CANCELLEX Insisting on differences is stressful

Updated May 26, 2023

Only in a world where there seems to be more than one can you search for the meaning of life. But it is not to be found there or anywhere else because it takes more than one to find something, and life is that which is One. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Compiling letters in various configurations, particular shapes can be attributed as meaningful and others as meaningless. When supposedly meaningful shapes are organised together divided by dots and commas, like in this article, they seem to make up a story written by somebody other than the reader, thus confirming there is more than One. But since the different arrangements of letters making up the story is interpreted by the reader, it is made by the reader. Consequently, the story does not prove there is more than One.

Let us imagine that oneness consists of endless letters and some of those make up the shapes appearing in a world where there is more than one are the same. However, since there is no separation in oneness, the letters oneness consists of cannot be distinguished from each other, thus not organised into shapes that, when added together in specific ways, seem to establish a story of a world where there is more than one.

Some claim the amount of info coming from digital media makes them stressed. But that is probably because they sort the news per a particular philosophy. Therefore, it is not the amount of information but organising it to support a specific opinion that makes them stressed. Fortunately, the more stressed you get, the faster it disappears if you do not slow down its pace but use it to ignite a take-off into the empty breath. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But it is not only because there is no space to separate the letters in oneness that they cannot be differentiated from each other, but also because in oneness everything moves so fast that there is no time (read more about that here). Hence, it is impossible to organise them linearly – or in any other way.

In the context of our story about that which is One versus a world where there seems to be more than one, you could say the latter is a fantasy of slowing down oneness until there appears to be space between the letters, which therefore have a shape of their own that over time can be combined in different combinations attributed each their meaning. Thus space and time establish separation as real and the formlessness of oneness as unreal.

In other words, you slow down oneness to turn formlessness into thoughts representing specific shapes you can manipulate to your liking in a world where there seems to be more than one. Fortunately, this fantasy is easily undone when you reverse it, thus speeding up thoughts.

Unlike the Enlightenment of that which is One, the empty breath does not erase your memories of being someone. But since the empty breath resides in the nothingness from where the brain makes the experiences you believe establish you as someone, the empty breath knows you are nothing. Thus, with the empty breath by your side, the experiences do not establish you as someone substantial in a tangible world – like within the context of such a world, what you appear to be in the virtual world of a game is not perceived as real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is not a fact but a make-believe that you are someone definitive. It is exposed when you do not attribute meaning to the different combinations of letters in this article because then there are nothing to separate them, thus nothing to confirm you as someone definitive.

Since there is no more than oneness, nobody has ever left it. Thus going back takes no time.

The fastest way to get there is to welcome the Enlightenment of that which is One (see Duality Hack #10 The Enlightenment of that which is One). It promptly and relentlessly erases everything ever experienced. Hence there are no memories from which an image of you as someone definitive can be recalled. Thus not someone who seems to hide, there is no more than oneness because it is formless, thus endless.

Should you prefer to have the belief in being someone undone over time, you can connect with the empty breath (read more about that here). Once is enough because it does not know of separation. So even though you may forget the empty breath, it slowly but surely undo the belief in being someone definitive while assisting you in enjoying this belief.

Of course, you could contemplate this yourself. But it quickly turns into a joyless debate of something instead of being in the bliss of nothing entailed by the wordlessness of the empty breath.

To undo the belief in separation, you must give up attributing meaning to anything so your apparent different experiences do not appear to make a difference. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The change of size and weight from hefty to almost nothing – for example, vinyl to CD to MP3 to streaming, and computer to smartphones to wearables – is a reminder that reality is sizeless because it is that which is One, and it takes more than one to have a shape.

For the same reason, oneness cannot be seen. That is why the purpose of the empty breath is not to reveal oneness but that what you see is nothing you perceive as something. In other words, when you do not perceive what you see as something, it does not seem to hide the formlessness of oneness – like when not perceiving a dream as something, it does not seem to hide you are in your bed. The empty breath accomplishes this while you simultaneously enjoy experiencing nothing as something.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality hack #9 In the bliss of nothing with the empty breath.


Consequently, you do not undo this fantasy by slowing down the speed of thoughts via meditation or something else pacifying. Nor is oneness revealed by understanding this or anything else because recognising something calls for more than one, thus enhancing the belief in more than one.