Updated December 31, 2022

When you download a song, you get fragments of it from all over the world that must be organised on your computer into one song in order to be able to hear it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you download a pirated song via a torrent file, you get fragments of the song from computers worldwide, so your computer needs to compile the pieces into one file before you can hear it. This also applies to what you believe in thinking. Thoughts are downloaded from the brain, which stores them chaotically. Read more about that here. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Let us look at pirated music – not from a moral point of view, but to see what happens behind the scenes when you download pirated files.

The file used to download pirated music, called a torrent file, does not contain the actual music. Instead, it grabs a significant number of small files with different fragments of the music you want. One of the small files may contain the beginning of the music, another one the end, and others have bits and pieces in between.

The files, chaotically collected from different computers worldwide, do not sound like music before they are combined by an app on your computer, translating it into the piece of music you expected to hear when you started downloading all of the components via the torrent file.

The above description of what happens when you download pirated music is more or less
a description of what happens when you believe in thinking something specific. The thoughts you believe are yours have been downloaded from the brain.

It is as if there are concepts like mother, child, love, food, and home to pick from. So when you get the urge for ice cream, you dive into the brain’s concept of that. But the brain knows its concepts are fake because there is no more than that which is One. Thus it has stored them unsystematically as bits and pieces of nothing to make them appear as something when downloaded to your awareness that, like an app, combines them into ice cream, for example. So like, downloaded pirated music is not your music, thoughts are not yours, but ‘pirated’ ones from the brain pieced together from nothing, so they appear to prove the collective agreement that you are someone definitive in a world of something.

Based on the image of yourself as someone in a world of duality, you may assume there is a person in this image. And based on your memories of what a person looks like, you may even ‘see’ the whole body of this person, although it is not in the picture. This is precisely how the world is experienced. Pieces of thoughts are put together into appearances that seem to be there, although it is nothing but a construction of thoughts. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The same applies to this article. It consists of meaningless frequencies hitting your eyes that do not see them as something (read more about that here). It is the brain that twists them into something that you perceive to read now. But it was read one second ago because this is the time it takes the brain to make an experience of something. See Where to find the bliss of the empty breath.

If your native language is not English, your brain or an app – has probably translated the English words into your language. But regardless of your language, the perception of the words is shaped by your present mood and how you have chosen to condition yourself. In other words, you are not reading an article by Alexius but yourself. See also Eyes do not see.

If I go for a walk in the mountain to be filled up, I will enhance the feeling of loss. But if I go there, because I have everything, I will see everything – and that is joyful.

If Alexius walks in the mountains to fill himself with more experiences, he will enhance the feeling that he does not have enough. Thus nothing on his walk seems good enough. But if he goes on a walk feeling fulfilled, everything is fine as it is. One way to always feel that is to pretend it because what you pretend to feel is not real. Thus nobody but yourself can destroy your fantasy. This may seem like cheating, but everything in a world of duality is fictitious, so why not make a pleasant story? Read more about that in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You can choose what to eat, but digestion is an automatic process. You are not involved. Nor are you in the making of thoughts. You can decide which to be aware of – thoughts of ice cream, for example – but the subsequent thoughts are entirely decided by the brain, which it does to support the intention behind your decision.

Therefore, if your motive for having ice cream is that you feel something is missing, the thoughts you get about ice cream when having it are about something lacking. But if your motivation for getting ice cream is that you feel overflowing, having it is followed by thoughts of abundance.

This article concludes
that if you feel joy, whatever you choose to get results in a joyful experience. Therefore, if you do not sparkle with joy when reading the article, your motivation for doing it is to use it to confirm the world is not joyful.

But your lack of joy comes not from this article or the world but you. Unfortunately, you cannot choose to feel pleasure. It is an automatic outcome of not trying to control but being in sync with the brain’s script. Fortunately, you can choose not to go against it. Read about that in hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

For example, if you feel for ice cream, do not fight it but thrust your urge. Doing so may not lead to ice cream but for sure to something that is joyful.


  • Popcorn Time is a website where you can listen to music or watch movies in more or less the same way as described above. But in terms of appearance Popcorn Time is much different from most other web pages with pirated material. It is well-designed and looks like a legal webpage, so most are unaware that they are doing something illegal when using the site. A world of duality can be compared to Popcorn Time because it feels so absolute that most are fooled into believing that it is the real thing.
  • This article is part of hack #1.2 You cannot change anything but your perception of it.


However, this it hides from you so you can enjoy its concepts of duality as something when in sync with the brain’s script of duality. See hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


The process of assuming, concluding or realising something is like when you believe in being thinking. It is based on the collective agreement that you are someone definitive in a world of something, and thoughts and feelings prove this.

But, like the pirated music you download is not music but meaningless digital info made of zeros and ones, the thoughts you download are not actually thoughts but empty frequencies perceived as something.


The YOU finger and the three ME fingers

Updated December 4, 2022

Please judge me. Point your finger at me, so you can forgive yourself for what you have judged yourself to be by following your three fingers back to yourself.

The three ME fingers point back to you when the YOU finger points to somebody as wrong. So, therefore, following the three ME fingers, you see what your judgment hides in you. For example, maybe you have always done the right thing but sometimes secretly wanted not to give a shit. But since you consider that incorrect and want to be correct, you disassociate yourself from this desire by condemning somebody else for being wrong. On the other hand, if you follow the three ME fingers back to yourself, you get in touch with the suppressed rebel in you, thus feeling relieved because now you do not have to hide your wildness. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

When you point the YOU finger towards somebody, the three ME fingers point towards yourself to reveal what you blame others for, you deny in yourself.

