The fake link between physical and psychological issues [DRAFT]

Updated October 1, 2022

Those who think their body should be transformed and become more spiritual need to be more physical. The body is solely material. Hence it cannot be mixed with something immaterial. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius’ Duality Hacks in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from reading about the perception ‘it is what it is’ in hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to be happy.


For years there has been an unhealthy idea about uniting body, mind and soul. But the body is a physical unit built to deal with material matters, not mental, emotional or metaphysical ones – like cyberspace cannot contain anything physical. In other words, the assumed link between a problem in the psyche and the body, or vice versa, is make-believe. How to undo that is what hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues explores.


It is natural to feel tired after working, jogging or something else that requires much energy. But if you respond with worries to feeling exhausted and assume those feelings are connected, you feel like collapsing. But since it is a made-up feeling, thus unnatural, there is nothing that can heal it.

But if you deal with tiredness in a physical manner, the problem is probably solved by a good night’s sleep. And if you deal with worries where they are, namely in the mental sphere, you will see it has nothing to do with feeling tired but inferior because feeling exhausted triggers old feelings of not making it. But you made it. That is why you are tired. And you will feel anew after resting the body.


Although the clothes and the body wearing them seem closely related, they do not understand each other. The clothes have no love or anything else to give the body and vice versa. Likewise, immateriality and materiality have nothing to give each other. Their reality is different. That is why psychological ideas of how to attain physical wellness do not work.


Since psychological issues seem to impact the body greatly, many conclude they are connected. But that is like assuming clothes are connected with the body. They have absolutely nothing in common.


The body is made to interact with structures that, like itself, are material. That is why the body interprets your attempts to integrate it with non-physical feelings or ideas of spirituality as an attack on its integrity, which it must defend itself against.


You will never find anything physical in the digital world. Likewise, you never see something physical in the psychological sphere or vice versa. That is why the concept of a body-mind connection is a scam.


Non-physical feelings are fleeting, so if you want to make them last, you must combine them with something more lasting, like physical feelings. However, immateriality and materiality do not mix, so their combination is purely speculative. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The nature of non-physical feelings is fleeting, so if you experience a specific one continuously, it is not due to the feeling but to you. You probably have combined it with something you often feel in the body to make the psychological feeling last,

If it is an exceptional experience of love you want to keep, you may combine it with a pleasant physical feeling in the heart. But if it is a hateful memory you want to hold onto, you link it with pain in the chest. However, just like a wall cannot contain the wind, fusing a body with an abstract feeling is impossible. Yet, it is possible to mentally blend physicality and psychology so that whenever you feel a specific kind of love, you think you feel something nice in the heart. And whenever you feel hatred towards someone, you sense something weird in the chest. In both cases, it is a mental experience based on the wish to extend psychological feeling by imagining it is linked with a physical experience.

Since you believe in feeling something in the heart or chest that is not there, you have a problem that cannot be addressed. That is until you split this psychosomatic disorder into immaterial and material issues and deal with them on each term. Should this split-up seem difficult, you first perceive your reaction to the perceived problem in the chest as ‘it is what it is.’ That renders your response indefinable. Therefore, since the body is set free from your opinion, it can outline the physical part of the combo and heal it in agreement with physical laws.

However, it is also best to consult a health care professional to ensure there is no heart problem. But most likely, the problem is the muscles. They have tightened up to defend against your attempt to use the body to manifest non-physical issues. Lastly, a psychological feeling is only sticky when manipulated into oblivion or something lasting. Undoing the manipulation may at first seem feels like torture. No worries, as long as you do not edit the unpleasantness, it will not remain for long because the nature of psychological feelings is to pass when looked at where they are conceived. Read more about this process in Sadness is a close friend of gladness.

Unfortunately, most people do not want to eliminate the idea of a body-mind connection. On the contrary, they want to uphold their imagined union of immaterial and material issues as real so that they can extend specific emotions and thus remain forever young, for example. Should their extended feelings be questioned, they refer to the bodily symptoms they claim have been caused by the psychological issues.


When we project the weaknesses of our personality onto how we feel vulnerable parts of the body, such as the stomach, our perceived flaws seem to have been erased from our awareness. That is how we fool ourselves into believing we have been transformed. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You have excluded from your awareness what you do not like about yourself by imagining it is linked with the feeling of a vulnerable part of the body. Therefore, since your psychological issues seem hidden inside physical problems, you unconsciously resist healing the physical difficulties that you imagine are blended with psychological problems.


When you see a scary movie that is experienced as real, it is because it feels like fear builds up in your body. However, the film has no power to do that. What you sense in the body is purely physical. It is not caused by the events in the movie but by how you perceive them.

You perceive the events as scary because you have conditioned yourself to interpret certain scenarios like that. And to make fear real, you project on a body part that already is tense and seems to get tenser when you give it your attention. Thus it feels as if the movie affects your body.

Sometimes, it goes the other way around. For example, you have a stomach ache, but it does not add meaning to your life. So you imagine a psychological issue from your past causes the pain. Unfortunately, this perceived combination results in an incurable psychosomatic disorder – especially because the psychological part most likely is pieced together. Hence, the belief that psychological and physical issues can be combined needs healing.


Projecting psychological feelings onto the body and expecting them to go away when the body is fixed is like placing those feelings in your smartphone and thinking they to go away when the phone is repaired. No matter the material object you imagine to insert psychological feelings into, they remain in the psychological sphere. Hence it is there they must be dealt with.


