The brain’s experiences are made to entertain

Updated July 10, 2023

Having a perception in sync with the brain’s script is like being in a silent movie. There is no noise of busy thoughts making up a special perception. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain is not about transforming yourself or realising the real you. On the contrary, you are a fantasy made from nothing. However, when your nothingness is acknowledged, it is entertaining to experience it as something for a while. That is what this hack explores.

No matter what you choose in a computer game, the game’s creator has prearranged the next storyline – likewise, when you experience being someone in a world of duality.

Every experience unfurls according to the script made by its creator: the brain. But unlike the computer game player, the one experiencing a world of duality is neither outside nor inside itself. Instead, what and where you experience in being is in the brain and entirely managed by it. In other words, you are the brain’s fantasy.

When you live by the brain’s fantasy of twofoldness, you are automatically in sync with duality, thus getting the vitalisation of the duality flow. Nevertheless, most want to change the brain’s fantasy into something they think is better. But, as already said, the brain’s fantasy of duality cannot be altered. Nonetheless, you can choose not to perceive it as twofold and exclude the singular elements disturbing your concept of a better world.

However, since everything comes in pairs in the brain’s fantasy of duality, excluding specific elements from the whole, you are not in the duality flow, thus feeling incomplete.

Having a perception in sync with the brain’s script is like being in a silent movie. There is no noise of busy thoughts making up a special perception. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Like a dream is beyond your control, the thoughts the brain uses to construct the experiences of duality cannot be altered. However, to feel like someone substantial in a tangible world, you must make a perception of the brain’s experiences that substantiates them, thus establishing its fantasy of duality as tangible, not intangible.

The most basic perception that syncs with duality is ‘it is what it is.’ 

Metaphorically, the brain has made a pool of thoughts combined into basic stories you can use to perceive the brain’s fantasy of duality. In these stories, you are the servant of duality, thus of the brain, so you are in sync with the brain’s script as the basic self. But if you perceive yourself, not the brain, as in control, you are out of sync, hence the special self. The pool sounds like a fountain when your perception syncs with the brain’s fantasy. On the other hand, it sounds like stormy weather when out of sync because there are no premade stories of you as the master in the pool, so you have to manipulate it to make a perception where you are the master and keep repeating it to make it believable. 

To escape the noise and establish your perception as the truth, the special self focuses on internal conversation, distorted to confirm its story of greatness. However, since it does not correspond with the experiences created by the brain, which are the ones in effect, the special self feels confused. But instead of correcting the internal discussion, the special self seeks more thoughts to improve its vision of self-importance. And since chasing thoughts makes them move faster, the special self feels stressed from the noise of their acceleration.

No worries. If you do not try to solve feeling stressed but perceive it as ‘it is what it is,’ you see it constantly interact with feeling relaxed. Therefore, since you are in the duality flow, the sound of thoughts becomes a little jabber in the background that you hardly notice. You can take this a step further and perceive your stress as ‘dunno what it is’ (see ‘I know what it is’ versus ‘It is what it is’ versus ‘Dunno what it is’) and enter a state of not-knowing.

When one’s perception is in sync with the experiences created by the brain, there is nothing to worry about because they are made to entertain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

As said above, what and where we believe in being is based on the experiences scripted by the brain. However, that does not mean we cannot choose what way to go. But no matter the choice, the next step is prearranged – just like in a computer game, everything is predetermined.

Nevertheless, you can deceive yourself into believing you have free will by making a perception that says, ‘I know what it is,’ based on editing the brain’s experiences. Hence you appear free from the brain. However, since your perception is singular, not twofold, it goes against the script of duality, wherefore you feel disconnected.

Nevertheless, the duality pairs of opposing elements collaborating with each other remain intact because you cannot see a world of duality without the constant interaction of opposites. Therefore, only in your rigid perception of the world are the duality pairs divided into distinct elements excluding each other. But since the thoughts and feelings you exclude are aimlessly floating around, you meditate to block negativity, for example, from your awareness, to appear solely positive. However, thoughts or feelings get speedy when you manipulate them.

So if you want peace of mind, you step back and have the brain solve your troubles by perceiving your reaction to them as ‘it is what it is.’ It automatically does that if you do not interfere. Thus, as already said, your response is revealed as twofold, not singular. Consequently, you are in sync with the world of duality rendered by the brain, thus feeling complete.

You do not have to like the brain’s script, but if you want to feel entertained by it, you have to relate to it as it is – like you relate to a plot in a movie to feel the thrill of it.

