4.3 The psychological and physical sphere does not mix

Updated October 1, 2022

If you feel rejected, there is no reason for the body to suffer. Nor is there any reason for not feeling good if the body suffers from an illness. That is, if you do not mix a psychological problem with a physical one into a psychosomatic disorder. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius’ Duality Hacks in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from reading hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

In a world of duality, everything comes in pairs, where the opposing elements depend on each other. For example, you cannot breathe out without breathing in and vice versa. Although it is unrealistic to mix the elements in a duality pair, it is common to believe that you can integrate physical and non-physical issues. However, it is like trying to blend breathing in and out. You fuck up duality.

That said, since non-duality is formless, thus endless, duality is a fantasy. Hence everything in a world of duality, regardless of appearing physical or not, is as airy as a dream. In other words, it is only within the context of duality that something seems substantial or unsubstantial. And since you assume to be someone reading this on tangible media, you believe to be in a world of duality.

You cannot undo that belief if you do not acknowledge it by living it. Hence it is best not to separate or combine the opposing elements in a duality pair but respect their interdependency. However, it is a common belief that physical and non-physical issues can be connected, so this hack explores how to correct that mistake.

Allhough projections are not real, they appear to be if you hide that their apparent effect is self-made. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you denigrate others to make yourself feel good, you live in constant fear of retaliation. Hence you turn the body into a weapon of defence or attack by respectively keeping your shoulders deadlocked in a backwards or forward position.

That makes the muscles inflexible, wherefore they, eventually, start to ache. The solution to your attack on the body is to acknowledge, you have chosen hurt it. By doing that, the body is not to blame. Thus it relaxes.

In the mental sphere, you perceive yourself as someone in a body defined by time and space. But since that which is you is formless, thus without beginning and end, it is painful to be reduced to someone limited by time and space.

Nevertheless, it is a pain that makes you feel like someone in a material world. When you pinch yourself to determine whether you are dreaming, the experience of pain makes you decide that you are a substantial being in a tangible world.

Since your existence is bracketed with pain, you need to suffer to feel alive. And since being someone in a world defined by time and space is based on separating yourself from the formlessness of oneness, disassociating is also what you resort to in making the pain bearable. Thus you hide the worst part of your psychological distress from your awareness by projecting it onto the body.

Somehow you sense the physical discomfort experienced in the body comes from somewhere else. But instead of acknowledging that you projected psychological problems onto the body, you choose to blame the world for your discomfort. Then, to deal with its expected counterattack, you turn the body into a weapon of defence or attack against the world by keeping the shoulders pushed forward into a defensive position or pushed back into a place of constant readiness to attack.

That makes you feel safer and as if you are in control. Especially if you push one of the shoulders upwards to constrict that area further. It prevents the signals in the body from passing through the shoulders to the brain. Maybe the signals are not totally stopped but ever so slightly is enough for you to believe the brain is defeated, so you can take over as the boss and mentally decide what goes on in the body. Since this distance you from what you feel in the body, it seems less frightening than when the brain deals with the body’s feelings.

A way to keep negative feelings hidden inside the body is to hold the mouth closed, even when you smile. Hence it is as if no bad emotion slips out. However, everything comes in pairs in a world of duality. So if you exclude negativity, positivity is also banned. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Women tend to allow the body’s emotions to flow to the brain. But they prevent the expression of feelings processed by the brain by replacing them with a mental story in which a woman is the expert of emotions, both her own and others. Her made-up insight she uses to manipulate others into acknowledging her as a unique and caring person.

Generally, men also want to be acknowledged as unique. So they prevent the body’s emotions from reaching the brain. Thus they can make up a story where men, like heroes, do the right thing regardless of feelings. Unfortunately, this way of hiding their feelings stiffens the left side of the body, whereas the woman’s approach hardens the right side. There are many opinions about how to restore the body. But since the disruption is caused by the idea that you master the body, the problem is in the mental sphere, where you feel inferior.

The brain loves when its experiences make you believe you are something, so you do not discover what you experience is fantasy it has made from nothing.

However, that is a misunderstanding based on the perception that you are definitive and not dual. Fortunately, it is easily corrected. Suppose your definite response to something is perceived as ‘it is what it is.’ That reveals everything in a world of duality, so to feel abandoned, for example, is complemented by feeling supported. Since twofoldness makes you feel together, you do not doubt you are good enough as you are.

