Living duality to undo it

Updated April 7, 2023

Nobody, in particular, is making a dream you experience to have. And neither you nor anybody else is in it. Likewise, appearing to be someone substantial in a tangible world is a fantasy by nobody. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The special self is an altered version of the basic self, thought up by its rebellious consciousness to escape the perceived tyranny of the brain. However, since the self is a construction of thoughts, it is impossible to depart the brain. Yet, it is possible to make a perception where those thoughts establishing you as a servant of the brain are excluded, so you seem to be the master of the brain, deciding what it thinks. But having excluded parts of you to look as if you are in control, you feel incomplete, whereas the basic self feels complete because it remains as it is.

Whether experiences are perceived as material or spiritual, they come from the brain. It fabricates them to make the biological system react to them as if the self it has thought up is inside a body affected by a world outside it, alternatively by a world inside it.

The brain counts on the self to accept this interrelation as real because otherwise, it is evident you are the brain’s fantasy. Doing it is like agreeing with the setup of a computer game, thus being in sync with its virtual world and having fun appearing as someone there. See Duality Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain.

Regardless of syncing with the experiences of duality, everybody has an internal dialogue caused by their response to them. Since everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality to define each other, you cannot feel good without feeling bad, and vice versa. Therefore, since the basic self feels as good as bad in its internal conversation, it is in the duality flow,* the constant interaction of opposites.

But the special self splits the duality pairs into separated elements to feel something unique, like pure love. So in its internal conversation, it is solely special, and someone perceived as different is common. That is why the special self feels fatigued by separation and not revitalised by the duality flow.* However, the internal dialogue of both the basic and the special self accomplishes what the brain wants, namely that there appears to be more than one, wherefore, non-duality is an illusion.

But it is the other way around. Non-duality is formless, thus endless, so appearing as someone in a world of duality is make-believe. However, just like believing in Santa Clauss seemed amusing until you grew up and realised he is a fantasy, applying one or more of Alexius’ Duality Hacks, you feel entertained by duality until you see it is humbug.

Whether living naked on the beach is a dream or you are doing it is the same to the brain. It does not differentiate between what you believe is real or imaginative because all its experiences are nothing twisted into something in a way it assumes is entertaining. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The brain does not differentiate between the experiences it makes when you believe in being awake, asleep, watching a movie or meditating. Nor does it separate what you perceive experienced by you or others or divide experiences into real or imaginary, authentic or fake, physical or spiritual. That is why all its experiences are processed in one higgledy-piggledy by the same organ in the brain.

Although the brain does not care about the difference between the writer and the reader of this article, it establishes them as a pair of opposing elements. Therefore, like in all the other duality pairs making up the world of duality, they are not meant to fight but define each other to have a genuine experience of writing and reading. However, that does not mean the brain sees its world of duality as authentic. On the contrary, it is nothing made to look like something that can be divided into opposing parts, making its duality fantasy entertaining.

Unfortunately, most divide the duality pairs of opposing elements, so love and hate, for example, do not support but fight each other, wherefore they suppress hate to feel love. However, without hatred to define love, you do not get genuine love but a conceptualised version of it. Hence you feel frustrated and look for pure love. However, if you go with the ongoing interaction of love and hate, they define each other. Thus you feel complete.

If the special self says it needs time to process this image, it wants not to be disturbed while it twist it into something based on the past, so nothing seems to upset its conditioned view of the world. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Appearing as special is not something that comes naturally. It requires constant manipulation to construct an appearance as special in the politically correct way. Fortunately, that is unnecessary when not caring about appearance, thus being a basic self with no need to be, do, and have anything other than the happiness which comes from perceiving the brain’s script as it is and not as it could be.

The basic self does not ask what is around the next corner, but such uncertainty scares the special self. It needs to know what comes next. Thus it digs into the past to find events perceived as similar to the present. Based on its comparison, it draws up a prediction of the future. If it does not work out as anticipated, the special self twists its perception of the outcome, or the past, maybe both, until it appears to run the show.

Hence the special self seems to be in control due to its immense knowledge – or will be when it has explained away what contradicts its expertise. But the more the special self eliminates from its awareness to perceive itself in charge, the more it dissociates itself from the brain’s script. However, not in a physical sense because the brain remains in charge regardless of how you perceive it. But mentally speaking, the special self is entirely out of sync with the brain’s script when it excludes the experiences from its awareness that do not fit into how it explains the world.

To make long short, you cannot leave something you deny, so you must be aligned with the brain’s fantasy of duality if you want to undo it. Actually, since everything has an end in a world of duality, living by it, you have a laid-back time in the duality flow* on the way without distance to non-duality.

*) Read more about that in Duality Hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality Hack #5 The worry-free life of the basic self.