Meditation is a con trick

Updated December 4, 2022

Whether your eyes are open or not, whatever you experience is a symbol of that which is life. If that is not what you see, meditation will not change that. On the contrary, it will confirm the belief that there are good and bad things to experience.

There is only a need to relax through meditation because you always are on the way to a moment hoped to be better than the present one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Those meditating would be better off switching to SSRIs or beta-blockers and using the time saved to explore the world where they appear to be. By doing that, they acknowledge their belief in being there. Thus they can correct their mistake.

The correction does not come from having insights, being at peace, going deeper or something else founded on the belief in being someone definitive. Instead, it comes from not being someone. That is the correction. This does not mean you cannot have a house, for example. But since you are nobody, it is not perceived as yours, thus not attesting to you as someone.


Who but those perceiving themselves as dirty needs to meditate to become pure?


Traditional eastern meditation seems to be about emptying the mind for thoughts, whereas western meditation, founded on Christianity, wants to fill it with ideas of god. However, the mind is not a fact but a make-believe. Therefore, whether it is empty or full of god is imagined. But most need to believe the mind is real, and they can change it via meditation into something better, thus in control of their life.

But meditation is a con trick thought up by the rogue consciousness of the self.* It promises you that thoughts, at least the negative ones, will disappear when you meditate so that there is nothing to prevent you from living in a merry-go-round world. Nevertheless, most people have the opposite experience. They experience more thoughts when they start to meditate, thus not feeling at peace. Should they dare to complain to their teacher about that, they are told it is part of the healing process.

However, there is nothing to heal other than the sick belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One. But, unfortunately, meditation does not do that. On the contrary, it requires more than one to meditate, and you do it to fix the problems the belief in more than one entails, thus enhancing the belief. Besides, since oneness is all-inclusive and meditation is based on excluding something, meditating denies oneness.

The belief in an illusion is undone when you look closely at it. Hence you will not have the belief in being some definitive undone with eyes closed but wide open. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Therefore, since being inclusive confirms oneness, you do not reject something judged as wrong, such as irritation. Instead, you include it by completely being it. That may seem unbearable, but if you keep being nothing but that, there is not something left to define irritation. Thus it fades away. Therefore, if the irritation was perceived as linked to your allergy, you are less sensitive to that without irritation.

Read about not being exclusive but inclusive in hack #3.1 Inclusiveness sets you free from duality. And read about the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection in hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.


Meditating to make thoughts and feelings go away confirms the belief that they are something, whereas experiencing them as they are, reveals they are nothing because the experience does not last.


Thoughts have no power unless you exclude particular ones to establish you as someone because this makes you a victim of thoughts.


Since that which is you is the formlessness of oneness, being centred, balanced, or anything else requiring a shape is an illusion.


If you meditate to find peace inside, you perceive inside and outside as separated. Hence you enhance what prevents you from being at peace.


Thoughts only seem disturbing when you believe they are yours. That you do because you need them to prove you are what you want to be. Therefore, when there is no wish to be something special, thoughts are uninter. Hence hence no need to get rid of them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Meditating to get rid of separation is a con trick to fool you into believing it is real. There is nothing but oneness since it is formless, thus endless. Consequently, there is not something to change other than the belief that a world where there seems to be more than one is real. You can undo that by pretending to be someone in such a world because what and where you pretend to be is unreal. See hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.

In other words, you neither have to restrain nor transform yourself. Instead, you change your perception of what and where you appear.


In the old days in India, those who came to live in the Ashrams were savages behaving very egoistically. They raped women and beat others to get what they wanted. Thus meditation was invented so they could learn to control themselves. And since the mantras have remained the same or updated with something similar, the purpose of meditation still seems to be controlled.


Meditation does not give you lasting peace or transform you into a higher state of being, and the teacher does not have something you do not have. All that is needed is that which makes it possible to experience a world where there seems to be more than one, namely that which is One, and since it is formless, thus endless, you have nothing but that.

*) Read more about the rogue consciousness of the basic self in


CANCELLEX Everything that appears to be more than one is an illusion

Updated September 30, 2022

The closer you look, the less you believe it is real

Updated November 24, 2022


You think you have chosen to see what you look at now, but it is something the brain has used a second to piece together into what it wants you to see now. So to hide this is a fantasy made by the brain, it makes a story that seems to prove it has rendered what you believe to see is based on the light hitting your eyes. But the only proof is that the brain says so. Read more about that herePhoto © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius has not invented the headline. It is a rewrite of a movie title. Nor is the rest of the article thought up by him. He cannot think. Instead, thoughts pop up like frequencies hitting a radio. The following run into Alexius:

They meditate, chant, drink, take drugs or do something else to alter their perception of the present moment so they can avoid being in touch with the feelings it seems to bring about. But every time they try to get rid of an emotion, sadness, for example, psychologically, they enhance the sense of it. In other words, what you consider wrong in yourself or the world increases, every time you fight, avoid or correct it. For example:

  • Trying to purify yourself, you enhance feeling damned.
  • By pursuing freedom, you strengthen feeling imprisoned.
  • Eating to get healthy, your feeling of being wrong is fed.
  • Looking for Enlightenment, darkness is tightened.
  • Trying to unite, separation is enhanced.
  • Searching for love, your self-hatred is ratified.
  • Seeking god, you feel more sinful.
  • Meditating to be at peace, your frustrations increase.
  • Searching for a higher self, you confirm you are unworthy.
  • Wanting to be perfect, imperfection is confirmed.

