Notes on feelings [draft]

Updated September 22, 2022

Pinching yourself in the arm, the brain registers a physical feeling. Hence you conclude, that you are alive. But since the brain creates the experience of the physical sensation, this conclusion does not prove you exist as someone substantial in a tangible world outside the brain – just like regardless of where you experience being in a dream, you are not there but in your bed. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

»If you’re sitting in a safe and comfortable position, close your eyes and try to feel your heart beating in your chest. Can you, without moving your hands to take your pulse, feel each movement and count its rhythm? Or do you struggle to detect anything at all? This simple test is just one way to assess your ‘interoception’ – your brain’s perception of your body’s state, transmitted from receptors on all your internal organs … There’s a constant communication dialogue between the brain and the viscera (internal organs).«

The above test if the connection between the brain and the body works in you. It is from an article in the Guardian, Interoception: the hidden sense that shapes wellbeing. Like in Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings, the article concludes that many people have cut off the link between the body and the brain. And since the latter controls the body, it is left without guidance.

According to Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings, this connection must be re-established so the body parts do not act independently of the brain but work as a group governed by it. But the article in the Guardian has another conclusion. It says you need to master the body, and in doing so, you are in touch with its signals and thus your feelings because they are in the body.

But believing you are the master is the root of the problem. To become a master, the natural connection between the body and the brain must be cut off to take over the governing of the body and impose your ideas of what you are and feel. Read more about that in hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.

This is ridiculous because what you believe in being and feeling is based on selected experiences produced by the brain. You are nothing but a product fabricated and conducted by the brain. Thus feelings do not come from the heart, like you may claim, or anywhere else than the brain. It governs the body and what you appear to be – also if that is perceived as spiritual.

For sure, you fall off the planet if you interfere with gravity. And you mess up the body when you disrupt or meddle with its ongoing communication with the brain. In short, in the game of duality, the brain is the game master. You cannot change that, but you can have plenty of fun following the game master. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Therefore, to feel good as someone in the game of the brain, you must step aside and let it do its thing. This does not mean you do not engage in the game but that you have no intention of changing it. Like when you play a computer game. You cannot change it. But since you are engaged in the plot, you feel entertained.

To spell it out, you are not a master but a servant. You serve the brain by perceiving your reaction to the experiences it produces as ‘it is what it is’ because that reveals your response is twofold. Therefore, since the world of the brain is dual, you are in sync with it, which feels natural.

However, if you do not want to play the game of duality, you are free to leave it. But you cannot do that unless you play it. And since participating involves feeling it dualistically, we go on in the below looking at feelings.

As usual, we do not begin anywhere specific or end with a conclusion. Alexius’ Duality Hacks has nothing to establish because they know they are as illusionary as anything else in a world of duality. Still, reading the below ragbag of clips may help you see that this includes what you believe in being.


This article is not about Enlightenment or the reality of oneness, but the duality rules because you have opted for duality instead of non-duality. And to undo this decision entirely, you must live fully with the duality rules. Fortunately, this is easy when you do not suppress aggression, for example, but go with the interaction of that and peace as you go with breathing in and out.


You cannot breathe out before you breathe in and vice versa. In other words, you cannot have one without the other. This is how duality works. Everything comes in pairs. Acknowledging that, you feel complete. But you feel incomplete if you try to divide the pairs into separate elements.


To prevent being touched by the duality flow, you ensure everything in your environment is adjusted to the rules of Feng Shui or another totalitarian system. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you want to undo the belief in duality, denying feelings by focusing on their energies is not helpful because the belief is based on feeling it.


The main reason most suppress negative feelings is not the fear of others but themselves. This is because they fear negative emotions are dangerous to express. It often starts in childhood. For example, when Alexius was a kid, his father beat him if he said or did something his father judged offensive. Thus Alexius was afraid to voice his negative emotions accidentally.

But just like the negative pole in electricity is as important as the positive one. You need negative feelings as much as positive ones in a world of duality. If you avoid the negative ones, you deteriorate, whereas you blossom if you approve of them. Read more about that in Alexius’ Childhood.


Since that which is One is formless, thus endless, that which is you is the same. Therefore, appearing to be someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one is an illusion. And so is any perception of oneness there. Yet, many try to replicate it by having one love, home, god and so on.

However, a world where there seems to be more than one needs contrasts to be experienced. Thus everything comes in pairs of opposing elements. You cannot change this. But you can suppress negativity, for example, to appear indivisibility positive. But since this singleness is constructed by excluding something, it is not based on oneness but on separation. Thus it entails loneliness.


You cannot experience something as positive without judging something else as negative. Thus the negative thoughts are a confirmation of the positive ones and vice versa.


You do not breathe in and out to find a balance between expansion and contraction. Neither do you need to find a balance between body and brain. What you need is to let the brain do its thing so you, in a laid-back fashion, can enjoy being someone in its game of duality. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You will be mistaken about yourself if you do not side with both up and down. Feeling down without getting the interaction of that and going up, you feel sad. Mainly going up and using it to deny feeling down, you feel insecure. But if you go with the interaction of up and down, you are not definitive but relative. Thus you are neither happy nor sad but happy/sad. However, only for a moment because another soon replaces that polarity, so you keep feeling vitalised by the duality flow.


