How to ignite a take-off into ‘the empty breath’ (draft)

Updated November 18, 2021

When not trying to make sense of this image but going with its absurdity, the free-flowing energy of the experience spontaneously ignites a take-off into the empty breath and its bliss of emptiness, provided there is a willingness to forget what you believe to be. The image is grabbed from the web.

If not perceiving what you read as special, it cannot define you as unique. Thus there is not something special to obscure the bliss of nothing.

As soon as you have had enough of the frustration coming from the perception of being special and you do not try to edit or transform your feeling of desperation, the raw energy of it automatically ignites a take-off into the empty breath. Since it is nothing and your current experience of something is processed by the brain from what it did imagine to receive from a gap in nothing one second ago (read more about that here), the take-off into the empty breath only takes one second.

In other words, when you connect with the empty breath, you go one second back in linear time to the nothingness that is unprocessed into something by the brain.  From there, the brain´s rendering of nothing into a world of something looks the same. But it is not perceived to be something, therefore not confirming you as someone. Hence you are in the bliss of nothing.

Every time you believe in fighting something, it is to prevent being nothing.

In linear time, it may take a few more seconds, or many years, before there is nothing but the bliss of emptiness because out of reflex, you probably try to force the breath through the tensions in the body instead of going with the flow of the empty breath. It may feel as if you are fighting with the empty breath about how to breathe.

This fight, however, is solely between what you perceive to be you and an intruder because the empty breath is not intruding on you. That is not possible. It does not see you as someone made of solid elements but of emptiness just like itself. So when you stop fighting nothing, the empty breath goes through the tensions caused by the thoughts and feelings you have excluded from your awareness by hiding them in the body, as they are nothing.

To get to this point, you must be willing to not stop the breath from going through the painful areas of the body. In this process, you may use professional healthcare services to relieve the body from tensions, as the empty breath is not healing the body – only the belief that there is someone in it.

What you believe in being is nothing twisted by the brain into someone experiencing something. In the presence of the empty breath, which is nothing that has not been processed into something, you become indifferent to the experience of something and thus of being someone. The animation is grabbed from the web.

Having passed the apparent physical and emotional obstacles, you turn into nobody. It may at first feel like the empty breath sets off from an engine in the abdomen as if it is an inner breath that slowly pumps air from there to extract the body (read more about that here), whereafter it returns to the engine which seems to take its time before it pumps it out again without any concept of being inside and outside of a body.

Despite that this is nothing that extracts and contracts nothing, it is in a world where everything is experienced as something also experienced to be that. It might be experienced as if you having fun surfing yin-yang like waves in the rhythmic flow of the empty breath, or being everywhere and nowhere in the sound of it, or joyfully moving with the swing of it, or being still in the abstractness behind its rhythmic flow. Read more about that in What does the empty breath feel like?

Although it may have been unedited speed and chaos that connected you with the empty breath, it is not a speedy or chaotic affair being connected, but like you weightlessly walk on clouds. Think of being high up in the sky in an aeroplane. Although the speed ignited the take-off and it must be maintained to keep you in the air, it is not the speed you feel but a laid-back experience of being in the clouds.

Regarding speed, whether connected with the empty breath or not, we are always moving extremely fast because the Earth and thus us as well is spinning at 1.000 miles an hour, if at the equator and a little less when north and south of it, and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67.000 miles an hour. Having a static perception of ourselves, however, we do not feel the thrill of this but having a perception in sync with the brain (read more about that here), we feel it and can use it to ignite a take-off into the empty breath.

However, the ways described in this article and the other ones in hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing are generally not geared for the basic but special self. That is because most are drawn in by the excitement they imagine to get from being special, rather than the pure happiness, they automatically receive when being basic, because the latter will not make them essential in a world where being special, bitchy and having something extraordinary is the standard. Read more about these two kinds of self in hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one.

If not focused but defocused, all the elements used to construct what you believe to be blur out. Hence they do not seem to be something, and you, therefore, not to be different from the nothingness where the empty breath resides. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

So although being special brings about stress and being basic results in relaxation, almost everybody does their best to establish themselves as somebody special in a mundane or so-called spiritual way. Thus hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing is mostly about using stress and speedy thoughts as a take-off into the empty breath. Regarding the basic self, it is not the stress of being somebody but the relaxation of being nobody that ignites a take-off into the empty breath.