You assume to read this article at this moment. But you read an edited version of what you viewed one second ago because the brain has spent a second filtering it so that you seem to read something coherent with its past experiences.

If you want to know what this article really says and you decide to see the unfiltered and authentic version of it, you are still caught in the brain’s game, namely that what you do and say makes a difference. It is like thinking that you can make a difference in the world of a computer game. It is impossible. Everything is fixed. You can only change your perception of it.

Therefore, if the way the brain filters your experience is interpreted as imperfect, you do not try to alter it but perceive it as ‘it is what it is.’ Since that reveals your one-way reaction is twofold, you feel as imperfect as perfect, thus complete. Hence you see nothing you need to avoid or correct.

You may consider this cheating. But when you know every experience is an illusion fabricated by the brain, having them is like watching a magician’s show. You do not want to break the magic spell by looking for authenticity because you want to be entertained by the show. In the case of a world of duality, you feel amused when you accept it is a show of twofoldness. Read more about that in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


My cat appears to enjoy the moments of writing my non teachings.

In the dark of the night, it seems Alexius catches a glimpse of one of his cats. He decides it must be the black cat, who can be a bit of a bully. But then its movement reminds him of another of his cats that is especially dear to him. And so, he changes the interpretation of what he ‘sees’ in the dark. That is how we ‘see’ the world. It is a construction of thoughts. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Anything you believe to see is a construction of thoughts (see Eyes do not see). Therefore, if you do not expect thoughts to mean something specific, you ‘see’ abstract patterns floating around. Consequently, thoughts do not seem to have the power to hide the formlessness of oneness.


The world is designed as a puzzle, where you are rewarded when you get the pieces right. But the puzzle is incomplete. A piece is missing. No worries. When you perceive your reaction to the gap as ‘it is what it is,’ you see it is paired with its counterpart. Hence you feel complete. See hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


An electronic media fabricates an image of Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings from zeros and ones to make you forget the media. But it cannot do that by itself. Somebody has added an app to electronic media that knows how to make zeros and ones appear as if they mean something, even though they are nothing. Similarly, you could say that somebody has added an app to non-duality to simulate a world of duality.

In this metaphor, the app is the brain. There is no difference between it and what you appear to be. And since appearing to be someone definitive is meaningless, you always look for meaning. However, no matter what you find, you doubt it because unconsciously, you know you are nothing.

Not denying this, the belief in being someone definitive fades out. Thus the formlessness of oneness does not seem hidden.


It takes a lot of energy to uphold the belief in a world of duality, but it requires no strength to turn it off.


To uphold the idea of linear time, you constantly move to exclude what you moved from, so there seems to be a past and a future.


Life is everything alive. This is why it does not contain anything that ends, wherefore what you believe in being does not contain life but nothing. Fortunately, Alexius’ Duality Hacks uncovers that. Therefore, since nothing does not seem like something, there does not seem to be something that hides there is nothing but life since it is formless, thus endless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

A world of duality has indeed been explored by non-duality. It started with a big bang from where time was projected forward linearly. However, there was no going back to the same in a world of duality. For example, if ice cubes melt in water, they cannot be extracted and made into the same cubes. And the light radiating from a bulb or the sun only goes forward. It never returns.

But in non-duality, it is impossible to go forward without going backwards simultaneously. It has to be one movement to remain one perpetual present, thus securing that nothing is lost. Hence duality was seen as unreal and discarded at the exact moment it moved forward without going backwards. However, parts of non-duality were very excited by the concept of linear time, giving them something to hope for. Thus they decided to continue the cancelled adventure of duality.

They did that by making a fansite where followers could participate in ongoing stories of duality – just like, in the context of the world, a fan site of a cancelled TV show fabricates follow-up stories that supporters participate in and discuss. Of course, if they think the stories are real, linear time seems dangerous. But if you know everything happens simultaneously (see What time is it!?), it is fun pretending to be in a world with past and future because where you pretend to be, you are not. Hence linear time is not scary (see hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation).

That said, non-duality does not consist of parts that differ. Therefore, since nobody can investigate duality or go on fantasising about it, the above is a metaphor. But in its context, duality was deemed unreal the moment it was perceived, thus instantly aborted. However, afterimages of this moment repeatedly played in an interactive movie in cyberspace seem to extend the cancelled show of duality.


