Not something, neither nothing but that which is everything, namely oneness

Updated September 22, 2022

When excluding what you do not like about yourself by justifying it with others, your personality can be controlled so that you appear to be a hipster, for example. Exclusion, though, is not a one-off thing. You must constantly seek something to exclude to uphold your image as a hipster. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

We exclude everything believed not to fit the specific personality we want to establish by projecting it onto somebody perceived as different from ourselves. Then others, as the bad ones, become a contrasting background for us as explicitly good. Therefore, since our perception of others shapes our explicit personality, we can see in them what we need to include to become flexible, thus not being imprisoned by a limited personality.


To be defined as spiritual, you exclude what is not considered pure from your personality by projecting it onto others. However, being established as spiritual, you are bound to be bothered by those judged not as spiritual. But when not defined as someone definitive, nobody is bothered by anything.


Phasing out one’s personality is not about getting rid of it but reducing it to basic, which is a personality relative to the brain’s script of duality. By doing that, you will eventually forget about being someone so that nobody experiences duality, wherefore, non-duality does not seem hidden. Read more about being relative in The basic self is relative to the brain, thus without egoistic intentions.


Those interested in science probably know that the personality and the body in which it seems to reside is nothing but empty space. It only appears substantial because those who believe in being somebody definitive confirms each other in being that.

In other words, we establish ourselves as tangible beings in a substantial world by agreeing that we all have a unique personality separating us from each other. That includes those considering themselves spiritual because by doing so, they separate themselves from those judged not to be spiritual. Besides, most spiritual teachings are about making the personality more special, thus enhancing being someone definitive.


Becoming more is the ideal of the inflated personality. For example, being promoted, you appear more important and shine in the darkness of those you despise. Making more money, you believe to be more clever and powerful than the ones you exploit. By becoming more spiritual, you appear more wise at the expense of those you pray for. On the other hand, not trying to appear better, everything is good enough as it is


The more you appear to have, the more defined you seem. The same applies to the more you appear not to have. However, having something or not is only a problem in a world where there seems to be more than one. But since oneness is formless, thus endless, there is no more than that which is One – except in fantasy. Therefore, since what you get in fiction is nothing unless you believe it is something, the solution to the issues in a world defined by time and space is to undo the belief that it is something. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The more you pump up a specific personality with anger on social media, the more likes you get. But the more a fixed personality is phased out in favour of a flexible one, the more you are ignored. Be happy about the latter because the less your character is confirmed as specific, the less it appears to hide the formlessness of oneness.


Electronic media has become the means to feel alive. Some do not feel they have had breakfast until sharing it on Instagram – and they need to see how many steps their fitness tracker has registered to know if they feel good.

Social media makes it easy to build a specific personality. For example, by deleting those images and/or messages with few likes, you appear likeable and always doing the right thing.

But when you believe there is more than that which is One, you must constantly establish it by looking for more. Therefore, as you never have enough, no matter the number of likes, you are always dissatisfied.


Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings do not promise more of anything because that which is you is everything.


When you often hit ‘like’ on tv shows, Facebook brings you updates and ads in that category. Besides, it probably also shows ads for losing weight and exercising because, from its database, it knows that people watching much television tend to be on the fat side.

Consequently, since this is considered wrong, you will not only feel fat but bad. But as nobody wants to feel incorrect, most blame Facebook for being wrong so that its flaws define you as right.


Consciousness is always selective. For example, you are only aware of the memories highlighting what you want to be, thus enhancing a fixed personality.


You do not know what is written in this article because what you believe to read is your interpretation of it, thus confirming your story about being someone definitive. See the article Eyes do not see.


This playlist manifest you as a funky person. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

This playlist makes you appear a hip person – at least to those who know the tracks on your list and consider them special. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Your playlist on Spotify, for example, represents the music you like. Since most want to keep it precisely as they made it, they do not want to switch to another system of streaming music if that changes their playlist.