Although a movie with superheroes is unrealistic, accepting its premise is enjoyable. So are the experiences produced by the brain of being someone in a world of duality, even though there is nothing but non-duality since it is formless, thus endless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To resume, when the brain makes the perception of your response to something, you are not established as singular but twofold, thus in sync with the brain’s script of duality. But in the perception made by the special self, you appear definitive, wherefore you collide with the brain’s script of duality in which everything comes in pairs, for example, night and day.

Constantly feeling fulfilled by this twofoldness, you do not need to hang onto something from the past to feel happy, nor do you need to be in the present. Time is a construction, so it makes no difference to the brain what point you relate to in the timeline of its script.

That is why you also are in sync with the brain’s script when you think about something from the past concerning the script’s timeline while taking a stroll in the park – just like you are in sync with a movie when you are linked to its plot, regardless the part you watch is from the past or the future. See also, All experiences are equally unreal.

If something is not entertaining, your perception is out of sync with the script. But the brain immediately corrects the perception if you acknowledge you are mistaken. However, since the main reason for being out of sync is that you want to be in control, you probably do not want to admit you have misinterpreted the brain’s script.

No worries, perceiving your reluctance as ‘it is what it is’ you get in sync with the script of duality because this perception reveals that unwillingness is not singular but twofold. Therefore, since you get into the interaction of unwillingness and willingness, you are in sync with the script, thus in the duality flow.

Playing along with the brain’s game, you feel so much happiness that you eventually have no more to ask for. Read more about that here. Hence that which is One does not appear to be clouded by a world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The consistency and synchronicity you see in your life are based on experiences created by the brain in the same way it makes a dream: turbulent, chaotic, unpredictable and incompatible with your rational perception of yourself and the world. Therefore, if your life experience does not seem chaotic but supports your rationale, you have, in retrospect, interpret the irrational arrangements of the brain so they seem connected per your reasoning.

However, it seems weird to the brain that you run around like headless chickens, trying to put it all together per socialism or another belief system instead of being entertained by the drifting experiences it creates. The brain does not understand your logic. It only cares about entertainment. Like a magician, it likes pulling rabbits out of hats. For example, doing the laundry, you start as usual. But to entertain you, it breaks conformity by drawing you to the window to see a demonstration on the street. Looking at that, you feel amused and return energised to the laundry. That is all. There is nothing to understand.

On the other hand, if you had planned to do the laundry linearly and tried to stick to that, going to the window would not have seemed entertaining but disturbing. Hence you blame the brain for distracting you and look for methods to control it, so you can be free to do things your way.

When you do not wish to be in control, thoughts do not seem bothersome because there is no need to arrange them into something confirming you are in charge.

But just like you do not control the course of a dream, you have no say in how things evolve when you believe to be awake. The brain is always in charge. You cannot avoid going to the window if that is its plan. Read more about the brain’s script in Duality Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain.

That said, you can decide to go slowly or fast to the window. But no matter your choice, the brain has already arranged the subsequent events, like every possibility in a computer game is composed by the writer, wherefore nothing in the plot can be changed. Nor is it necessary to change anything because when playing the game as it is, the fear of falling is as entertaining as the thrill of rising.

Astrology is an attempt to disregard the brain and make it look like something else governs you. The same applies to religious and spiritual doctrines. And the unfortunate belief that physical and non-physical issuess can be mixed. Read more about that in Duality Hack #7 Physical & non-physical issues do not mix.

If you do not avoid feeling sad, it opens up and reveals happiness is inside it. The two opposing feelings are like two sides of a coin, constantly interacting to define each other. Therefore, be grateful when someone makes you sad because it contains happiness. This applies to any feeling you judge negatively. Its positive counterpart is inside it. Acknowledging their relationship, you are in the duality flow, the constant interaction of opposites, thus feeling complete.

Since you are a product of the brain and its script of duality is made to entertain you, happiness is what you get when in sync with the brain. However, everything comes in pairs in duality, so happiness comes with sadness. Therefore, if you do not feel entertained, thus happy/sad, you avoid duality by perceiving yourself as someone definitive with specific opinions and feelings instead of dualistic ones.

But if you insist on being specifically happy by excluding sadness, you do not genuinely feel happy because your sadness defines it. Hence you neither feel glad nor sad but flawed. Fortunately, not trying to avoid feeling wrong only to feel right, you sense being wrong contains feeling right. Joining the constant interaction of these opposites and those they trigger, you feel entertained by the duality flow. Thus you remain happy/sad unless you return to focusing on distinctive feelings or states of mind to recall a particular mood.

In Duality Hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality, you can read about how being aligned with duality makes you feel complete, thus not needing something and, therefore, not fearing the end of duality.

NOTE: The article is part of Duality Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain.