You exist nowhere but in dreams, and they are not real

Updated February 6, 2023

You are a person in a dreamscape.

The photo you believe to see is not the one Alexius has published. Ultimately he does not exist, nor do you or the picture. But within the context where you, Alexius and the photo are experienced to be real, all experiences are fabricated by the brain. Thus the image you see is made by your brain’s version of Alexius’s picture. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The world we see on the screen in a cinema is made from frequencies of light projected from somewhere else onto a flat screen. We do not see the frequencies nor experience the world they simulate on the screen as flat. Actually, we do not see anything. What we believe in seeing is fabricated by the brain. Read more about that in Eyes do not see.

Nowadays, as most movies are digitized and often seen on a computer, it may not be correct to say that the world on the screen consists of nothing but frequencies. In that case it is more correct to say, that the world we experience to see on the screen is fabricated from the digital info reaching your eyes. As this consists of nothing but zeros and ones in different combinations, it makes no sense to us before the brain translates it.

In other words, the dimensional world we experience seeing in a movie is generated from frequencies of light or digital info by the brain. At least, that is what it claims. But it is just another one of the stories it makes up to make you believe you are real. Read more about the brain setup in Where to find the bliss of the empty breath.

When you see and/or feel the body, it is the same story as when you experience a dimensional world in a movie on a flat-screen. The body is not substantial. It is not there at all – nor are the frequencies of light – or pure info if you prefer the digital version in the above explanation. It is empty space in which the brain claims to see something, so it, like a magician, can twist nothing into something to entertain the self, also created from nothing, with a glamorous show in which it seems to be a substantial being in a material world.*

Alexius’ Duality Hacks functions only within in a world where there seems to be more than one. In other words, they must be forgotten to undo the belief that there is more than that which is One. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The frequencies the brain base its story about a tangible world upon, are imagined. Nothing seen is real, as it takes more than one to be aware of something and reality is that which is One.

For the same reason, nobody has created a world where there seems to be more than one. It is an illusion, as scince says, made of empty space.

Since Alexius’ Enlightened Non-Teachings are part of this, they are, like anything else experienced, a fantasy. In other words, they are not the truth but fantasies of how to expose the tricks of the brain so the belief in being someone experiencing them can be undone.

Believing to be someone in this show is just as foolish as, within the context of it, thinking you are someone in a dream. It is impossible. The dream is insubstantial, and you are substantial. Likewise, that which is you is not in a material world. However, metaphorically, you could say it is dreaming about being someone in the magic show of the brain.

Within the context of this dream, it is a waste of time trying to improve it. You are not the director. The brain is in charge. And just like you need to follow the rules in a computer game to feel entertained by it, you must be in sync with the brain to feel amused by its tricks. Doing that is easy when you know that to appear in its world is like being in a dream. You are not there. It is something you pretend.

Playing a game is more fun when following its rules instead of spending time trying to change them into what you consider to be more fair per socialism or whatnot.

Even though this rendering of a sunset does not look like a ‘real’ sunset, memories of an evening that you have conditioned yourself to interpret as real will probably pop up and take over, so the translation of the frequencies hitting your eyes are adjusted to what you believe is real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You use empty space as a zero fill and imagine someone you pretend to be in it. For example, Alexius pretends to be a non-teacher and a non-student. But he has pretended many other things. Here you can see some of the personalities Alexius has pretended to be.

You can also use hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive in combination with other duality hacks to tone down the hopelessness and desperation that may set in when it is exposed that what you believe in being is fictional and not factual. HACK #4 When you begin to live by duality, it is going to end is directed explicitly towards enjoying the belief in being someone while having it undone.

If you want to speed it up the undoing of the belief in being someone substantial, you can connect with the empty breath. It automatically syncs the world of the inner and outward-facing senses (see The empty breath syncs the inward and outward-facing senses) so that the abstractness of the inward-facing senses becomes the basis for perceiving the solidness of the outward-facing senses. Hence you seem less substantial.

*) In the articles below, you can read more about how you see – or actually do not- because the brain makes what you believe to see.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.