Where to find the bliss of ‘the empty breath’

Updated May 27, 2023

One second ago, the present experience of you as someone who reads this had still not been rendered by the brain because it has taken one second to make this experience from the info it claims to receive from your sensory system. But since the world, according to science, consists of empty space, the brain gets nothing. It hides that by creating experiences of nothing disguised as something experienced by someone definitive. In other words, one second ago, you were nothing and still are. However, the experiences the brain makes of you as someone definitive seem to conceal it when you ratify them by perceiving them as something to prevent being exposed as nothing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When experiences are perceived as something, it is impossible to be in the bliss of nothing, revealed by the empty breath. The connection must be established before the brain, based on signals it claims to receive from our sensory system, delivers a convincing experience of us as somebody substantial in a tangible world.

Science states that the world we believe in feeling and seeing is 99.9999999 per cent empty space. And the rest – despite consisting of nothing substantial – is what we perceive as elements of matter. In other words, the world we experience is make-believe. 

But this experience is not based on info from the sensory system. The brain receives nothing but empty space, which it uses one second to twist into the experiences of you as someone substantial in a tangible world. Therefore, since your experience of this moment is a delayed interpretation of nothing, what you believe in reading now, you never read because one second ago, it was not something but nothing. Therefore, when you acknowledge you are never in the present but in the past, where you are nothing, there is not something that seems to separate you from the empty breath.

In other words, if you go one second back from your present experience of something, there is nothing, so there is no difference between you and the empty breath. However, that has nothing to do with getting closer to your pure essence but seeing you are nothing. Thus you return to the world of something as nobody, having fun pretending to be somebody. See Duality Hack #2 Pretending to be twofold undoes duality.

In a state of not-knowing, the brain cannot establish you as someone definitive. However, this does not mean you are transformed into a higher consciousness but that there is no awareness of being someone. That is why a state of not-knowing feels like walking on air.

You connect with the empty breath by not connecting with the consciousness of you as someone experiencing the tangible world that the brain spends a second fabricating from the frequencies it imagines to receive from empty space. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you connect with the empty breath by going back one second from your present experience of something to the nothingness from where the brain has processed it, the unprocessed moment is extended into a state of not-knowing. In this state, you do not pick up on the brain’s deceptive fabrication of you as someone substantial in a tangible world. Thus you are in the bliss of nothing.

However, this state cannot last more than 20 minutes, 45 at most, because the brain feels abandoned if its experiences of nothing are not perceived as something continuously. Thus it falls into a coma. Since all the memories to back up what we believe in being are stored in the brain, this belief is terminated. That is why you cannot stay too long at a time in a state of not-knowing if you want to return to being someone in the experiences created by the brain. 

But suppose you no longer wish to appear in the brain’s experiences. In that case, you do not mind that the brain stops mapping out empty space as if you are someone substantial in a tangible world, so the nothingness of you, via the Enlightenment of that which is One, gently falls through a black hole into that which is one. Read more about that in Duality Hack #10 The Enlightenment of that which is One.

Therefore, whether you want to remain as someone definitive, a state of not-knowing induced by the empty breath is bound to end relatively quickly so that the consciousness of being someone definitive can be resumed or completely erased.

No need to worry about accidentally staying too long in a state of not-knowing. First, hardly anybody comes to the point where the brain starts falling apart. Their urge to be someone definitive is so deep-rooted that it is easy for the brain to break through a state of not-knowing with images of you as someone becoming and having more, which seems much better than being nobody in the bliss of nothing. Secondly, should you reach that point of no return, fear of survival probably is enough to reboot the brain, thus the experience of being someone substantial in a tangible world.

Not organising thoughts and feelings into specific categories does not seem to represent something in a substantial world. Hence there is nothing to block out the empty breath, which does not know of such a world, nor that you believe to be there. All it knows is the nothingness from which this fantasy has been made. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

How not to be deceived by the brain’s experiences of something and instead drift in the bliss of nothing cannot be answered. The question is founded on the belief that you are someone definitive, and the bliss of nothing comes from not believing that.

Neither can it be known if it is the empty breath or being indifferent to the belief in being someone that comes first concerning the sheer bliss of nothing. The only reason somebody wants to know this – or anything else – is that they believe to be defined by what they know and want to remain defined as somebody instead of being nobody in a state of not-knowing.

Thus the above about where to find the bliss of the empty breath is not an attempt to answer the question but to rule it out. The same applies to the below.

Since nothing appears to make a difference in a state of not-knowing, there is no special place to go or someone special to love. At first, that may feel like being stuck inside an unbreakable armour of pain instead of floating in the bliss of nothing. But if you do not try to escape the feeling of claustrophobia but are that and nothing else, there is nothing to define you. Therefore, since there is no awareness of being someone definitive, there is nobody to be happy, sad or anything else.

However, that does not mean that there are no thoughts and feelings but that nobody relates them to them as if they are something. In short, the connectedness with the empty breath is simply a way not to perceive the experiences fabricated by the brain as something. Hence they do not appear to establish a belief in separation.

Although the connectedness with the empty breath eventually undoes the belief in separation, it also enhances it because it requires more than one to choose this.

Therefore, not to enhance but undo the belief in separation, you do not select the empty breath or anything else. And since you are nothing without choosing something, you are in the flow of the empty breath.

automatically fills in the missing pieces in this image to make you see two triangles. Hence you may not see the grey triangle is an illusion, and the one partly framed by a black stroke is disconnected. But if you cover the three incomplete black circles, the grey triangle disappears, and the other appears fragmented.

However, the brain does not only decide what we see but everything we experience. We are fabricated and controlled by the brain into believing we are somebody substantial in a tangible world and not the formlessness of oneness.

Consequently, there is nothing to heal but the sick belief that it is possible to be someone definitive. It automatically happens when connecting with the empty breath because it takes us back one second in linear time to the nothingness from where the brain has rendered our present experience of being someone.

This does not mean that the empty breath is the formlessness of oneness because it takes more than one to be something. However, metaphorically speaking, it is the door to oneness.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality hack #9 In the bliss of nothing with the empty breath.