Let us imagine, you have covered your eyes by your hand, so you can indulge in daydreaming without being disturbed by the world outside of you. Though it feels great to have a fantasy of a better world, it also feels strange to be cut off from the actual world.

So when you want to see the world as it is and not as you imagine it could be, and you sense it is your own hand that stops you from doing so, you automatically remove it. Hence it is the built-up frustration and the realisation it is caused by your own hand, that makes you take it away so you can see the world as it is.

Having had enough of something ignites a take-off into the empty breath and the bliss of nothing
The process in the above box, generally speaking, resembles the way a take-off into the empty breath is ignited. The perception of the experiences you seem to have is believed to establish you as special and, therefore, hide that it is a fantasy made from nothing.

This perception, which is to be compared to the hand in the above box, is made from selected thoughts organised into a spiritual or mundane vocabulary (read more about that here), that you share with like-minded ones to confirm each other as being special and not just a fantasy of the brain. Read more about this here.

You may not only sense the bare feet that have made the footprints in this photo but also the body they belong to. Yet there is no feet or entity in the image, and nobody makes footprints like those. Hence what you sense is a construction of thoughts. Read more about that here. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

When you have had enough of the confusion that comes from this perception, you loosen the grip on the selected thoughts, making it up. Thus you start to see that being special is a daydream. When you are fed up with that, your frustration ignites a take-off into the empty breath. In the connectedness with its nothingness, there is not somebody to perceive that what you experience makes you special or anything at all. This does not mean that you disappear but that you are not attributed with a specific meaning.

The empty breath cannot be experienced as something definitive because it resides in the nothingness unprocessed by the brain. Hence you do not  notice it when you want to experience something.

Since this is a state of not-knowing, there is no awareness of the bliss that nothing entails when not disguised as something. But memories of it pop up when you return to the conscious experience of being someone, which you must do at the latest 20 minutes, 45 at most, after entering a state of not-knowing, if you want to be able to go on as someone substantial in a tangible world. Read more about that here.

When returning from a state of not-knowing to the consciousness of being someone definitive, the slate has been wiped clean, so even though it feels like you just had a unique experience, you are nothing special. Instead, you are the basic self you always were supposed to be. Being that you are happy.

And this happiness does not come from what you experience to be and have but from being in sync with the brain (see hack #4.1 The basic self versus the special one), there is no need to perceive any experiences as something special. Thus they seem so unimportant, that, every now and then, there does not appear to be something to hide the bliss of nothing. In other words, you automatically and very quickly go back and forth between a state of not-knowing and the conscious experience of being someone. See To be nobody and yet somebody.

The connectedness with the empty breath does not come from meditating, chanting, or any other self-control technique because control enhances the belief in being someone definitive. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Being a basic self is an after-effect of a state of not-knowing that may last from a few seconds to many years (read more about that here). Often though, it is hastily overridden by the desire to be and have something special. No worries. The confusing energy that this entails is so powerful that it ignites a take-off into the empty breath, provided you are willing to not try to fence off the frustration by denying or indulging in sex or anything else.

In other words, when you are totally fed up with being controlled by the thoughts and feelings you have sought out yourself to form a belief system of how to be special, you automatically leave it. Not in the sense that you give up, let be or surrender because that is based on being special. But in the sense that the unedited frustration ignites a take-off into the empty breath and in its nothingness there is not something to define you as special anymore.

Are you confused about how to connect with the empty breath? If so, do not try to clear up the turmoil but go with its flow, so its unedited energy can ignite a take-off into the empty breath. Check out The speed of uncontrolled thoughts and feelings ignites a take-off into the bliss of nothingness if you want to read more about that. Read What and where are the inward and outward-facing senses if this is what you want to dig into.

Be aware, though, that you will never know how to connect with the empty breath. It is not something but nothing, and you cannot know how to connect with nothing. But if you forget what and where you appear to be, you do not need to connect because then there does not appear to be something hiding that you are nothing.

NOTE: This article is a continuation of the previous one Take-offs into the empty breath. They are both parts of hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.