To feel something definitive is to separate. Hence you stop separating when you do not insist on feeling something specific. This is done by perceiving the meaning you assigned to your response to something as ‘it is what it is.’ This reveals that what you decided it meant is not set in stone because its counterpart complements it. So if you thought you were sad, it turns out you are also happy.


Feeling wrong is your own decision because your emotions are shaped by how you perceive your reaction to something. But if you decide not to perceive your reaction as specific, the brain automatically takes over and perceives it as ‘it is what it is.’ And since the brain operates in pairs, your reaction is twofold. Therefore, as sadness is paired with happiness, you are in the interplay of happiness and sadness. This polarity, like any other, makes you feel complete.


No matter what you plan, visualise or realise, everything plays out as programmed by the brain. You have no say in that. But you choose how to perceive it. So if you feel you suffer, you have chosen to perceive the brain’s play in a way that seems evil.


When you hand your interpretation of something over to the brain, it will shape it so you feel entertained because that is the purpose of everything it sets in motion.


When you do not project psychological issues onto the body, they do not seem to be hidden from your awareness. Hence you can perceive your reaction to them as ‘it is what it is,’ revealing it is twofold. Therefore, since nothing specific seems to make you suffer, there is no pain to project onto the body. Instead, it stays in the psychological sphere. But not for long because it is an airy sphere, so everything there is fleeting.


It´s very easy to choose not to store thoughts, so you are empty, if you don´t have a need to uphold a certain image of yourself.

If you are full of thoughts, you are busy assigning meaning to your experiences. However, none of your experiences means anything. Their only purpose is to entertain you. Being that, there is no need to look for thoughts to explain something. Hence you do not have a bad time. On the contrary, you feel amused. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you believe you suffer because of something, you are mistaken. Suffering comes from the way you have decided to interpret something. Therefore, if you suffer, you have chosen to assign specific experiences with a meaning that seems hurtful.

It is not solved by changing your interpretation but by not insisting that it is definitive. This you achieve when perceiving your conditioned explanation as ‘it is what it is’ because that reveals it is not on its own. Instead, it is coupled with its counterpart. And since everything comes in pairs in a world of duality, you feel at home when you realise your interpretation is twofold.


None of your psychological feelings is caused by something or somebody in the world that appears to be outside of you. Nothing but yourself has the power to make you suffer. So if you feel desperate, something in you bothers you because it disturbs the image you have made of yourself. In other words, if you do not want to suffer, do not try to be somebody specific.


Since what and where you experience being in the world of a dream is not there, the effect it seems to have on you is produced in yourself. The same applies to what you feel in the physical world. Your memories cause all feelings. Anger, for example, only appears to be caused by a world outside of you because you project this and other emotions onto it to construct a coherent and meaningful story, where your feelings seem to prove you are alive. But your fable is just as absurd as your dreams.

There is nothing to learn from your experiences, whether they seem to be dreamy, mundane or spiritual. Their only purpose is to make you feel entertained, which they do when perceived as twofold.

The above does not mean that physical life is a dream because, within the context of physical life, someone has a dream, but nobody has a physical life. Oneness is formless, thus endless, so there is nothing physical, nor anybody making a story about it as that takes more than one, and there is no more than that which is one.


Should noisy music from the neighbour seems to make you upset, it is not because of the music but the feelings going on in you at that moment. If your response to those feelings is perceived as ‘it is what it is,’ it turns out to be twofold. Hence you feel disturbed but also stimulated. This interchange of opposites is the duality flow. Read more about that in the following articles.


Negativity is just as needed as positivity. A computer, for example, only functions when connected to both the negative and positive poles in an electrical wire. Polarity is the name of the game, which you must adhere to if you want to be in a world of duality. Also, if you wish to leave this game, you cannot do that if you are not playing it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

What you feel comes not from your present experience. Instead, it is shaped by a feeling you already have, often a suppressed one but for sure an old one. In other words, you are already unhappy if something seems to make you sad. Based on what you already feel inside, you interpret the experience of something outside you, so it seems to have caused your sadness.

Fortunately, you do not have to change this pattern to solve this confusion. Nor do you need to understand where your suffering comes from and why you hold onto it. All you need is to acknowledge you are mistaken. There is no sadness in a world of duality because everything is twofold in such a world. So if you do not insist on feeling specifically sad, its counterpart pops up. Hence you feel happy/sad.

A way to undo having distinctive feelings is to perceive a specific feeling as ‘it is what it is.’ As already said, this reveals it is not singular but twofold. Thus you are in the duality flow, where you remain as long as you acknowledge that all your previous opinions are wrong, thus making you sad.


To feel is not to exist because it takes more than one to feel something, and life is that which is One. In other words, it is not possible to feel something unless one imagines being in a world where there seems to be more than one. Can you feel it? Of course, you can. You are reading this. That means you think it is possible to be and have more than that which is One, and you uphold this illusion as ‘real’ by feeling it.

You undo this mistake by acknowledging what you feel. Next, you perceive your reaction to it as ‘it is what it is.’ This reveals your response is not singular but twofold. Then, you do not focus on the two elements making up your reaction but go with their interaction, which is the duality flow. Remaining in that, you feel so complete that the experience of more than one is eventually dismissed as real.


NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.