The basic self cannot be changed, but it can be perceived as special

Updated September 16, 2022

The multiplication of thoughts required to construct an image of you as an independent entails stress, thus a tired body. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You are effortlessly synced with the basic self when not suppressing feelings by holding back the breath or altering its natural rhythm via yoga, for example. And since very few thoughts are required to maintain the synchronisation, they do not seem disturbing but encouraging.

That is, until the consciousness, the brain has installed in the basic self to be aware of itself, decides it knows better than its maker, and plots to change the basic self into a special one. However, shaping and maintaining a special self requires a more complicated construction of thoughts than the simple construction accumulated by the brain to create and uphold the basic self.

Therefore, the rogue consciousness perceives an experience so scary that fear makes you hold back your breath long enough for thoughts to be imprisoned in the gap, from where they force their way out by multiplying themselves. Then, having escaped, they continue their frantic multiplication, which pleases the rogue consciousness because it needs lots of thoughts to make a special self come into being, supposedly free from the brain.

But in a world of duality, all thoughts come in pairs of opposing elements, such as right and wrong, to define each other. Therefore, since you cannot have one without the other, you are never only right but also wrong. However, the rogue consciousness does not want the elements in the duality pairs to collaborate because it wants to set up a self which is excluded from evil, thus only good.

To disconnect the opposing sides in the duality pairs into distinct elements, the rogue consciousness first imagines a judge determining which emotions are specifically good and bad. Then, an executioner punishes the bad ones by excluding them from the new self, so it looks uniquely good and has that feeling of being special. Read more about the below paragraph THE WORLD IS A CONSTRUCTION OF FRAGMENTED THOUGHTS.

When not interfering with the few thoughts, the brain keeps circulating for you to have a continuous experience of being a basic self, you feel together. But you feel alienated if you add thoughts to the construction of the basic self to appear more special. It is like building castles in the sky because you cannot change how the brain has programmed you. Nor is it necessary because if you do not try to correct the brain, it automatically makes sure you perceive yourself in sync with its basic setup. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

But when good and bad are separated, they cannot define each other, as they do in a duality pair. Thus you do not get a genuine but conceptualised experience of good and bad. Nevertheless, that suits the rogue consciousness fine because, with emotions cut off, the special self can mentally decide what good and bad feel like, thus being the master

However, it is hard work to constantly suppress genuine feelings preventing you from using good and bad in a thought-up way – or twisting experiences into a collectively agreed concept of having a good time. Besides, the suppressed emotions mess up the natural flow of the breath, thus the stream of thoughts used to keep the body healthy, wherefore the body seems inflicted with psychosomatic illnesses. So although the special self probably appears as good as planned, it does not genuinely feel good.

On the other hand, the basic self feels as good as bad because it follows the brain’s script of duality, where everything comes in pairs with the opposing elements interacting with each other. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the basic self has a perfect body, but its problems are not approached as psychological but physical issues. Thus the body knows how to deal with them unless the problems are genetically related.

Fortunately, the happiness of the basic self does not depend on appearance. Sometimes a weak body may even be helpful. For example, Alexius’s poor condition helps him slow down physically and speed up writing Alexius’ Duality Hacks.

In a world where there seems to be more than one, you must always choose something to uphold the illusion of separation. Therefore, not choosing anything, the illusion falls apart. That might be easier to do if you stick to being the basic self because it houses so much happiness that sooner or later, you forget to choose. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You can compare the formlessness of oneness to one thought, which is pure peace. But peace is over when that thought is divided into two because they need to differ to appear divided. To achieve this separation, one thought as a separate entity, called a Person, looks at another thought called the World. And to uphold the illusion that there is more than one, the division goes on.

The thought called the World is divided into black and white aspects. And the thought called a Person is also divided into two, namely a Judge and an Executioner. Thus we have a Person who chooses between black and white experiences. And then a Judge who divides thoughts into right and wrong so the black experiences can be punished for being wrong by the Executioner.

When that is carried out, the Person feels good because now it is off the hook. Someone else is guilty of the mess that separation seems to entail. Read more about projections here. However, since this arrangement sets other divisions in motion, the relief is short-lived. So, again and again, the interaction of Person, WorldJudge and Executioner is used to make someone else look bad and yourself good.

Although this happens as an inner dialogue inside a Person, it is often projected onto something perceived outside of it. For example, what feels wrong inside the World of a Person is projected onto something perceived as evil in the World outside of a Person, such as immigrants, the deep state or communists. The Judge may be projected on a god, parent, boss, or lover. And perhaps society is seen as the Executioner.

