Every story has an end

If you have made a story about the perfect romance, you adjust to your fantasy and expect the world to do the same. Thus creating a prison for yourself and others. But since a world of duality consists of nothing but fantasies, you are bound to make another story if you stop your romantic tale. And although the new one is judged better or more spiritual, it is just a change of conditioning. However, the problem is not your fantasies but that your response to them is definitive. When your response is dualistic, as supposed in a world of duality, you do not expect your stories to play out in a specific way. Therefore, since they do not imprison you, it is fun living your fantasies as they unfold themselves. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you consider food eaten at noon as lunch, you do not have food but a lunch story. That is one example of how our days consist of stories telling us how to behave. Besides, we adapt to the division of days as if time is real, not an agreed-upon construction to imprison us.

Fortunately, you do not have to stop or change your stories to find reality. Instead, perceive your reaction to any internal or external story as ‘it is what it is.’ Since it reveals your response is twofold, you join the duality flow, the interaction of opposites (see, You must play the game of duality to hack it). That does not stop the story but makes you indifferent, thus not conditioned by your fantasy, wherefore being in a world of duality becomes entertaining. However, duality is also a story. But like all stories, it has an end, so the experience of it naturally stops when you live by it.

Doing that does not mean your home, spouse, and work, for example, must be twofold, but your response to your experience is twofold. You may have thought finding non-duality was a matter of singularity. But non-duality is neither singular nor anything else since that requires more than one. For the same reason, non-duality is not something you can find or realise.

Non-duality is oneness, and since it takes more than one to have a shape, it is formless, thus endless. Hence duality is make-believe.

However, when believing there is more than non-duality, thus experiencing a world of duality, you can realise this belief has a beginning and, therefore, an end. Hence, it is only a matter of time before the belief in duality does not seem to cover there is no more non-duality. The belief’s end comes faster when living per duality because you feel so complete in the duality flow that you soon forget to believe there is more than non-duality. Read more in Duality Hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings
are written within the concept of duality. They do not claim to be non-dual or to know what it is since that requires more than one. But they claim to know what is not non-dual, namely, everything experienced, because it takes more than one to be conscious of something.