Epilogue to HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it will end by itself [draft]

Updated September 12, 2022

Even though waves have different lengths of life and may look like they differ, they all consist of water. Therefore, as they all contain the same, none of them has something that can make them more special than the others. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

On the set out of writing HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it will end, Alexius used other people as role models for the special self. Chatting with others about something, they shamelessly declared their egoistic intentions. Thus thought he got all he needed to write about the special self.

If not perceiving the apparent difference between you and others to make a difference, you recognise, like in a dream, you are alone together. See hack #7.1 Alone together, we go home.

However, without experiencing feeling self-import, the writings about it seemed speculative. Thus Alexius had to pretend to be an egoistic Alexius to base HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it will end on experiences. So when he says you cannot escape the hell of self-discipline required to uphold a perception of being special if you are afraid of losing something. And this you are, as long as you believe to be and have something special.

From experience, Alexius can also say that the special self avoids being part of the whole. Instead, it concentrates on those elements, which it can manipulate into admiring it for being unique. Those the special self cannot control, it claims are dominating. That is all done in an attempt to escape its self-hatred. When not succeeding, the special self considers letting go of something because that confirms it is in control of itself.

In other words, restoring the basic self and being in the duality flow does not come from letting go of something. Nor does it come from avoiding anything or doing something in particular but from being willing to apply Alexius’ Duality Hacks. Since they reveal every reaction is dualistic, feeling lost, in love, or whatnot is seen as twofold. Thus you always feel complete. Eventually, so much that you can have the belief in duality wholly undone.

In the process of undoing the belief in duality, the entertainment of this belief is beefed up by Alexius’ Duality Hacks. Eventually, you feel so entertained that you forget duality. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

While pretending to be the special self to write about it from experience, Alexius found dark parts in the self he pretended to be that it had hidden from its awareness by pushing forward a light version of itself. Therefore, the description of the special self and psychosomatic disorders in HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it is going to end is not only based on observations of others but also on the repressed darkness that he pretended to have revealed in the process of writing.

This is not meant to say that everything heavy or dark belongs to the special self. On the contrary, everybody contains darkness and light since everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality. But unfortunately, the special self always tries to exclude the negative part of a pair, in this case, darkness, so it appears full of light, although it feels incomplete without the darkness. On the other hand, the basic self feels fulfilled and thus incredibly relaxed because it is inclusive. Actually, inclusiveness is a shortcut to the duality flow.

Most have an ongoing internal chat, where they compliment and denigrate themselves. Read more about that here. If you are not in the duality flow, the brain needs this to happen to uphold the illusion of dualism. Thus the conversation is automatic. But that is very disturbing if you believe you are in charge of your life. Therefore, some try to silence the inner dialogue with meditation, and others distance themselves from their inner talk. Some keep themselves so busy that they seem to be above it or talk so much that the internal conversation is drowned out. Whatever they do to avoid it, the result is feeling incomplete.

But if you do not avoid the dialogue and thus include it, you see it is twofold. For example, »should I do this or not?« is a typical repeated discussion. When you do not worry about the result but go back and forth between yes and no, you realise you are in the duality flow. In other words, when you do not care about something specific but the flow between that and its counterpart, you are in the duality flow.

The flow often goes back and forth between right and wrong. But that is not important. You do not need an intellectual understanding of the specifics in play. There is no meaning to be found in them. A world of duality is about polarity. Thus, following opposing specifics’ interaction in your internal conversation, you are in the duality flow. 

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Entering the duality flow like that, you surpass the experience of something specific, being perceived as ‘it is what it is’ to reveal its counterpart, thus that it is twofold, as described in HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it is going to end. Instead, you enter the duality flow directly by neither picking up happiness nor sadness, for example, but their interplay.

Alexius could write a new hack about the direct way to the duality flow. Should he, or should he not? It is a perfect question to initiate the experience of the duality flow. You do not get a specific answer, though. Nevertheless, it makes you feel so good that you do not focus on specifics but defocus on their interaction. Hence you laughingly follow the duality flow. However, practically speaking, it seems that, per December 2021, Alexius does not write new duality hacks but upgrades those already published.

You can also use the energy of your unedited internal conversation to ignite a take-off into the empty breath, thus having a break from duality. See hack #5.1 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing.

Including something, you are in sync with duality because everything in its world is two-fold. For example, you cannot have hate without love, and vice versa, as they define each other. Since duality has a beginning and an end, it is automatically undone when synced with it. Read about inclusiveness in hack #3.1 Inclusiveness is freedom.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.