4.3 The psychological and physical sphere does not mix [draft]

Updated January 21, 2023

If you feel rejected, there is no reason for the body to suffer. Nor is there any reason for not feeling good if the body suffers from an illness. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius’ Duality Hacks in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from reading hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.

In a world of duality, everything comes in pairs of opposing elements depending on each other. For example, you cannot breathe out without breathing in and vice versa. Although mixing the contrasting parts of a duality pair is unrealistic, it is a common belief that you can integrate physical and non-physical issues. But that is like trying to blend breathing in and out. It is unrealisable except in fantasy.

That said, since non-duality is formless, thus endless, duality is an empty wish as airy as a dream. In other words, it is only within the context of duality that something seems substantial or unsubstantial. But since you assume to read this on tangible media, you believe to be in a world of duality.

You cannot undo that belief if you do not acknowledge it by living it. That means not separating or combining the opposing elements in a duality pair but respecting their interdependency. But unfortunately, most divide or unite the contrasting parts in the duality pairs. For example, many believe they can connect physical and non-physical issues. This hack explores how to correct that mistake.

Allhough projections are not real, they appear to be if you hide that their apparent effect is self-made. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When you denigrate others to make yourself look good, you live in constant fear of retaliation. Hence you turn the body into a weapon of defence or attack by keeping your shoulders deadlocked in a backwards or forward position. But since that makes the muscles inflexible, they eventually ache. Fortunately, this is easily healed when you acknowledge, you have chosen to hurt the body because when it is not blamed for what you feel, it relaxes.

In the mental sphere, you see yourself as someone in a body defined by time and space. But since that which is you is formless, thus without beginning and end, it is painful to be reduced to someone limited by time and space.

Nevertheless, this pain makes you feel real. For example, when you pinch yourself to determine whether you are dreaming, the experience of pain makes you decide you are a substantial being in a tangible world.

Therefore, you need to suffer to feel alive since your existence is bracketed with pain. And since being someone in a world defined by time and space is based on separating yourself from the formlessness of oneness, disassociating is also what you resort to in making the pain bearable. And you do that in the psychological sphere, where you separate uncomfortable feelings from your awareness by projecting them onto vulnerable parts of the body. Hence the disassociated psychological issues seem hidden in physical matters.

But somehow, you sense the physical discomfort experienced in the body comes from somewhere else. However, instead of acknowledging that you projected psychological problems onto the body, you blame the world for your discomfort. Then, to deal with its expected counterattack, you turn the body into a weapon of defence or attack against the world by keeping the shoulders pushed forward into a defensive position or pushed back into a place of constant readiness to attack.

By doing that, you feel in control, thus, safe. Especially if you push one of the shoulders upwards to constrict that area further. Since that delays the brain’s processing of the body’s feelings, you imagine stepping in, giving the body’s signals a clear-cut meaning that confirms you are someone definitive. Thus hiding the brain’s rendering of the signals as dual. Men and women often approach this in different ways.

A way to prevent feelings from being expressed as they are is to hold your mouth closed, even when you smile. Hence it is as if no bad emotion slips out. However, everything comes in pairs in a world of duality. So if you exclude negativity, you have also banned positivity. Therefore, since there is no negativity to define positive, the positivity you think you feel is exactly that, namely, thought up. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Women tend to allow the body’s emotions to be processed by the brain. However, most override
the brain’s dualistic description of feelings from being expressed. Instead, they replace it with a singular interpretation establishing them as unique women knowing the exact meaning of their emotions.

Besides hiding they do not know who they are, their single-minded insight fends off the brain’s story of twofoldness, thus togetherness. The resulting loneliness is often suppressed by manipulating others into thinking they need the women’s unique insight into feelings to find their real self.

Generally, men also want to feel needed by others as someone definitive, not dual, even though they do not know what they are. So before the brain receives the body’s emotions to process them as twofold, men define them mentally. Hence, since they are out of touch with their genuine feelings, emotions do not disturb them from doing the right thing per their mental concepts, thus appearing as superstars. Unfortunately, this way of suppressing their incoming feelings stiffens the left side of the body, whereas controlling the outgoing feelings, like women often do, hardens the right side.