For example, you point the YOU finger at your boss and either silently or loudly state he is a ruthless dictator. But simultaneously, the three ME fingers point back to you to expose the feeling authority figures triggers in you. It could be feeling worthless that you hide from yourself by accusing your boss of messing around with you, thus taking away your self-respect.

To keep up your specific appearance, you always look for others opinions. Yet you do not know, what they think. It is something you assume. In other words, it is nobody but yourself you are up against.

If you always control yourself to do the right thing, you may feel dominated by society. However, you suppress yourself. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

This feeling of inferiority may have started in your childhood. Perhaps you always had to do things in a specific way to adjust to your parent. Thus pleasing others by doing the right thing became a pattern in your life. So though you manipulate yourself to make your boss happy, it feels like the boss manipulates you to take away your space.

That is not to say that you must visit unresolved issues from the past to free yourself from the pattern you once initiated. It repeats itself constantly, so you have many instances of blaming others for feeling inadequate, thus seeing it in them so you can bring it back in yourself instead of hiding it behind an appearance of perfection. Be aware that solving the problem is not about analysing or embracing it, nor speaking it out loud. On the contrary, that is a mental activity, so it tends to distance yourself further from feeling what you hide. Instead, you be whatever you feel when you perceive others to have taken your space. That is all.

If you want to see, what prevents you from enjoying the moment as it is, keep blaming somebody else for your present state of mind. By doing that, you see what you try to escape in the present moment.

Since this leaves nothing to define your being, nobody feels inferior anymore, thus not needing to perceive others as superior. Hence you and others are set free, and you need not spend a lifetime of meditation or therapy to find hidden problems. It takes less than a minute to see them outside of you. Just point the YOU finger at somebody and blame them for what you feel. Next, follow the three ME fingers to expose what this trigger in you. Then, be that feeling and nothing else. Therefore, since there is nothing to define it, it fades out, and you are free from past conditioning, and others are free from your judgment.

Feel free to point your judging finger at Alexius and follow the three fingers pointing back to you, so you feel what your accusation triggers in you. Feeling that, and nothing else, there is not something to define the problem. Thus you have set yourself and Alexius free. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Feel free to condemn Alexius for typos and whatnåt, so you can see what his perceived mistakes trigger in you. No worries if it is not revealed. By pointing the YOU finger at somebody and following the three ME fingers, you include what you have excluded from yourself. This inclusion is like using an eraser because the included is not stored in the memory as something specific. Hence you will not remember what you have included. Read more about that in hack #3.1 Inclusiveness sets you free from duality. However, you probably notice that you are not so tense. And the next time you encounter a scenario that used to upset you, you laugh and wonder why you have ever insisted something was wrong.

When you do not continually project onto others what you are ashamed of in yourself, you are free to be together as you are.

The point of reference in the above was feeling upset. But everything said in this regard also applies to feeling good. For example, by pointing the YOU finger at someone, saying: »You make me happy,« you can see the happiness you have forgotten in yourself. So following the three ME fingers back to you, you can include your happiness instead of excluding it by projecting it onto somebody else. Thus you can be together with others without expecting them to make you happy.


Holding back ejaculation is just another material manifestation – but without the physical thrill of it

Updated November 28, 2022

No matter if you call it love or sex,those emotions will have aphysical manifestation.

Whether you call it love or sex, those emotions are physically expressed in a material world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Does a computer become something else if you do not turn it on? No. It remains the same. And a leg, for example, remains physical even though you do not use it.

Trying to change or transcend something enhances the the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One.

If you plant it among carrots, will a flower seed become a carrot seed? No, you fool yourself. And so you do if you believe a hard penis will become spiritual when you withhold the ejaculation via tantra sex, for example. On the contrary, denying the body the pleasure of letting go enhance the belief in physicality as significant. Read more about tantra in To welcome the peace of oneness.

Besides, it is only in a world where there seems to be more than one that transformation is possible. And such a world is an illusion because spirituality is the formlessness of oneness, thus endless, so there is no more than that which is One. In other words, changes enhance the belief that there is more than that which is One.

Since spirituality is formless, it is endless. Consequently, you are either spiritual or nothing. The latter is the case if you believe in having a shape. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you do not believe in being someone definitive, you have no need to be changed or transformed. Nor to stop yourself from the thrill of having an orgasm. Although appearing physical is as unreal as being Santa Claus, it feels exciting pretending to be physical (read more about that here).

In the framework of pretending to be physical, the nature of physics is that the sun makes you warm, and water makes you wet. No degree of personal control can change that. Nor can it alter physical needs. And since nobody has forced you into a physical appearance, it is evident that you want to experience it. So why not give it your best shot?

Sex is an essential motivation for believing that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One. And since oneness is endless, the illusion of more than one depends on it. Thus an orgasm should not be stopped but enjoyed as a positive confirmation of that which is One.

When you pursue the desire for sex in a tangible and horny way, the physical thrill of an orgasm is incredible. Especially because it is extended by the empty breath that makes the whole body quiver with joy. Hence you feel revitalised and not emptied after ejaculation. If the sexual desire is triggered by fantasy or something perceived as real does not matter. It is all make-believe. Read more about the empty breath in hack #5.2 The empty breath and the bliss of nothing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.2 You cannot change anything but your perception of it.