Be aware that the explanations in this article are metaphors used to explain what cannot be described. For example, the world is not a movie but compared to it. And it is not on top of oneness because it is formless, so there is neither something outside nor inside.


»Our eyes are constantly lying to us. If you place a dark filter in front of one eye, your eye will perceive flat objects as having depth, which is known as the Pulfrich effect.« From an article about virtual reality in Macworld.

The movie you watch while wearing 3-D glasses is not in 3-D. It is a simulation. The same applies to the world where you believe to be. It is not defined by time and space. And like the world in the 3-D glasses, it is not even there.


Neither science, religion nor anything else can explain the universe’s existence because it does not exist.


Of course, this article is not factual. It is part of duality, which is fantasy, thus the reason people like stories. However, not Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings because they expose duality as nothing.


A world where there seems to be more than one can be compared to The Matrix in the movie of the same name. In the film, The Matrix is perceived as reality by most humans. However, it is a simulated reality layered on top of the real world.

But unlike in the movie, a world where there seems to be more than one where you believe in being someone is not created by machines, who trick you into seeing something, that is not there. Nobody tricks you into seeing a world where there seems to be more than one. It is your choice. You want to escape the peace of oneness and have the thrill of more than One. And also, unlike in the movie, underneath the virtual world, there is not a world of machines but oneness.


This pic is totally flat and the movements that appear to be there is a trick made by moving flat pictures on top of each other in a speed so there appear to be dimensional movements.This is the illusion of the world. In oneness everything is so fast that there is no movement to see. That is why it is one.This animation is as flat as a pancake. Motion is an illusion made by moving flat images on top of each other so fast that there appear to be dimensional movements. This can be compared to the appearance of movements in a world where there seems to be more than one. They are fake because motion calls for more than one, and there is no more than that which is One.


When Alexius, many years ago, organised his first computer and put files in folders, he thought he would never run out of space. He also imagined the computer arranged his files in the order he had formed.

Nowadays, he knows better. There is no hierarchy among the files on the computer. None of them is on top or buried deep under others. It is make-believe because there are no levels on the hard disk. It is flat, and all the files and folders are non-dimensional. They are not there as files and folders.

It is all code, and the code for one file might be spread all over the hard disk. Therefore, what Alexius experiences on his screen are nothing but zeros and ones added together to make it possible for his brain to simulate the world he expects to see. The same applies to whatever we see, except it is not made from zeros and ones but empty space.


There´s no pink flower in this pic. The color pink does not exist within the reality of the world, so if you see pink, you have constructed the color yourself.

Without flaws, the universe’s structure would be perfect, thus not expanding into imperfection. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

All colours in a light beam, except lime green, have a complementary colour, so if you believe to see pink, which is theoretically the complementary colour of lime green, you are mistaken. Pink does not exist. That is why Wikipedia calls it an extra-spectral colour. Follow this link if you want more info about pink, also called fuchsia and magenta.

The reason you believe to see the colour pink, although it is not there, is that every time you, theoretically, should see it as a complementary colour to lime green, you mix blue and red to create pink internally to fill the gap in the spectrum of a light beam.

However, according to science, if not for gaps, a world where there seems to be more than one would not appear to exist. A perceived gap in the pattern created by the particles from the big bang made it possible for the inconsistent structure to unfold as a world with gaps between everything. In other words, if a crack had not been perceived in the way the particles from the big bang gathered together, there would have been no imperfection to trigger the fantasy of separation.



What you think you see is precisely that. It is an image composed by one of the brain’s many scripts to fabricate a familiar picture of the world where it has made you believe in being. For example, you do not see the world upside down as you should if the brain processes your experiences per the info it receives from your sensory system, as it claims. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Once upon a time, a king had fun having people beheaded in the blind spot we all have when looking at something from a specific angle. Since the brain fills it with our recent memory, the king kept seeing the decapitated ones with their heads until he changed his viewing angle, and they were gone, which he found very amusing.

If you have cataracts, your eyes are full of blind spots that the brain fills with something. However, not necessarily what the blind spots exclude you from seeing – for example, if you look at a lake with swans and they are in the blind spots, the brain fills the spot with water, so you do not realise the swans are gone.

Even though your eyes are perfectly healthy, you are blind for two hours throughout the day. That is because the brain screens out what you see to prevent you from getting seasick when the eyes move. However, you do not notice it because the brain hides it by filling the gaps with visual impressions of something similar.

And you probably do not notice your digital media screen is empty now. There only seems to be something because zeros and ones are manipulated to appear as something familiar.

The same applies to the rest of the world you believe to see. It is as virtual as this page, and so is the brain that seems to help you fill it with something that appears real.

There are probably many gaps in this article that automatically have been filled with something to m ke you feel at ease.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.1 What and where you appear to be is make-believe.

CANCELLEX Nothing to escape

Updated April 18, 2020

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