Since the disruption is caused by the mental vision that you are the master of the body, the problem originates in the mental sphere, where you try to hide feeling inferior by controlling the body’s incoming or outgoing feelings.

The brain loves when its experiences make you believe you are something, so you do not discover what you experience is fantasy it has made from nothing.

However, feeling inferior is a misunderstanding brought about by the perception that you are definitive, not dual. Fortunately, it is easily corrected. Suppose you perceive your definite response to something as ‘it is what it is.’ That reveals your reaction is not singular but twofold, so feeling abandoned, for example, is complemented by feeling supported. Since twofoldness makes you feel together, you do not doubt you are good enough as you are.

Consequently, you have no need to manipulate the body to create a special appearance. Hence its feelings flow freely to the brain, which has the body’s blueprint, thus knowing how to keep it sound.

Ultimately, you are not dual, nor anything else, because reality is non-dual and it takes more than one to be something. But like you adjust to the concept of a computer game, you adjust to twofoldness when playing the game of duality.

You cannot mix a circle with a square, nor the psychological and physical domain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To disassociate yourself from anger, you exclude the feeling from your awareness by dumping it in the body’s darkness. At least, that is how a psychologist explains it. But immaterial issues cannot be hidden in something material. For example, you cannot hide the wind in a wall except in fantasy. So what actually happens is that you imagine combining a psychological problem with an existing physical pain in the back, for example, will eliminate the psychological issue.

Once you have have concluded your anxiety is caused by physical pain, you by reflex look for the same connection every time you are worried. Hence you automatically search the body for a flaw that can explain you are worried. That is until you do not try to explain your anxiety away, but perceive it as ‘it is what it is.’

That reveals your misery is in constant interaction with joyfulness to define each other. Therefore, since feeling misrable includes feeling joyful and vice versa, there is no need to get rid of of your misery to feel joy. On the contrary, you need it to feel geniuly joyful.

Practically speaking, since anger seems disguised by the discomfort from the physical issue in the back, you believe it is gone, thus feeling relieved. That is why you, after having tried this method, automatically imagine combining an immaterial problem with a material one to exclude it from your awareness.

But since the fusion of psychological and physical issues is made up, so is the apparent result, a psychosomatic disorder. Hence it is impossible to heal unless approached where it is conceived, namely in the psychological sphere where you have excluded anger from your awareness by projecting it onto the body. However, you do not solve this mess by analysing or understanding it. Instead, you acknowledge your anger in the psychological zone, so you can perceive it asit is what it is.’ That takes the edge off it, so you do not need to eliminate anger by combining it with the experience of a physical issue. Hence the body does not feel invaded by a non-physical issue, wherefore it does not need to defend itself. Instead, it uses its energy to fix its physical problems.

Be aware, though, whether you project psychological issues on the body or not, it remains the same because non-material matters do not change the body – only the way you perceive it. That is why it must be corrected where the misperception is made, namely in the psychological sphere. Also, be aware that the purpose of Alexius’ Duality Hack is not to heal the body but the sick belief that someone is in it.

However, although Alexius’ Duality Hacks only heal the belief that you are someone in a body, having done that ever so slightly, you know you should not mentally interfere with the body’s ways. Hence the biological system is free to take care of it materially as it was made to do. Nevertheless, you may assist it. Alexius uses nootropics to boost the brain, far-infrared heating pads to soften the body, rollers from Blackroll to loosen muscles, and Nordic Walking to energise the body. That is not to say you should do the same. Bodies are different, so your body may require something else. If in doubt, consult a healthcare professional.

Glimpses of the Enlightenment of that which one is the best cure for psychosomatic illness because the tensions in the body loosen up. Hence the psychological issues do not seem to be in the body. See The four aspects of Enlightenment and how to sample them about glimpses of Enlightenment. If you are not used to having them, you can use the perception’ dunno what it is.’ It brings you into a state of not-knowing where glimpses of Enlightenment naturally arise. The same applies to the empty breath. You can read about ‘dunno what it is.’ in the previous hack, the empty breath and a state of not-knowing in HACK #5, A state of not-knowing is nothing but bliss.

NOTE: The article is part of hack #4.3 The fake mix of physical and non-physical issues.