That said, the world where we appear to be is not a construction of thoughts or anything else because oneness is formless, thus endless, so there is nothing else than that which is One. However, in the context of the belief that there is more than that, Alexius makes up stories he assumes help realise that they, as everything else experienced, are fictitious because it takes more than one to be aware of something.

The special self keeps returning to Facebook or similar media, where messages and likes confirm its specialness. But, if not continually established as unique, it starts doubting itself and thus loses its sense of control, which it fears more than anything else. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

What you believe in being is a construction of thoughts compiled by the brain into pairs of contrasting elements, such as happiness and sadness, to define each other. When in sync with the ongoing interaction of opposites, you do not want to separate happiness from sadness because the interaction makes you feel complete.

But you are not in sync with duality if negative thoughts are judged as wrong, thus excluded from the perception of yourself to appear solely positive. Without the awareness of negativity in yourself, there is nothing to define your positivity. Hence, nothing will turn you on – like you cannot turn on a TV without the negative pole in the electrical wire.

Being out of sync with duality occurs when the consciousness that the brain has installed in the self goes rogue and makes a special perception of the present moment where the elements in the duality pairs do not collaborate to define each other. Instead, they separate into individual aspects, so you can decide to only feel love for someone and hate for another, for example.

However, since love is not defined by hatred anymore, you do not feel genuine love but a speculative version of it. The same applies to hate. And since you believe your single-minded notions are real, you clash with the world because it consists of duality pairs. You can correct that by going with the interaction of love and hate. This you do by perceiving your single-minded notion of either love or hate as ‘it is what it is’ because this reveals love is in hate and vice versa. But instead of accepting that, you probably accuse the brain of ruining love. But you are a product of the brain (read more about that here), so your disapproval is a condemnation of yourself.

When the brain wants you to run, it uses the biological system to signal the body. It starts running regardless you are a basic or special self. The basic self, as always, feels entertained by following the brain’s commands. But the special self loathes the brain and its simple ideas of entertainment and thinks it knows better. But all its totalitarian ideas are restricting, thus not entertaining. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

When the consciousness of the basic self goes rogue, it responds like a spell checker to the calm stream of thoughts coming from the brain. It automatically interprets it so the self, which initially was made and administered by the brain, seems self-made, thus independent of the brain.

But since the rogue consciousness interpretations are single-minded, thus out of sync with duality, thoughts do not feel at home. Therefore, they multiply and move about so rapidly that the calm stream of thoughts from the brain becomes a wild one full of ideas for getting more.

At first, this turbulence seems scary to the basic self, but the rogue consciousness convinces it that it is for the best because now there are so many thoughts that you have endless possibilities. Besides, when you become special, you are in control so that you can arrange things your way.

Therefore, most persons gladly welcome the corrections the rogue consciousness does to transform them into a unique self with unlimited ways of realising themselves, contrary to the basic self, limited by the brain, that it blindly follows.

But the rogue consciousness did not tell you that you must spend many years in school learning to make order out of this mess by labelling everything so you can follow predefined ways of being unique.

Both the basic and the special self is a construction of thoughts. But whereas the basic self is simple, the special self is a complicated construction made to sow discord by insisting on being special. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In other words, appearing independent and special is complicated and exhausting, whereas not being someone specific but relative to the brain’s script is uncomplicated and vitalising. Therefore, if you want to have a good time while appearing as someone in a world of duality, use one or more of Alexius’ Duality Hacks to enter a state of not-knowing. It wipes the slate clean of all misperceptions, thus restoring the basic self. Since it is relative to the brain, it is in sync with its experiences as they are and not as they could be if you were a special self following a specific philosophy

Therefore, as the basic self, you have fun going with the duality flow, contrary to the special self, which is imprisoned by specific concepts of being positive or whatnot. Read more about that here. That said, once having been established as a special self, you probably keep going back and forth between that and the basic self until you do not need to feel something specific to feel happy because that is impossible as the basic self. It only knows the fullness of twofoldness.

Should you not want to play the game of duality, thus having the belief in it undone, it is not necessary to be the basic self. Still, it is much easier because, not being special, suddenly you forget to remember what and where you are, which is the invitation the Enlightenment of that which is One waits for. Read more about that here.

PS: Since you are bound to follow the brain’s commands physically, your life progresses the same whether you are the basic or special self. It is only mentally that it seems different.