Made-up states of satisfaction

Updated September 20, 2022

Someone in Spain recently had the heart replaced by the above heart made of plastic. In other words, a heart is not you, but solely a mechanic thing you have to pump the blood around. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The heart is not you. That is why it is called your heart. It is a tool needed for pumping blood around the body to supply its cells with oxygen. In other words, coming from the heart merely means going with oxygen. Since this is purely mechanical, the heart can be replaced with plastic, like in the above image. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

It seems that to be spiritual, you must come from the heart and manifest it as if you are part of something bigger, for example, by joining a group of like-minded ones.

Unfortunately, most of these groups of supposedly warm-hearted people only tolerate ways of expression endorsed by their guru, so if you do not follow the dress code, you are excluded. You will probably also be abandoned if you are well organised and do not mind planning because it scares those who space out by hugging others in the group.

However, not making plans does not seem to be a problem for most who believe in coming from the heart. They need to be so unique and independent that it is impossible to commit to a plan, least of all to the conventional rules of society.

Those believing to come from the heart restricts themselves by their rules of how to express it. But they deny that by projecting their control onto the world. Therefore, since the world seems to have caused their feeling of imprisonment, they conclude they will be free when the rules of the world have been changed.

That is why the world must be changed into something that suits their needs. However, they hide this selfishness behind talk about unity when they meet in chaotic events, often advertised very confusingly because they think clarity and direction restrict the heart.

No matter where an experience is perceived to come from or if it appears spiritual or mundane, it is fabricated by the brain. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The heart is a muscle from where blood transports oxygen to the cells of the body. If you also have an experience of something spiritual coming from it, you are deceiving yourself. Science discovered more than 200 years ago, that all experiences comes are fabricated by the brain.

Since intuition and spontaneity seems associated with non-duality, those claiming to come from the heart think they are in touch with non-duality. But since intuition is defined by reasoning and spontaneity by planning, and reasoning and planning have been excluded, intuition and spontaneity cannot be described. Thus coming from the heart does not result in a genuine experience but a thought-up state of satisfaction based on separation.

In a world of duality, non-duality seems to be separated into two opposing parts, one as someone definitive and another one as multiple appearances outside of it.

But the concept of coming from the heart is misleading. It implies there is a way to unite those opposing parts, thus increasing the belief in separation, since there would be no idea of union without this separation.

It is not easy to undo a belief you are unaware of. So if you want to undo the belief in duality, do not try to escape it by following rosy ideas like coming from the heart. Instead, include the apparent horror of duality as well as its beauty. Since that cancels them out, there is no contrast to define a world of duality, wherefore nothing seems to hide there is nothing other than non-duality.

A perfect body cannot be felt because there is no such thing. Yet the feeling of not being perfect can be felt. And since that frustration is the means to feel you are someone definitive, it serves you well feeling frustrated about not being perfect. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Movies use collectively agreed concepts of right or wrong to create moods that we seem to recognise. But what we assume the film makes us feel is based on thoughts popping up from the past about what we believe is right and wrong. Therefore, if you check what you actually feel, you are, in most cases, not touched by the movie. It is something you imagine. The same applies to being attracted by a particular body type.

You wish that you feel something when seeing, what you judge to be a perfect body, but you do not feel anything because the idea of an ideal body is a thought construction of a body from which the parts judged not as perfect are excluded. Thus you invite to dinner with red wine, candlelights and whatnot that create an atmosphere as if you feel something special.

To not see your self-deception, you establish rules of how to interact so you can hide, you have no feelings invested in the actual body of the other – only in your imagination of what you can do with the fragments of the body judged as perfect. The same applies if you are attracted to a specific type of personality.

If you are accused of being shallow in such a relationship, you prove your commitment to it by pointing to the rules you strictly follow. Yet it is nothing but a construction of thoughts used to avoid real intimacy, as, in closeness, the belief in separation will go down the drain so that there is nothing to hide, there is no more than the intimacy of that which is One.

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Trying to be centred is often a way to fence off what you judge as wrong so that it seems you have a good and not a bad experience. But to experience goodness only is to separate, so it will not feel good. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you do not want the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one to hide the formlessness of oneness, it is not desirable to be centred because. It requires much control to continuously exclude what is not as unbalanced, and since excluding is to separate, the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one is enhanced instead of undone.

That said, if you have worked hard to separate specific parts of the world from the image you have made of yourself so that it appears to be a story of a good person in a bad world, you do not need to do anything about that. It happens by itself when the need to separate is included.

Everything in a world where there seems to be more than one needs contrast to be experienced as something specific. Hence you can only experience being separated if you also – consciously or not – experience being connected. And as the sum of the two opposites always is a state of not-knowing, that is what you get if you do not keep separation and connection apart. However, this state is not a sensation like falling in love but the bliss of nothing.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #3.1 Inclusiveness is freedom.