Duality is a simulated reality on top of non-duality

Updated April 15, 2022


There is not anything real or unreal because non-duality is oneness, and it takes more than one to be real or something else. The image is grabbed from the movie The Thirteenth Floor.

A world of duality is a simulated reality layered on top of non-duality to hide there is no more than non-duality since it is formless, thus endless. However, an illusion cannot hide anything. Therefore, it is rather the belief that you are someone definitive in a world of duality that appears to suppress the formlessness of non-duality.

You may perceive the sun’s light to be more real than that from a bulb and a flower blossoming to be more genuine than a plastic flower. But everything is artificial in a world of duality.

Eyes do not see. It is the brain, that fabricate the images, you believe to ‘see’. Actually, the brain can produce perfect images of the world even with your eyes closed. The brain cheats you. But it is only possible because you want to be deceived.

Whether love is perceived pure or not, it is not real – neither is loss, abundance, ego, mind, soul, consciousness, truth, god, angels, spiritual beings or astral planes. Not even non-duality is real because it is oneness, and it takes more than to be something.

Wavelengthsof lightcan be comparedto binary data,that is accumulatingthe simulation,of the webpage,you seem to seeon your screen now.Wavelengths haveno form, coloror depth of filed,as it seemsin this pic simulatingwavelengthsand binary data.

Wavelengths of light can be compared to the binary data, that accumulate the simulation of the webpage, you assume to see on your screen right now with words, seeming to form a meaning, and images with colours, that appear to reflect the world where you believe to be. But binary data or wavelengths do not have the form, colours or depth of field, that you belive to experience on this page. And they do not know, they are twisted in such a way, that you think there is a dimensional world with lots of different appearances in this image.

It is a scientific fact that you do not see any colour or form, but just the wavelength of light hitting the retina of the eye. Colour and form is assigned by the brain to the wavelengths of light, so they seem to show coherent images of a world in the way you have conditioned yourself to perceive it. So regardless all wavelengths of light are colourless and formless, and the motion of the image you believe to see has been extrapolated by the brain, so that the time delay in processing it does not interfere with the thoughts going on now.

According to science it is also a fact that everything seen as solid and opaque consist of empty space. In other words, the world of solid forms, you seem to feel and see, is make-believe. See the article Where to find the bliss of ‘the empty breath’.

Alexius’ Duality Hacks use several different words for non-duality, for example, oneness, one perpetual present, eternal now or spirit. However, those words or phrases should only be taken as symbols for that which is or pointers towards it, even though it is impossible to point to oneness as it requires more than one to look at something. Furthermore, there is nothing outside of the oneness, as it is formlessness, thus endless. Hence there is nowhere to point to it.

You are not seeing,what you seem to see.It is an illusion.

What you believe to see is not there is a mirage fabricated by thoughts that also are unreal since reality is that which is One, and it takes more than one to have thoughts.

In a simulated reality, everything is fake, including this article and the description of non-duality. But even within the phoney reality of duality, this page you believe to see on electronic media is an illusion. It is not in your media. But there is a browser that has translated HTML code on servers far from you into something recognisable. In other words, what you think you see here is layered on code far from you. If your web browser had not rewritten it, you would not see this article about simulated reality.

The digital photos you perceive to see are layered on top of digital info that no human would perceive as an image of the world. A data converter has fabricated a layer on top of the digital information that triggers memories of the world as you remember it. In the case of the internet, this layer is called a JPEG or PNG file.

The same applies to the words making up the article on your screen. It is a layer built on top of nothing but zeros and ones. Unfortunately, Alexius is not that technically minded, so he cannot say he understands how it works. Neither how the world of duality seems to work as a layer on top of non-duality.

Actually, metaphorically speaking, you are closer to that which is real, namely non-duality, if you do not understand how duality works because it does not work. How can it work when there is nothing but non-duality? It cannot! It is an illusion, thus not understandable.

The foolish one cannot separate good and bad or right from wrong. All is symbols of that which is life, and therefore all have the same cause – including you and him. So when he can see all is symbols of that which is life so can you, because life is that which you are a symbol of in the world.

The foolish one cannot separate right from wrong. Everything definable is perceived as a symbol of non-duality. Hence their apparent difference makes no difference. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Wise one can separate good and bad
Foolish one does not separate

Wise one knows the way to self
Foolish one has no self to know

Wise one knows the truth
Foolish one knows nothing

Foolish one is enlightened
Wise one is not

Since non-duality is oneness, and it takes more than one to know something, it is impossible to know what and where you are. Therefore, acknowledging you do not know that, you are set free from the belief in duality.

You do not need help from Alexius or anybody else not to know what and where you are. Nor is your help required because nobody knows what and where they are. They may act as they do not to feel foolish but wise.

A world of duality consists of contrast. One of the main ones is right versus wrong. So if you cannot separate right from wrong, the belief in duality fades out.

To stop hiding feeling foolish and, like Alexius, go with not knowing what and where you are, it can be helpful to read Alexius’ Duality Hacks. You are not instructed to follow specific steps to improve yourself and the world but guided to foolishly forget what and where you believe to be, thus undoing the belief in duality. This occurs when your appearance as someone definitive is perceived as …

Implementing one or more of these Duality Hacks, you eventually become inclusive. Therefore, since the apparent differences in a world of duality no longer seem to make a difference, you do not appear to be someone definitive.

But suppose your purpose of implementing the hacks is to return to non-duality. In that case, they will not work because it takes more than one to go back. In other words, Alexius’ Duality Hacks is not a means to realise non-duality, but that duality is fake. Realising that duality does not seem to have the power to hide non-duality.


What you believe in being can be compared to code looking at a world of code.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 09.45.21

This image is a screen dump of the code for the beginning of this article.

This is a screen dump of the source code behind the first part of this article. In the source code, you cannot see the header, the colours, photos or anything else you experience to see now. The code, which is nothing but letters and numbers added together sometime in the past, commands your browser to fabricate this page when you write the name for its particular code. Hereafter, you experience this article without noticing that it is an artificial layer fabricated on top of code.

Thoughts can be compared to code, that the brain translates into the experience of duality. However, it is like seeing a mirage. It looks real, but there is nothing there. Nevertheless, in the below articles, you can find more detailed explanations of how a layer of duality is fabricated on top of non-duality: