Not happy, not sad, but happy/sad

Updated April 6, 2023

If you do not avoid feeling sad, it opens up and reveals happiness is inside it. The two opposing feelings are like two sides of a coin, constantly interacting to define each other. Therefore, be grateful when someone makes you sad because it contains happiness. This applies to any feeling you judge negatively. Its positive counterpart is inside it. Acknowledging their relationship, you are in the duality flow, the constant interaction of opposites, thus feeling complete.

Since you are a product of the brain and its script of duality is made to entertain you, happiness is what you get when in sync with the brain. See Duality Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain. However, everything comes in pairs in duality, so happiness comes with sadness. Therefore, if you do not feel entertained, thus happy/sad, you avoid duality by perceiving yourself as someone definitive with specific opinions and feelings instead of dualistic ones.

But if you insist on being specifically happy by excluding sadness, you do not genuinely feel happy because your sadness defines it. Hence you neither feel glad nor sad but flawed. Fortunately, not trying to avoid feeling wrong only to feel right, you sense being wrong contains feeling right. Joining the constant interaction of these opposites and those they trigger, you feel entertained by the duality flow. Thus you remain happy/sad unless you return to focusing on distinctive feelings or states of mind to recall a particular mood.

In Duality Hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality, you can read about how being aligned with duality makes you feel complete, thus not needing something and, therefore, not fearing the end of duality.