Happiness is to be in touch with the brain

Updated May 14, 2023

What you believe in being can be compared to a smartphone. Although it can do thousands of things, it depends entirely on its operator – just like you do on the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Even though the brain deceives you by making experiences that appear to establish you as someone substantial in a tangible world, it is not your enemy. On the contrary, the brain wants to make you happy. If that is not how you feel, you have most likely disassociated yourself from the brain’s experiences by not perceiving them as they are but how they could be, per a philosophy imagined to make the world better than the brain’s.

But since everything in this perception revolves around you knowing better than the brain, and since you do not know who you are, it is hard work to make it look like you, not the brain, knows what is best. Therefore, you meditate or force your body into strange positions to cut off the brain to free yourself from its perceived tyranny and be connected with your real self.

However, there is nothing but the self that the brain has invented and implemented with consciousness to perceive the experiences the brain fabricates from nothing as something, so the self seems to be somebody in a tangible world. Therefore, since every experience is a fantasy of the brain, there is nothing to experience, neither mundane nor spiritual, when not living by the brain.

Although the basic self feels free to follow the brain and the special self believes it is free from it, none is free. The brain processes all experiences, also those believed to come from the heart, higher consciousness and whatnot, so we are a product of the brain. The special self denies it and opposes the brain. But what you fight, you need. On the other hand, the basic self does not hide its brain dependency but happily counts on it.

You are in the brain’s domain when experiencing something because it produces all experiences. Therefore, since the brain loves you, the thoughts it makes do not trouble but soothe you when in touch with the brain. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

No worries, since not living by the brain is an experience, you still live by it if you think you are free of it. Therefore, since the brain gets what it wants, namely that although its experiences are made from nothing, you ratify them as something, thus making the brain real. This makes it so happy that it wants to share it with you to make you feel alive. But unfortunately, most people do not notice the happiness the brain shares with them because they want to be free from it to do things in their own way and time.

But since that never works as planned, they have to make it look like it does by excluding everything from their awareness that does not support the idea of being in control. However, since exclusion enhances separation, they feel disconnected. Fortunately, the mistake is easily undone. If you acknowledge feeling separated, you can perceive it as ‘it is what it is.’ And since that reveals separation contains union, feeling united is all there is until separation quickly returns to be replaced by united shortly afterwards. In this teamwork of opposites, you stop feeling them specifically and start sensing their interaction: the duality flow.

Therefore, you feel complete since you are in sync with the brain’s script of duality. Read more about the perception it is what it is’ in I know what it is’ vs ‘it is what it is’ vs ‘dunno what it is and the duality flow in Duality Hack #8 The duality flow goes to non-duality.

Watching TV series, you do not have to do anyhing to be engaged other than perceiving it by its plot. It makes you feel so entertained that you forget yourself. Likewise, in daily life when you perceive the brain’s script ‘it is what it is’ and not as it should be.

The brain’s script is neither logical, rational, nor consistent. But when your perception remains in sync with it continuously, you feel as blown out as after binge-watching a TV show, thus feeling free. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Being in touch with the natural flow of thoughts from the brain can be compared to being in sync with the plot of a movie. It is easy because the film contains hints about how to perceive it.

For example, the director has added emotional music to manipulate you into interpreting the movie per its script. And the bad guys arrive in black, which in the Western world is associated with evil. But suppose you doubt this meaning and try to construct a better one based on concepts unrelated to the film. Then, since you break up the story, you do not feel entertained but bored by the movie.

In other words, nothing feels entertaining if you think you know better than the director and keep imagining how the movie could have been if edited per socialism or another ism you believe in making the world better. In that case, you only feel entertained by the specific parts of the movie perceived as aligned with your ism.

On the other hand, when you do not question the movie’s storyline but jump into the adventure as it is, you feel linked with the whole film – likewise, accepting the brain’s story of duality, you feel connected.

In roleplay, you can become anyone you like. However, everyone is predefined by the gamemaster, so you must act accordingly. Also, in the game of duality. You are never your own but the brain’s, because it is the gamemaster.Fortunately, that does not mean you must like the brain’s script. You can perceive it as you like. However, you do not feel connected if your perception does not align with the script but how it could  be.

No matter what way you go and why you reckon to do it, the reason is that the brain has told you to do it. Therefore, having a perception in sync with the brain’s playbook, obstacles along the way add to the entertainment. But having made a perception where you are in charge, you are out of touch with the brain, so the same obstacles add to the stress you feel from having to do everything yourself. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Should you want to take a break from the brain’s script of duality, all you need is to not be in sync with it. But not like the special self who revolts against it, thus depends upon it.

To be free of the script of duality, you ignore it by not making a statement like the special self who says, ‘I know what it is.’ Nor do you, like the basic self, declare ‘it is what it is,’ but gently say ‘dunno what it is.’ Since the brain’s script of duality is unconfirmed, you enter a state of not-knowing, where the slate is wiped clean. Hence you return to the consciousness of duality as the basic self, feeling happy to be with your best friend, the brain. Read more about that in A state of not-knowing and the after-effect.

NOTE: The above article is part of Duality Hack #6 Happiness is to be in touch with the brain.