Inclusion undoes the belief in separation

Updated May 21, 2023

Exclusion rubs you off life because it is inclusive. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Those gathering in groups of nationalism, capitalism, socialism or another ism manifests their specific group by denigrating everything out of line with their principles.

First, they divide the world into right and wrong. Second, they eliminate everything judged wrong by projecting it onto other groups. Third, since the other groups are seen as evil, they start fighting them.

When the fight is over, the winning group says, »By doing the right thing, we have established we are the best,« But they only seem better because they have projected the worst in themselves onto the losing groups.

Fortunately, Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings is not a new doctrine where you have to change or get rid of something to become better. Doing so confirms separation, and Alexius’ Duality Hacks undo the belief that there is more than that which is One.

When Henry Ford invented the automobile, he did not update but outperformed the old horse-driving carriage type of transportation.

Likewise, Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings is not an update of ancient meditation methods, added soothing sounds, shaman sticks and whatnot. Alexius’ Duality Hacks are built from scratch, founded on the haste of modern-day life, so you rapidly enter a state of not-knowing undisturbed by the belief in separation. In contrast, meditation is based on exclusion, thus denying the formlessness of life because it is all-inclusive.

Duality Hack #4 Inclusiveness frees you from duality does not require you to sit in a specific position with eyes closed or be with special people in unique surroundings. Instead, you include whatever you experience wherever you are. You cannot go wrong because if you forget to be inclusive, you include your imperfection. Hence you are at full speed on a journey with no distance to that which is all-inclusive, namely, life since it is formless, thus endless.

Inclusiveness is a bit like falling in love. Everybody looks lovely. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Inclusiveness starts by acknowledging separation because there is nothing to include otherwise. For example, you focus on these black letters to separate them from the white background to read the article.

Next, you include what you excluded. In the context of reading this article, you fully bring back the white background into your awareness. Thus making it impossible to focus on the black letters, wherefore there is no article to read. In other words, by including the excluded, the two sides of a contrast cancel out each other. Therefore, since there is nothing specific to experience, hence nothing to make the experiencer definitive, the belief in separation falls apart.

You do not have to be aware of both sides in a particular contrast to include them because everything comes in pairs of opposites in a world of duality, like two sides of a coin. Therefore, if you include the side you know, the opposite side is automatically included.

Another way to put it, nothing can be experienced without its contrast. Therefore, if you devote yourself so much to a problem that there is nothing but that, there is nothing to define it. Consequently, there is no problem.

The fantasy of being someone in a world outside you is over when you do not exclude thoughts and feelings by justifying them with a world perceived outside of you. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The belief in being someone definitive is often established by telling stories with ourselves as the main character making everything right. Or we refer to stories of others in which we appear to make a difference.

The complete inclusion of thoughts and feelings cancels out the idea of within and without. Hence there is no difference to hide the formlessness of oneness.

The conclusion is not that you must stop telling stories about your achievements if you want the bliss of not believing in being someone definitive. On the contrary, Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings are not about stopping or avoiding something because that involves exclusion, thus enhancing the belief in being definitive. Neither are they about transforming sex or anything else into something higher, but about including everything unedited. That leaves nothing to define you as someone definitive, wherefore you are in the bliss of nothing.

However, most want to feel the happiness imagined from being something specific, such as a unique parent, spouse or spiritual person. Hence they exclude everything from their personality that does not fit their concepts of perfection. Fortunately, you do not have to change this pattern to get the bliss of nothing instead of the disappointment of something. You acknowledge you are unwilling to include everything. Therefore, since you include what you feel, you are on the path of inclusiveness to the bliss of nothing.

This explanation and all others in Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings are inaccurate. They are based on you being someone definitive, which is impossible, and thus inexplainable. That is because oneness is formless, thus endless, so there is nothing definitive.

Alexius’ cat, Uma, is dead, so they cannot meet physically anymore. But since Uma has returned to the nothingness from where she seemed to arise, they are together in the bliss of nothing. Hence Alexius and Uma walk a path without time and space into that which is One, accompanied by soundless meowing. Of course, Alexius and Uma are alone together, including everyone who appears as someone, because there is no separation in nothing. Read about that in Duality Hack #12 The key to oneness is Alone together. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius had a cat, Uma, who died in his arms. Even though they had only been together for four months, it felt like they had been together forever, so Alexius woke up crying* every morning. He tried to find relief in the memories of their time together, but when the images of Uma started to fade, he realised he was on the wrong track.

In Alexius’ memories, Uma kept running to him daily to pull herself tightly into his chest, as if she still was substantial. However, she was not definable anymore. So he included every part of the memories as intangible instead of excluding those parts, destroying the illusion of her being there, as she used to. Therefore, since the memories were boundless, the feeling of Uma was everywhere. Hence there was no loss to mourn.

However, when Uma is everywhere, she is also in Alexius’ memories. Thus he can enjoy the memories of specific moments with Uma like he enjoys the boundless experiences of her. That does not mean Alexius and Uma are at one. They will never be because oneness does not come from adding more than one but by undoing the belief in more than one. Doing that, there is neither Uma, Alexius or anything else. But until then, Uma seems to be Alexius’ devotional way to oneness. What that means, Alexius does not know. But that is good because it takes more than one to know something.

There is more about Alexius and Uma in You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it.

Alexius’ Duality Hacks do not expand the consciousness. They neither increase nor improve anything. Instead, they undo the belief that there is more than that which is One.

Even though this image is not the real thing but a twisted simulation of people on the beach, it confirms what it simulates because this twisted simulation would not be possible without it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You cannot remain as someone definitive in a world defined by time and space without excluding something specific from your personality because it is determined by what you exclude.

Should you lose your self-control and express unfortunate traits belived to characterise others, you claim you were not yourself, somebody else made you do it. Hence your superiority is ensured.

But life is all-inclusive, so by being someone definitive, you exclude it. Therefore if you want it, you must be inclusive. Nevertheless, you probably keep excluding to remain special. No worries. If you include your unwillingness, you are willing to be inclusive. Or you could acknowledge you resist life, thus establishing a relation to it. And since life is inclusive, you are on the track of inclusiveness.

Rage is a reminder of what you have excluded from yourself. Hence it is a confirmation of the formlessness of life, as without it you could not imagine to exclude anything.

Even if you have excluded yourself from the formlessness of life, you have not lost it because, without it, you could not imagine being separated from it as someone definitive in a world defined by time and space. So if you do not look at your appearance to establish an image of being definitive, it reminds you of the formlessness of life.

Though it is due to electricity, this photo can be experienced, the image does not resemble electricity. Likewise, a world where there seems to be more than one does not take after that which is One. However, since oneness is formless, thus endless, there is nothing but that which is One making it possible to experience a fata morgana-like world where there seems to be more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

That does not mean you experience life. It is that which is One, and it takes more than one to experience something, so everything experienced is lifeless. But it means that even though the formlessness of life is not in what and where you experience being, it empowers your experience – just like electricity is not in the article you read, although it empowers the electronic media displaying it.

Therefore, since all your experiences symbolise the life empowering them, it is not a matter of avoiding anything. See Duality Hack #3 Seeing duality as a symbol of non-duality. For example, pain, frustration, jealousy, and death confirm life as much as love and other so-called positive experiences.

*) This is not to say that crying is wrong. But sometimes, it is better not to follow the flow of muscles leading to crying and instead fall into the flexibility of the muscles, thus feeling relaxed.

NOTE: This article is part of Duality Hack #4 Inclusiveness frees you from duality.