Everything that appears to be more than one is an illusion

Updated January 14, 2022


Life is that which is One, and as it takes more than one to have a shape, it is formless, thus endless. Therefore, since anything dimensional is lifeless, you are hallucinating if you see a dimensional world,

The oneness of life can be compared to the one line at the beginning of the above animation and a dimensional world to the tree that it seems to create. But there is no tree. It is an illusion. Looking closer, you see that everything in the tree is the same line, multiplied and separated from each other.


This does not mean that you should look at everything in a world defined by time and space as one. On the contrary, it is a world of separation, thus a denial of oneness. However, without it, you could not deny it. Therefore, your endorsement of separation is a positive confirmation of oneness.


That which is life is flat compared to a world defined by time and space. As flatness has no dimensions, life is so tiny that it has no form. And as formlessness is endless, there is no more than life. Hence a world defined by time and space is not real, but like a dream, an abstraction of that which is real. However, the illusion is only possible because of reality.


In a world defined by time and space, most look for something larger and better, but oneness is neither bigger nor better. It is formless, and therefore not in a world defined by time and space. So if you feel alive there, you must be dreaming.



There only seems to be life in the world of a movie because you choose to believe what you feel is caused by it. Likewise, you have selected to be an effect of a dream about a world defined by time and space.

A dream only appears to be there because of the dreamer. However, the dreamer is not in, nor is anything else. Likewise, the world where you believe in being can only be experienced due to life. Nevertheless, the world is lifeless.


It is the brain that fabricates what you believe to see. Actually, it can produce perfect visions of the world, even when your eyes are closed. In other words, you are deceived by the brain – but only because you want to.


Ever since you were born, you have seen the world upside down. That is how the reflections of light, for example from a tree, reach the eyes. You ‘see’ the world in the way we all have agreed upon it should look before the brain has corrected this upside-down image.


This correction goes on all the time, along with many others. For instance, although the Earth is experienced as flat when you look at the horizon, you think of the Earth as round.

Fundamentally, the experience of a substantial world is a deception that needs to be corrected because the brain fabricates it from nothing. Read more about that here.

Fortunately, this correction is done in one fell swoop, when the belief in being somebody is undone because that leaves nobody to confirm the experiences as something.


The movie you watch while wearing 3-D glasses is not in 3-D. It is a trick. The same applies to the world where you believe to be. The experience of dimension is a trick conducted by the brain. Ultimately speaking, you do not experience anything at all because there is no more than that which is One, and it takes more than one to be aware of something. In other words, all experiences are fake.


»Our eyes are constantly lying to us. If you place a dark filter in front of one eye, your eye will perceive flat objects as having depth, which is known as the Pulfrich effect.« From an article about virtual reality in Macworld.


If you look for a deeper understanding or to dig deeper into the matter of something, you enhance the belief in a world defined by time and space, thus blocking off oneness because it is formless and therefore without depth.


This pic is totally flat and the movements that appear to be there is a trick made by moving flat pictures on top of each other in a speed so there appear to be dimensional movements.This is the illusion of the world. In oneness everything is so fast that there is no movement to see. That is why it is one.This animation is as flat as a pancake. The motion is an illusion made by moving flat images on top of each other so fast that there appear to be dimensional movements. This can be compared to the appearance of movements in a world where there seems to be more than one. They are fake because motion calls for more than one and there is no more than that which is One.


On the webpage, almost calm, you can see how a painting that is still and flat seems to move and becomes dimensional, when you as an observer of the flat image, move around on top of it via a mouse, tracking pad or fingers, in case of a smartphone. The webpage is done by the Rafaël Rozendaal, who in a series of new images uses an old-school technology best known for its use in funky, ridged baseball cards, where it looked like the slugger was swinging a bat when you turned the card slightly to and fro – as is explained in the Wired article ´Vivid Paintings That Shape-Shift as You Walk by Them


Dimension is an illusion.

Dimension is an illusion.

Seen from a world defined by time and space, life is as flat as possible. However, this should not be a surprise because life is oneness, thus flat, as it requires more than one to be dimensional.

To perceive life as dimensional, it has to be divided into more than one so one flat part can observe others that seem to move when the observer moves, thus looking dimensional. In other words, by watching fragments of life from different angles, you can imagine being someone in a world defined by time and space.

What needs to be imagined, though, is not real. However, that is the beauty of it. One can imagine a world defined by time and space and have fun pretending to be someone there, while the reality of life is unchanged because it is formless. Hence it cannot be changed.

But if you forget that time and space is simulated, it does not seem funky but very serious to be someone definitive in a dimensional world because everything has an end. However, what has an end is not life because it is formless, thus endless. Hence believing to be someone definitive is a mistake. Fortunately, this is corrected when continually perceiving yourself as a symbol of the formlessness of life.


A world where there seems to be more than one can be compared to ‘The Matrix’ in the movie by the same name. In the film ‘The Matrix’ is perceived as reality by most humans. But it is a simulated reality layered on top of the real world. However, unlike in the movie, a world where there seems to be more than one in which you believe to be someone is not created by machines, who trick you into seeing something, that is not there. Instead, it is formed by your desire to be and have more than that which is one.

But also, unlike in the movie ‘The Matrix,’ underneath the world you have tricked yourself into believing is real, there is not a world of machines but no world at all. Instead, there is the formlessness of oneness.

seperator2When used in an article this is a symbol of separation. But it has no power to separate anything unless you project that onto it.

Be aware that the explanations in this article are metaphors used to explain what cannot be described. For example, the world is not a dream, but one can compare it to that. If the world were a dream, there would be someone dreaming about it, and no one is dreaming anything. The same applies to the movie metaphor. The world is not a movie, but it is comparable to it.


Believing to be an individual in charge of their life can be compared to a machine that thinks it has a self, deciding what to do. There is no ‘I’, self, or soul in a machine. It is all mechanics, and even though the device may have been built with AI (artificial intelligence), it cannot think itself. All thoughts are preprogrammed possibilities. Nobody makes them, and nobody sees what the machine claims to see.

If you are primarily visual, you may have an Aha! moment seeing the below screen dumps from an article in Wired. They illustrate how a machine with AI ‘sees’ the world. It simply registers data or frequencies in accordance with how it is programmed/conditioned. The captions are not from that article but from Alexius. See also A person is to be compared to a machine following preprogrammed movements.

The machine has been programmed to perceive this point of frequencies as cute, so it searches its database for an image to illustrate this.

The machine translates this point of frequencies as eyes and concludes it sees the cute image, that has been fabricated based on the info from its database.

Founded on past decisions, the machine reckons the cute image consists of a dog.

But it also seems to see a female. Therefore, it has to search its database to know if it is the female or the dog that is cute, so the appropriate feeling can be fabricated.