and meditation is based on excluding negativity to achieve positivity, meditating denies oneness.


The absence of something is pure bliss. However, you do not get it if you meditate to achieve something but by when you stop perceiving thoughts as something.


Thoughts only seem disturbing when you believe they are yours. You do that because you need them to prove you are what you want to be. Therefore, thoughts are uninteresting when there is no wish to be something special. Hence no need to get rid of them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Meditating to overcome separation is a con trick to fool you into believing it is real. There is nothing but oneness since it is formless, thus endless. Consequently, there is not something to change other than the belief that a world where there seems to be more than one is real. You can undo that by pretending to be someone there because what and where you pretend to be is unreal. See hack #2 Pretending to be in a world of duality, you undo it.

In other words, you neither have to refrain nor transform yourself. Instead, you change your perception of what and where you appear.


If you meditate to find peace inside, you perceive inside and outside as separated. Hence you enhance what prevents you from being at peace.


Since that which is you is the formlessness of oneness, being centred, balanced, or anything else requiring a shape is an illusion.


In the old days in India, those who came to live in the Ashrams were savages behaving very egoistically. They raped women and beat others to get what they wanted. Thus meditation was invented so they could learn to control themselves. And that is the same kind of meditation used nowadays.


Meditation does not give you lasting peace or transform you into a higher state. And the teacher does not have something you do not have. All that is needed to be peaceful is that which makes it possible to experience a world where there seems to be more than one, namely that which is One, and since it is formless, thus endless, you have nothing but that.


There is more about meditation in Notes on meditation, the basic and special self.

*) Read more about the rogue consciousness of the basic self in

NOTE: This article is part of Duality Hack #1 Every experience is make-believe.