Your specific personality has been fabricated in much the same manner as your playlist. And like that, you want it to remain the same, except maybe expanding it a bit, so you seem even more special. However, being definitive is limiting, whereas not having a specific but relative personality, you are free to enjoy the moment as it is.


The construction of a specific personality can be compared to how Facebook collects data about us. Based on what we like and indirectly what we do not like, algorithms calculate what kind of personality we have.

Per the specific personality, Facebook has constructed, you receive updates and ads that establish your particular character. Therefore, since you become more fixated on your views, the reality seems that you and like-minded ones are good and others bad. However, Facebook does the same for those you perceive as wrong, so, just like you, they believe in doing the right thing.

Therefore, since everybody is in the same boat, they would benefit from not having a specific but relative personality so that the boat can be managed in the best interest of everybody.


Being a specific personality can be enjoyed while having it phased out if you pretend to be specific because what you pretend to be, you are not. See hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.

The same applies if being a specific personality is perceived to symbolise the formlessness of oneness, as whatever you appear to be is a symbol of the same. Thus you can have fun appearing as anybody you like – just like on the internet.

If that feels like cheating, you are correct. But you cheat no matter how you perceive your appearance because it is nothing but empty space. So why not perceive it in a way that ends suffering? Read more about that in hack #4.4 The duality flow goes to non-duality.


The crowd in Alexius’ bar Floss turned out to be a community of punks, musicians and models. Although their appearance differed from Alexius’s, their content was the same empty space. However, in their case, they tried to fill it with something special, like going to Floss, which was considered the most fabulous place to meet. The image is grabbed from the web.

In the eyes of the world, Alexius has been very successful. First, he designed two trendy restaurants and two bars that he operated for 12 years. Later he was a TV producer, a designer for big and small companies and a teacher in public relations – all of it without any education or watching TV. Read more about Alexius’ personal story.

Before that, he worked as a kindergarten teacher and a taxi driver and was a monk for four years. Though his activities seem very different, their purpose was always the same, setting the specific personality aside. Instead, having a relative personality, he could help the children in the kindergarten on their terms and make sure the people who hired a taxi had a peaceful ride. His restaurants and bars could grow in a way that benefitted the community evolving from them. And the energy of a TV broadcasting – just like his design – would highlight the content and not him as the designer.

So whether he was doing something mundane or living in a monastery, it was always about ignoring the ecstatic voice telling him how important he would be if promoting himself as someone definitive. However, this was easy. He does not want to fill the emptiness in him with something but remain as nothing because he knows time and space are fake.

And it seems scientists also know because they say the world we believe in feeling and seeing consists of 99.9999999 per cent empty space. And the rest – despite also being empty space consisting of nothing substantial – is what we perceive as elements of matter, making up a tangible world where we appear to be somebody definitive. Therefore, since what you believe in being is nothing, you must unlearn everything you have learned to perceive nothing as something.

Doing that will not change your appearance into something angelic or heavenly. Neither will it change the look of the world. But you start sensing that something is nothing, whether it seems to be inside or outside you. Thus, eventually, something does not seem to hide the formlessness of oneness.


If you search for something, you enhance the belief in separation because it takes more than one to get something. But if you look for nothing, there does not appear to be something hiding that which is One. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Oneness has no shape, thus formless and endless, wherefore separation is impossible. Therefore, if you believe to be in a world where there seems to be more than one, you are bound to feel like nothing. No worries. Not trying to deny but acknowledge you are nobody, there is not someone to hide the formlessness of oneness. Thus you are neither nothing nor something but oneness, which is everything.


It is best to acknowledge both the good and evil parts of one’s personality because they cancel out each other when they meet. Thus it is impossible to be someone definitive.


If you read Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings to enhance your personality, you probably feel put down by them. But if you read them to phase out being someone definitive, you become relative, thus free to be what the moment calls for.

*) One exception from this is the enlightenment of that which is One. It does not work in a world defined by time and space, as it eliminates any thought used to construct an experience of such a world, and you like someone there. See HACK #6, The inward-facing senses, enlightenment and glimpses of it.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.1 Inclusiveness is freedom.