Happiness cannot be found. It comes effortlessly when in sync with duality

Updated February 9, 2022

You are in the brain’s domain when experiencing something because it fabricates all experiences. Therefore, since the brain loves you, the thoughts it produces do not trouble but soothe you when synced with them. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Whether your perception is in sync with the brain’s script or not, you follow it by the letter. You do not have to like it, though. It can be perceived in any way you fancy. However, if you want to feel connected, you must relate to the script as it is and not as you reckon it should be per religious, socialistic or other concepts. In that case, you do not react to the brain’s script but your twisted version of it. Therefore, since you are out of sync with the brain’s script, you feel disconnected.

But regardless, your perception is in sync with your response to the experiences created by the brain, it gets what it wants, namely that even though you are nothing, you seem to be someone substantial in a tangible world. Thus it rewards you with shots of happiness. However, if your perception is out of sync with the brain, you do not notice it. Not because the brain withhold it from you but because you want everything to be in your way and time.

However, maintaining a perception of being in control is frustrating. For example, suppose you strictly follow a diet instead of listening to the body’s signals. In that case, the natural sense of being hungry is judged unnatural. Therefore, since you twist your craving for food into something aligned with your diet’s philosophy, you do not get the happiness of being in sync with the present. Instead, you get the conceptualised happiness promised by following the diet rules.

The same happens if you watch a movie and expect it to fit into your ideas on spirituality, thus avoiding a natural and effortless perception of the film. But instead, twist it into something that seems to confirm how ignorant non-spiritual people are. Hence you miss the entertainment the movie’s script was made to give you.

So why does hardly anybody want to be entertained by the brain’s script? Because they do not wish to follow but do things their way. However, since they do not know who they are, this is a disaster. Fortunately, your fiasco is your saviour.

When you do not repress or edit your reaction to it but feel it as it is, you can perceive it as ‘it is what it is.‘ That reveals your single-minded response of sadness, for example, is twofold. First, sadness is replaced by happiness. But that lasts less than a minute. Then after that, you may go back and forth as if you are happy/sad for a short while. Then, finally, you forget both feelings because you are in the duality flow, hence in sync with the brain’s script.

The above, of course, also applies if your response was anger, revealed as coupled with delight. Actually, the perception ‘it is what it is‘ reveals that any reaction to any experience is twofold. Therefore, since the brain’s script is dualistic, this perception syncs you with it. And since you and the brain are the same, you feel at home.

Read more about the perception ‘it is what it is’ in ‘I know what it is’ vs ‘it is what it is’ vs ‘dunno what it is’ and the duality flow in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality. And read about you and the brain in What and where you believe to be is the brain.

No matter what way you go and why you think you do, the reason is that the brain has told you to do that. Having a perception in sync with the brain’s playbook, obstacles on the way adds to the entertainment. But having made a perception where you are in charge, the same obstacles add to the stress coming from continually figuring out the way. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being in sync with the brain’s script does not ensure that you do the right thing. Only the special self feels so wrong that it is concerned about being right. When in sync with the script, it is unnecessary to do the right thing because being wrong is just as entertaining as being correct. Actually, right versus wrong is one of the many duality pairs that make up the script.

Should you not want that to go along with the script of duality, all you need is to not be in sync with it. But not like the special self who revolts against it, thus depends on it. To be free of the script, you ignore it, which is done by not making a perception like the special self that states ‘I know what it is,’ nor like the basic self who declares ‘it is what it is’ but gently say ‘dunno what it is.’ This perception does not ratify the brain’s experiences of you as someone in a world of duality. Hence you are in a state of not-knowing from where you can welcome the Enlightenment of that which is One or go back to the consciousness of being someone in a world of duality.

In the Enlightenment of that which is One, the experience of ever have been someone is automatically terminated because it requires more than one to be someone. But suppose you are not ready to undo the belief in being and having more than that which is One. In that case, you return to the consciousness of being someone with the slate wiped clean. Thus you happily go on as the basic self until you feel so joyous that you cannot ask for more. Hence the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is One is undone.

Read about the Enlightenment of that which is One in hack #6.1 From the inward-facing senses through a black hole into that which is One.

Since one feels lonely when perceiving itself as disconnected from the brain, the special self always tries to make itself feel as if it is part of something bigger. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

So many like to watch TV series because they do not have to do anything to be engaged in the action other than perceiving it by the script. This makes them feel so entertained that they forget themselves.

When not relaxing in front of a screen, daily life is just as astonishing when you accept, it cannot be edited. You must follow the playbook as it is. Yet you can choose how to perceive the script. And when your perception is in sync with that, you feel as entertained as after binge-watching the most exciting TV series.

The brain is the sole director of a dream. The same applies to the experience of what and where you appear to be when you believe to be awake. Every experience is fabricated by the brain. You have no say in that except how to perceive it, therefore, how you want to feel about it.

If your perception results in feeling entertained, it is in sync with the experience produced by the brain. But if it results in feeling unjust, the perception is out of sync because no experience created by the brain is personal. Just like a self-driving car managed by The Cloud never gets a private message.

Not perceiving an experience to be personal, thoughts and feelings regarding it are momentary. Thus it is just as entertaining to experience sorrow as joy. This is how it is to be the basic self. But when an experience is perceived as personal, thoughts and feelings regarding it keep coming. So if not externally, then internally, the experience seems to drag on until you feel so depressed that you meditate or do something else to disassociate yourself from feeling down. That is how depressing it is to be a special self.

Whether your perception of your reaction to this article is synced with its contents, nothing changes but what you feel about it. If in sync with the words making up the article, you feel connected. But you feel disconnected if your perception is out of sync with the article. It is out of sync if the perception does not relate to the article’s content as it is but how you think it ought to be per your conditioned view of dualism. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being in sync with the natural flow of thoughts from the brain can be compared to being in sync with the plot of a movie. Usually, this is easy because the film is full of hints about how to perceive what is going on.

The director has added emotional music to the movie to manipulate you into interpreting scenes of fast black cars as you are conditioned. Since black – at least in the Western world – is associated with evil, the director expects you to know how to interpret this to sync with the plot and thus feel entertained. But suppose you doubt this interpretation and try to construct a better one based on concepts unrelated to the film. See also To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts. In that case, you break up the story. Hence you do not feel entertained but bored by the movie.

There might be times when the plot seems so scaring or depressing that the movie turns you off. That is until the story brightens up. Thus, since the change only is noticed because you felt darkened, to be down is experienced as entertaining as being up.

In hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality you can read about how the interaction between opposites eventually sets you free from the belief in duality.

But not much feels entertaining if you think you know better than the director, and imagine how the movie could have been if it was edited per concepts of spiritualism, satanism, or another ism you believe is the only way to live. In that case, you only feel entertained by the specific parts of the movie you perceive to be aligned with your choice of an ism.

So when you do not question the director or doubt the movie’s storyline and jump into the adventure as it is, the film is exciting – likewise, appearing to be someone in a world of duality. In other words, if you do not try to be at one but have fun pretending to be someone in a world where everything seems divided, you will enjoy the game of duality.

The script is neither logical, rational, or consistent and, least of all, fair. But when your perception keeps being in sync with it, you eventually feel as blow-out as after having binge-watched a TV show. Thus you feel free.

NOTE: The above article is part of hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy.