You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it [draft]

Updated September 7, 2022

Anything perceived as good is just as bad because everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality. That is why you do not get the duality flow if you try to hold onto being hurt, for example, to prove you are a victim of somebody evil. Instead, you go with the interplay of feeling hurt and okay in which they define each other. Thus not tangible anymore but airy because that is the nature of the psychological sphere where they are identified. Consequently, they build up the duality flow. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In most cases, you do not have to read Alexius’ Duality Hacks in a particular order. But in the case of this article, you may benefit from having read hack #4.3 The toxic mix of physical and non-physical issues.

You need to be true to the nature of dualism to undo the belief that you are someone in a world of duality. Hence you should not go for singularity but twofoldness. If you try to stay in an unparalleled state of mind, you are unaccompanied. And since you can only depart from non-duality by envisioning there is more than one, this is also the way you return. Therefore, if you insist on singularity, you remain in the simulated world of duality.

In the duality flow, it is not about what you feel but the interaction of that and its opposing part. To be in that flow, you start by being aware of one of the singular feelings you experience. Thus it reveals it contains its counterpart. For example, inside of love, there is hate. They need each other to be defined, and they do that by constantly interacting. Any minute though, hatred may show that it can also be defined by kindness. Then this twofoldness replaces the former until kindness reveals it can also complement selfishness. And so it goes until you want to make a difference and leave the duality flow by having an inner dialogue about being something remarkable.

Being that continues till you are fed up with the hectic stream of thoughts required to establish yourself as special. Hence what you feel can be perceived as ‘it is what it is,’ revealing your emotion is not singular but twofold, wherefore you are back in the duality flow.

The Earth goes around itself every day. Since it is solely a physical matter, everybody follows along regardless of their psychological issues. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If something seems to have gone wrong, you may panic and think about how to make it better. But, like you must follow the Earth on its predestined ride around the sun, you are bound follow the brain’s script for what and where you appear to be. Hence there is nothing you can change. See hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happyTherefore, instead of judging yourself for having failed, thus feeling inferior, go with the duality flow. Doing that, you feel complete becuse failure interacts with success.

Please be aware it is a waste of time looking for your present emotion in the body. It is solely physical, thus without anything psychological. You could also say the body is visible, whereas psychological emotions are invisible, and visibility and invisibility do not blend.

Since connecting psychological issues with physical ones is a fantasy, you undo it by reversing it.

So if you have projected emotional issues onto the body with the assumption that you can hide them there, you better start correcting this fantasy by recognising them where they were conceived, namely in the non-physical psychological sphere. Facing them there, they gently open up and reveal they are not singular but twofold. Thus there is no specific psychological issue to bother you.

The first time this happened for Alexius was during a gentle massage. But it was not until much later he put words to it and realised perceiving your present feeling in the psychological sphere as ‘it is what it is’ reveals it is not singular but twofold. Thus being in sync with duality, you feel completely relaxed.

If you suffer from somebody dying, you believe in separation. You do not correct this by replacing suffering with something pleasant. On the contrary. You acknowledge the suffering so it can be perceived as ‘it is what it is.’ Since that reveals the feeling is not singular but twofold, you do not feel alone but together.

This is a picture of Alexius’ beloved cat Uma, who died only eight months old and left Alexius crying for ages. Fortunately, weeping is coupled with happiness, so crying makes him remember all the happy times they had together and still have in the airy psychological sphere where a meeting takes place. This does not mean he has no wish to see her physically. He longs for her. But then again, that feeling is in the psychological sphere, where she is. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Lately, it happened when Alexius’ cat died. Since he could feel the loss in his body, he knew something was wrong. However, a dead cat does not have the power to create sensations in his body. Therefore, as it could only be something he unconsciously had projected onto his body, he consciously brought it back into the psychological sphere. There the feeling of loss was revealed to be coupled with birth.

So although he had lost his cat, physically speaking, she was delivered to him in the psychological zone. Actually, she had been in that airy sphere all the time because whether a cat is alive or dead, you have no physical connection. Therefore, since Alexius got into the interaction of life and death in the psychological area, he felt happy/sad with his cat.

In other words, the death of his beloved cat turned out to be a blessing because it made it impossible for him to project psychological issues on her physical being. Hence, he and she got back into the psychological sphere, where they had been all the time and will remain until the experience of duality is over. It is not about beating off the body. On the contrary, it frees the body from mental ideas about integration with non-physical issues. Thus the body can blossom physically.

Furthermore, this approach makes it easy to return to non-duality because when the time comes for leaving duality, you return to non-duality as you left it alone together. See hack #7.1 Alone together, we go home.

To resume, if you want to feel good in a world of duality, do not use the body as a means to feel that. Happiness is in the psychological sphere, in an ongoing interaction with sadness. When you join their interplay, the duality flow vitalises you.

Even though Alexius’ cat Uma is dead, Alexius connects with her through this picture or any other memory because everything he believes in being is in the airy psychological sphere. Although he cannot see Uma there, physically speaking, he can feel what he experienced they had together. It is like listening to the ocean’s waves without seeing them. But at first, it was not what Alexius assumed they had together he got in touch with, but the sorrow of having missed her. However, this was only until he realised his mourning for Uma contained her. The moment she died in his arms and any other moment remains in the psychological zone. Thus Uma is as close as she always has been and will be. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Having the counterpart of a singular feeling revealed is not an intellectual process. First, you perceive the specific feeling as ‘it is what it is.’ Second, in a state of expectation, calling for nothing specific, you patiently wait a few seconds. Third, your singular feeling opens up, and its counterpart fills its space.

The transition is so gentle that you forget the initial feeling. But unlike that, the new one does not seem singular because it is defined by the first one. This change is as automatic as breathing in and out. One automatically leads to the other. However, you may forget the elements in a duality pair. But you do not forget how well-grounded and beloved you feel in the interplay of its opposites.

Every time you go with the interaction in a duality pair, breathing becomes so dynamic that more pairs shows up.

At first, you may get to the duality flow through the perception, ‘it is what it is,’ but, after a while, you can recall it by memory. You choose to enjoy the interaction of the opposing element in a duality pair instead of dividing them into separate components assumed to be at odds. In other words, you choose to feel the abundance of the duality flow and not the scarcity of separation.

However, it took Alexius some time to not remain with one of the opposite sides in a duality pair but instead go with their interaction in which, like breathing in and out, they support each other. But unlike this duality pair, most are quickly replaced by another. Fortunately, that is not a problem. The duality flow comes from the constant movement between opposites in a duality pair regardless of the components. And this interaction always makes you feel complete.

Being in the duality flow is a bit like listening to the ocean’s waves. You feel vitalised. However, if you insist on doing things your way, you soon feel restless because something needs to be adjusted to make it look like everything is going your way. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The duality flow reminds Alexius of the physical sensation he remembers from childhood when he tried drinking coca-cola. It was like it turned his body into bubbles. His experience of the duality flow can also be described as his body being an ocean of waves gracefully going nowhere – or like drops of warm water gently touching the body. Sometimes it feels like a pendulum moves in different directions in a body with no definite border. Feelings, though, are personal, so your experience of the duality flow may differ from Alexius.’ Nevertheless, you know you are in the duality flow when you keep smiling for no particular reason.

That said, the duality flow is new to Alexius. It came to him late in writing Alexius’ Duality Hacks. He discovered it when he wrote a little article that slowly into the eleven pieces of hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

When you start perceiving your reaction to something as ‘it is what it is’, it is probably the revelation that it is not singular but twofold that blows your conditioned opinions away. But later on, it is the collaboration of opposites, resulting in the duality flow, that overflow every definitive statement.

In the beginning, he did not experience the duality flow. Instead, he remembered the hellish or heavenly feeling that comes from a single-minded perception. See Sadness is a close friend of gladness. But you probably surpass focussing on the individual components of the duality pairs much faster than Alexius did and quickly get the vitalisation of the duality flow because he has paved the way.

The idea of singularity does not apply to non–duality because for oneness to be experienced, there must be more than one, and there is no more than One in non-duality. Nor does the idea of oneness apply to a world of duality, as everything in it is twofold. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

None of the opposing elements in the duality flow remains for long. One can compare this to a seesaw on a playground, where one person goes up as the other goes down. If you try holding onto the top by avoiding going down, the feeling you get is fake because you need to go back and forth to define what is up and down – just like there is nothing to describe breathing in if you do not breathe out

Twofoldness is always the way in a world where there seems to be more than one. For example, walking requires two legs. And to take a step forward, you must include the past because it is the building stone for your future step. Therefore, if you exclude one of the legs, you cannot walk.

Likewise, if you exclude hate from love, you do not hit the road of duality. Hence you do not get the togetherness of twofoldness but the loneliness of singleness. This may feel like a non-concrete pain in the body, even though it does not come from there but from the psychological sphere. There you hold yourself spellbound by the idea that twofoldness can be separated into independent items, and hate, therefore, can be separated from love.

First, you imagine to dump your unwanted feelings in the body. Second, you tighten up the body to hide the feelings imagined you stored in it. Third, you interpret the tightened body as proof of having concealed your unwanted feelings there. Fourth, you forget all about it.

This you achieve by projecting your hatred onto a part of the body that you dislike. Then you lure yourself into believing you have gotten rid of hate by feeling it as a physical problem in the body. Finally, you render yourself unconscious of what you have done to see yourself as nothing but love. But emotions are abstract, and bodies are substantial, so assuming you can dump feelings in flesh and bones is absurd. In other words, since you cannot remove hatred from your awareness by dumping it in your body, what you assume to disturb you in the body is not there but in the psychological sphere.

Since the psychological area is abstract, you contact a repressed psychological emotion anywhere other than in something physical. There is no need to go down memory lane to find your forgotten feelings or understand why you attempted to hide them in the body. You simply perceive the disgust you repeatedly experience to something in the present as ‘it is what it is.’ Thus, as you know from reading the above, aversion is revealed to interact with sympathy, thus defining each other as your personal feelings.

Realising that all feelings are personal, everything happening is understood as impersonal. Therefore, suppressing specific feelings to hold onto a self-made version of the world defined by your views of right and wrong is over. Instead, you go with the duality flow.

Nobody has lasting emotions unless they suppress them by storing them in the body, so they seem to become substantial. But what you assume to get by doing this is not natural. Feelings are fleeting because they reside in the psychological zone, which is like air. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

In this article, we have talked about a common way to get rid of emotions judged as wrong by dumping them in the body. But emotions deemed good are also dropped in the body. In this case, the body is not used to hide them but make them appear more substantial and lasting. Read more about that in You must play the game of duality to have it undone.

However, as endlessly repeated in Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings, non-duality is formless, thus endless, so duality is a fantasy, the brain likes to spin to entertain you with the experiences of twofoldness. Since non-duality is timeless, it takes no time to live out this fantasy. 

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.