How to ignite a take-off into ‘the empty breath’

Updated May 30, 2023

When not trying to make sense of this image but going with its absurdity, the free-flowing energy of the experience spontaneously ignites a take-off into the empty breath and its bliss of nothing, provided there is a willingness to forget what you believe in being. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The music you hear via AirPlay travels in the air for more than a second to reach your speaker. So if you want to listen to the origin, you must go back in time and enter the media, from where the music comes. But it contains nothing but combinations of zeros and ones. So they make no sounds before an app created by another combination of ones and zeros translates them into something it can transmit to your speaker, reproducing it as vibrations perceived as music.

Doing this does not involve a soul or anything mystical. It is purely mechanical – likewise, when the brain uses one second to twist nothing into an experience of something that seems to establish you as someone substantial in a tangible world.

As soon as you have had enough of the frustration that comes from keeping together a special image of yourself and you do not try to edit or transform your feeling of desperation, the raw energy automatically ignites a take-off
into the empty breath. Since it resides in nothing and the brain has used one second to process your current experience of something from what it imagined seeing in nothing (read more about that here), the take-off into the empty breath only takes one second.

In other words, when you connect with the empty breath, you go back one second in linear time to the nothingness the brain twisted into your present experience of something, which you perceive with the empty breath as nothing. Therefore, since there is not something to confirm you as someone, you are in the bliss of nothing.

But you probably fend off the nothingness of the empty breath by forcing the physical breath through your body to feel it is something. However, when you stop fighting the empty breath, it passes what you perceive as something as nothing.

That said, the function of the empty breath is not to heal the body but the sick belief in being in it. Still, as a side-effect, the empty breath may heal the painful areas in the body by approaching them in the nothingness from where the brain produces the pain. However, that does not mean the body should not be taken care of while you believe in residing there. So do not hesitate to seek medical attention or any other help the world can offer for your continence as a substantial being.

What you believe in being is nothing twisted into something by the brain. In the presence of the empty breath, which is nothing unprocessed by the brain, you become indifferent to the brain’s experiences of something. Therefore, since there is not something to define you as someone, you are in a state of not-knowing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although it probably was unaltered speed and chaos that connected you with the empty breath, it is not a speedy or chaotic affair being connected. Think of being high up in the sky in an aeroplane. Even though speed ignited the take-off and must be maintained to keep the aircraft in the air, speed is not what you feel but a relaxed experience of floating in the air.

Regarding speed, whether connected with the empty breath or not, we are always moving extremely fast because the Earth is spinning at 1.000 miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67.000 miles an hour. However, since most maintain a definitive perception of themselves, they become stagnant, thus unable to feel this speediness and use to use it to ignite a take-off into the empty breath. That is why Duality hack #9 In the bliss of nothing with the empty breath, is mainly about using our suppressed energy for take-off into the empty breath.

Let us imagine, you have covered your eyes with your hand to daydream about a world where everything turns out the way you want. It feels great but you start doubting it is real because you hear sounds from a world outside you. So when you want to see what that is, and you sense your own is the obstacle, you automatically remove it to see what it hides.

You may sense the bare feet you imagine have made the footprints in this photo and the body they belong to. Yet there are no feet or body in the image, and nobody makes footprints like in the picture. Hence what you sense is a fantasy. Read more about that here. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The story in the above box resembles how a take-off into the empty breath is ignited.  The hand symbolises selected thoughts organised into a spiritual or mundane vocabulary that you share with like-minded ones to establish you as real and not a fantasy of the brain.

You loosen the grip on vocabulary when you feel imprisoned by it. Next, you use the energy suppressed by the vocabulary to ignite a take-off into the empty breath. In its emptiness, you still appear as someone in a make-believe world. But since you are there with the empty breath, you are not attributed with a specific meaning, thus in a state of not-knowing. See A state of not-knowing and the after-effect.

The empty breath cannot be experienced as something definitive because it resides in the nothingness unprocessed by the brain. Hence you do not notice it if you want to experience something specific.

If you are confused about how to connect with the empty breath, do not try to clear up the turmoil but go with its unedited energy to ignite a take-off into the empty breath. You can read more about that in the previous and following articles of Duality hack #9 In the bliss of nothing with the empty breath.

But be aware that you will never know how to connect with the empty breath. It is not something but nothing, and you cannot learn how to connect with nothing. However, if you forget what you know, you do not need to connect with it because there does not appear to be something hiding that you are nothing.

The connectedness with the empty breath does not come from meditating, chanting, or any other self-control technique because control enhances the belief in being someone definitive.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality hack #9 In the bliss of nothing with the empty breath.