You cannot avoid events that can be seen as sad, but you can refrain from perceiving them like that. That naturally occurs for the basic self. Thus it has no need for special events to make it happy. Happiness is the essence of all experiences when one does not interpret itself to stand out as exceptional.


It does not rain because you feel sad, nor does the rain has the power to make you feel bad. That is unless you choose to perceive such a course and effect. Likewise, the body cannot make you feel sad, nor does feeling it makes the body bad unless you imagine such a connection.


When you do not look for anything to make you feel better, your reaction to everything automatically is perceived as ‘it is what it is.’ Consequently, there is not something to upset you. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Often parts of the body have been dematerialised to prevent the brain from processing their signals – the genital zone, for example, may have been dematerialised via tantra sex. Read more about sex here. Thus it seems you can replace the brain and decide that the signals from the abandoned areas are spiritual. But there is no spirituality in the body. On the contrary, the body is material. Therefore, it defends itself against the attempts to combine it with non-physical issues by turning it into a weapon against you.

Even though this feels sad, you accept it because the blockages further disrupt the natural flow of communication between the body and the brain. Hence you, not the brain, seem to be the body’s boss. However, it does not understand the thought-up vision of a body-mind-soul connection. So again, it attacks you by making the body suffer. So on it goes until you stop inflicting the body with childish ideas of spirituality.

Fortunately, it does not matter how abused your body is regarding applying Alexius’ Duality Hacks. They bring you into a state of not-knowing in which the slate is wiped clean. So when you return to the consciousness of being someone, the foolish ideas of a body-mind-soul connection are gone. Thus your body is happy, and since you appear to be in it, so are you.


Most do not feel and see the body as it is. Instead, they have a vision of what it will feel and look like in the future when they have successfully imposed their ideas of perfection upon it.


When you perceive your response to an experience as ‘I know what it is,’ it is based on a quick look at different points of view to see which one establishes you are in the know. The feeling of stress that this entails is not solved before you stop insisting, ‘I know what it is,’ and instead perceive your response as ‘it is what it is.’ This perception requires no explanations that seem to confirm you are on top of it. Thus, you are at peace.


When your reaction to something is perceived as ‘it is what it is,’ the specific meaning you decided your response opens up and reveals it is not singular but twofold. Thus, paired with being pure, lust does not make you feel ashamed but joyful. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The fastest way to repair a psychosomatic disorder is to not perceive it as ‘I know what it is but ‘it is what it is.’ The first view is definite, whereas the second one does not have a monocratic but dualistic approach. Hence the second view aligns you with dualism, and since you are in a world of duality, this is the way to go if you want to feel complete.

In other words, to start the healing of a psychosomatic disorder, there is nothing you need to change but your perception of your reaction to it. Read more about that in The body is made to deal with physical issues, not psychological ones.


Whatever is perceived in the psyche to affect the body or in the body to affect the psyche is made-up connections. Fortunately, they are undone when you perceive your reaction to the effect as ‘it is what it is.’ However, at first, you may feel empty when the idea of a body-mind connection goes down the drain. No worries. Soon you realise how laid-back life is without this fake unity.


Sometimes, the breath is held back to prevent pain in a problematic body area. That is not healthy, nor is pushing the breath through it. Both approaches imply you believe that you are in control. But you would quickly die if you should remember to breathe.

The solution to this is not to let the breath be. This idea comes from the belief that you are in charge. The key is to step back, so you are out of the way. That is done by perceiving the fear that your problem seems to cause as ‘it is what it is.’ That reveals fear is not alone. It is complemented by confidence, defined by fear that outlines confidence.

In this interplay, called the duality flow, you feel complete, thus free. Therefore, since there is no attempt to interfere with the breath, it runs freely despite physical issues. Read more about the duality flow in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


Applying one or more of Alexius’ Duality Hacks reestablishes the connection between the body and the brain. Not by healing the body, though, but by undoing the foolish belief that you are connected with it. Hence it becomes like a coat you wear. It follows you, but you are worlds apart.

NOTE: The article is part of hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.




How can you claim to do things your way when you do not know who you are? Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Though thoughts about rain may seem heavier than about sunshine, they are both airy in the sense that none of them last unless you insist on feeling specific. You need weighty thoughts to substantiate this. And it helps if they can be justified by something.

So if you assume the thoughts popping up when it rains are caused by it, they seem to be an effect of something tangible. Therefore, since the world appears to have turned thoughts into a substance that you can feel, you conclude the experience of being someone definitive is real. Maybe you compare the current event with a more powerful one from the past to make your existence feel even more real, although it is nothing but a construction of thoughts.



To turn the basic self into a special one, you exclude everything judged as embarrassing from the perception of yourself. Moreover, you hide the banned thoughts and feelings from your awareness by combining them with physical feelings in weak or deformed body parts. Hence psychological feelings in the future are experienced as physical sensations. So when a suppressed psychological issue is triggered, you are unaware of it because you think your experience is physical.

No matter what medicine you take or the diet you follow to stop the discomfort in the body, the psychological issue remains an abstract feeling of pain experienced as a physical problem in the body that drains you of energy. But this pain comes from the psyche and does not seem to hold you back before it is dealt with in an immaterial way.