Phasing out the personality

Updated May 16, 2022

When excluding what you do not like to feel by justifying it with others, the appearance of your personality can be controlled so that you appear to be a hipster, for example. Exclusion, though, is not a one-off thing. You must constantly be on the lookout for something to exclude so your status as a hipster is enhanced. On the other hand, inclusion requires nothing but not exclude because the less there is to define a personality, wherefore there is not somebody to care about what it appears to be. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

We exclude everything from our personality believed to be negative by projecting it onto somebody perceived as outside. Therefore, our condemnation of others shapes us into what we believe to be.

This is not to say that judging others must be stopped to phase out the personality. On the contrary, by judging others, you see what you do not like in yourself right in front of you(see the article The YOU finger and the three ME fingers). Thus you know what to include to stop being shaped by the personality.


To be or not to be is only an issue in a world defined by time and space. In the formlessness of oneness, there is not somebody to be because that requires more than one.


The personality is constructed by projecting everything perceived as wrong in yourself onto somebody else. Hence others, as the bad ones, become a contrasting background for you as the good one. But to uphold this contrast, you must keep blaming others for something bad.

If you do not do that, there is nobody to attest to you as good. Therefore, since the belief in being someone definitive falls apart, you do not appear to hide the formlessness of oneness. In a world of linear time, though, this may be a process over time. No worries. Time is an illusion.


To be defined as spiritual, you exclude what is not considered pure from your personality by projecting it onto others. However, being established as spiritual, you are bound to be bothered by those judged not to be spiritual. But when not being defined as someone definitive, nothing bothers you because you are nobody.


The more you appear to have, the heavier life seems to be. The same applies to the more you appear not to have. However, having something or not is only a problem when you believe to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one. But there is no more than that which is One, since it is formless and therefore endless, so it is impossible to be someone at all – except in fantasy. And as there is nothing to have in fantasy unless you believe it is real, the solution to the issues in a world where there seems to be more than one is to undo the belief that it is real.


Everything can be used to enhance the belief in being the personality. Yet, it can also be used to undo this belief. This is easy because it does not require the involvement of the personality.


In order for you to win, somebody else must lose so the loser can function as a contrast showcasing you as the winner. However, if this contrast is included, the apparent difference between winning and losing makes no difference. Hence there is nothing to define the personality as neither a winner nor a loser, so the belief that it is you is phased out. See, Inclusiveness is completeness – and that is pure joy about including a contrast to enter a state of not knowing. And check Willingness not to exclude but include undoes the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one about willingness. The graphic is grabbed from Ello.

Any experience in a world defined by time and space can enhance the personality you believe in having or phasing out this belief. If you, for example, after reading Alexius’ Duality Hacks, conclude that by avoiding something, in particular, you will be more happy, the duality hacks have not been used to phase out the personality but to enhance it, as it is defined by what you exclude from it.

On the other hand, if you have the same conclusion but use hack#3 Not being exclusive but inclusive to include what you have concluded should be excluded, there is less to define the personality. Hence the belief in it as real is not being enhanced but phased out.

Those who are interested in the discoveries of science probably know that the personality as well as the body, where it seems to be, is nothing but empty space and that it only appears to be substantial because more or less everybody who appears to be in a world defined by time and space collectively agrees to believe this.

In other words, as there is nobody in a world defined by time and space, we can never be at one there except in the denial of that which is real, namely oneness, which we execute by agreeing that we all have a unique personality, that seems to separate us from each other. This includes those considering themselves to be spiritual, as by doing so, they separate themselves from those not regarded as spiritual.

Most so-called spiritual ways are nothing but sophisticated methods of creating a new perception of the personality that seems more spiritual than before. In other words, the belief in you being the personality is enhanced and not phased out by appearing to be more spiritual.

More is the mantra of the personality. For example, having a haircut makes you more beautiful at the expense of those you judge not to have a good look. Being promoted, you appear to be more important and thus shine in the darkness of those you despise. Making more money, you believe to be more clever and powerful than the ones you exploit. Becoming more spiritual, you appear to be more wise at the expense of those you pray for, send healing and whatnot.

And you certainly make sure that everybody judged to be wrong is excluded from your world of the righteous ones. However, when not excluding anything, the personality does not appear to be definable. And as that leaves nothing to sustain the belief that you are someone definitive, there is nobody to hunt for more. Thus everything is good enough as it is.

The belief in being the personality can be enjoyed while having it phased out if being exclusive to keep the personality intact is something you pretend to be because what you pretend to be, you are not.* Thus, you have fun appearing to be the personality, while the belief that there is such a thing is being phased out.

The same applies if every experience – including the experience of you being a specific personality – is perceived to symbolise the formlessness of oneness because that means your apparent different experiences will not be judged to make a difference.** Neither will the state of your personality and so you can have fun appearing to be anybody you like – just like on the internet.

When you always pretend to be exclusive or perceive that exclusiveness is a symbol of oneness, everything appears to be okay, so if you start to feel irritated, you probably fail to remember the application of these duality hacks in the present moment or the past.

Should it be in the present moment you forget to apply Alexius’ Duality Hacks, you can correct it by pretending that you are irritated or by seeing irritation as a symbol of oneness. And if it was in the past, it is never too late to adjust your memories (see the article It is never too late to get a happy childhood), so they reflect that you always pretend to be exclusive or perceive exclusiveness to be a symbol of oneness. Hence the belief in being the personality is not enhanced but phased out.

In hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of life you can read more about seeing everything in a world where there seems to be more than one as a symbol of that which is One.

If you are not in touch with the past, you do not need to spend time on a trip down memory lane but to pretend there is no past or perceive it as a symbol of oneness. And yes, you are correct in case you feel like cheating. But you are cheating no matter how you perceive a world defined by time and space because it is nothing but empty space. So why not cheat in a way that undoes the belief in being a person there.

That you do not need to visit unresolved issues from the past to free yourself from them, you can read  about in the below articles

Any other Duality Hack can be used to phase out the belief in being the personality* so that there is nobody left to feel anything but bliss – provided that the purpose of using them is not to enhance the belief in being the personality but to phase it out, as bliss is the result of no character. Not in the sense that it must be undone, but that the belief in it momentarily needs to be undone.

If not momentarily but forever undone, there is nobody to know that you ever imagined being someone in empty space because there is no room for what you believed to be in that which is One since it is formless and you are supposed to be substantial. This is not to say that what you believed in being has been transformed. But that the belief has been undone.


As consciousness always is selective, you can arrange your conscious memories. What you remember is that you always have been pretending to be exclusive or seeing exclusiveness as a symbol of oneness. Hence the belief in being the personality is not being enhanced but phased out.

*) There is one exception from this, namely the enlightenment of that which is One. It does not work in a world defined by time and space, as it totally erases any thought used to construct an experience of such a world, and you like someone there. See HACK #6, The inward-facing senses, enlightenment and glimpses of it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.4 Phasing out the personality by not being exclusive.