Ultimately, you are not dual, nor anything else, because reality is non-dual and it takes more than one to be something. But like you adjust to the concept of a computer game, you adjust to twofoldness when playing the game of duality.

Therefore, since you do not interfere with the body to make you look more perfect, its feelings flow freely to the brain, which has the body’s blueprint, thus knowing how to restore the body.

You cannot mix a circle and a square, nor the psychological and physical domain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To disassociate yourself from anger, you exclude the feeling from your awareness by dumping it in the body’s darkness. At least, this is how a psychologist explains it. But immaterial issues cannot be hidden in something material – like you cannot hide the wind inside a wall. So what actually happens is that you imagine combining psychological pain with an existing physical pain in the back, for example.

When you once have concluded your anxiety is caused by physical pain, you by reflex look for the same connection every time you are worried. Hence you automatically search the body for a flaw that can explain you feel worried. That is until you do not try to explain it away, but perceive it as ‘it is what it is.’

That reveals your anxiety is in constant interaction with pleasure to define each other. Therefore, since feeling worried includes being delighted and vice versa, there is no need to get rid of of your worries to feel good. On the contrary, you need them to feel geniuly delighted.

Therefore, since the psychological problem is sensed to be the same as the discomfort from the physical issue in the back, you believe the psychological pain is gone. That is why you, after having tried this method once, automatically combine an immaterial problem with a material one to make it go away.

But as already said, a psychological issue cannot be combined with a physical one. Consequently, its perceived result, namely a psychosomatic disorder, is impossible to heal unless seen as two problems: A psychological one that feels like anxiety for something diffused. And a physical problem that is experienced as more straightforward and matter-of-fact.

Best not to try to analyse or understand those two feelings. Instead, experience your emotional issue unedited and then perceive your reaction to it asit is what it is.’ Since that takes the edge of it, you do not need to get rid of your psychological problem by combining it with the experience of a physical one. Therefore, since the body does not feel invaded by a non-physical issue, it does not need to defend itself by attacking this and that. Instead, it uses its energy to fix physical problems.

The obsession with the look and performance you expect from the body causes much trouble. If you want to be free from that, the belief that you are someone in a body must be undone. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Be aware, though, whether you project psychological issues on the body or not, it remains the same because non-material matters do not change the body – only the way you perceive it. Also, be aware that the purpose of Alexius’ Duality Hack is not to heal the body but the sick belief that someone is in it.

But even though Alexius’ Duality Hacks only heal the belief that you are someone in a body, having that belief undone, ever so slightly, you do not want to interfere with the body’s ways. But you may wish to assist it. In the case of Alexius, he uses nootropics to boost the brain, far-infrared heating pads to soften the body, rollers from Blackroll to loosen muscles, and Nordic Walking to energise the body. That is not to say you should do the same. Bodies are different, so your body may ask for something else. If in doubt, consult a health care professional.

If pain in the mind is not denied the words that seems to cause the pain cannot hurt, but words projected onto the body – your own or somebody else´s – seems to be able to hurt and confirm the believe, that you are a person to be defined by time and space.

Feelings or thoughts you do not like, you hide from your awareness by imagining they can be dumped in the body. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Think of a movie you watch as a metaphor for the physical. The mental zone cannot be seen. It is something you add yourself to the movie. Yet, it does not change anything but your perception of it.

In other words, in the context of the world where we appear, everything is made of matter. However, contrary to a body in a movie, your body has feelings – but only physical ones. If it seems to have psychological feelings, you have projected them onto the body to make it appear more significant or the emotions more substantial. It could also be that you want to hide psychological issues from your awareness behind something physical, as described above.

But just like nothing changes in a movie, regardless of what you project onto it, nothing is transformed in your body when you project non-bodily issues on it. It only seems so if you envision that mentally.

Please be aware this metaphor is made within the reality of duality. In non-duality, there is nothing tangible or intangible because there is no division like in a world of duality. However, appearing to be in such a world, you must play the polarity game if you want to end it. That does not mean you have to make an effort or understand it. Like in a board game, you move by the dice. And when the meaning you assign to the result is perceived as ‘it is what it is,’ you see your response is twofold, wherefore you are in the duality flow. Thus on the way without distance to non-duality. See hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

NOTE: The article is part of hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.