Alexius’ Duality Hacks #1-7

Updated January 18, 2022

Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings is not a philosophy with specific rules that must be understood and followed. On the contrary. It is about unlearning everything you seem to know, so it does not seem to hide that there is no more than the formlessness of oneness. Thus it makes no difference in what order you read them.

Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation

The more you pretend to be someone definitive in a world of duality, the less you are of it because what, and where you pretend to be, you are not.

  1. What and where you appear to be is make-believe
  2. You cannot change anything your perception of it
  3. Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation

Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality rules out separation

When you see everything in a world of duality as symbols of non-duality, you are not a manifestation of separation but a symbol of oneness.

  1. Everything experienced is a symbol of life
  2. Peace of non-duality versus the excitement of duality

Not being exclusive but inclusive is freedom from being someone definitive

Exclusiveness results in separation and the belief in being someone specific, which is the cause of suffering. Inclusiveness, on the other hand, does not result in something. Hence it is nothing but bliss.

  1. Every moment is the perfect moment
  2. Inclusiveness is freedom
  3. Phasing out the personality by not being exclusive

When you begin to live by duality, it is going to end

In a world of duality, everything comes in pairs, such as beginning and end. Hence beginning to live by duality, eventually, is the end of it.

This hack is the latest addition to Alexius’ Duality Hacks. It was quietly added in 2020-21 when it was still in a state of a draft. At the moment, it is in the process of being updated. But you are, of course, welcome to take your chances and read it in its present condition.

  1. The basic self versus the special one
  2. The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy
  3. The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues [draft]
  4. The duality flow goes to non-duality [draft]

A state of not-knowing is nothing but bliss

The empty breath brings you to a state of not-knowing, in which the experience of something is not perceived to be anything. Hence you are in the bliss of nothing.

  1. Eyes cannot see
  2. Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing
  3. The empty breath and the bliss of not believing to be someone

The inward-facing senses, Enlightenment and glimpses of it

In no time, the Enlightenment of that which is One erases everything you are conscious of, including being someone. Thus there does not appear to be someone to hide that which is One. However, just having glimpses of it, you enjoy the belief in being and having more than that which is One, while you gradually have it undone.

  1. From the inward-facing senses through a black hole into that which is One
  2. The Enlightenment of that which is One cannot be found in a world where there seems to be more than one, but glimpses of it can
  3. The inward-facing senses, the Enlightenment of that which is One and glimpses of it

Alone together is the key to that which is One

You cannot leave that which is One because it requires more than one, and there is no more than one since it is formless and therefore endless. As you appear to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, you must have imagined leaving oneness together with someone. Hence, you, in the same way, namely alone together, imagine going home.

  1. Alone together we go home (to be published later – until then, you can read a bit about it in Alone together you bid welcome the Enlightenment of that which is One)