Non-duality is non-dimensional

Updated November 11, 2022

tree-leaf-gifNon-duality is that which is One, and since it takes more than one to have a shape, it is formless, thus endless. So you are mistaken if you see a dimensional world.

Non-duality can be compared to the one line at the beginning of the above animation and a dimensional world to the tree it seems to create. But there is no tree. It is an illusion. Looking closer, you see that everything in the tree is the same line multiplied.


That does not mean that you should perceive everything in a world defined by time and space as one. On the contrary, all its elements are separated by time and space, denying non-duality. However, since it is formless, thus endless, you cannot deny it without it. Therefore, if you endorse time and space, thus separation, you confirm non-duality.

The animation is a remake by Aatish Bhatia of a fractal by Daniel Shiffman / Nature of Code. The drawing is by Daniel Shiffman / Nature of Code, and both are grabbed from the article How to Dance with a Tree: Visualizing Fractals With Dance from Wired.


Most look for something larger and better in a world defined by time and space. However, non-duality is neither bigger nor better but formless. That is why it cannot be found in a world defined by time and space. Nor anywhere else. No worries. Formlessness has no beginning and end, thus, it is everything forever.



Non-duality can be compared to the single triangle in the above animation. There is only that one, and it is flat. However, it seems to become a 3D world when multiplied and added in numerous ways. Animation by António Miguel de Campos/Wikimedia.

In this article, you can read about the flatness of non-duality and that a world of duality is a simulated reality layered on top of non-duality fabricated from fragments of non-duality, so it appears hidden by a dimensional world.

However, since non-duality is that which is One, there are no fragments nor someone to arrange them into a dimensional world because that requires more than one. In other words, non-duality is an illusion made by nobody.

This article is actually a layer on top of code of HTML etc, that has no pics – only words, that are sent to your browser commanding it to fabricate an appearance of this article. But that code is also a layer. It sits on top of the basic computer code. Nothing, that seems to appear via the computer, is real.

The article you read is layered on top of computer code that you can see a part of in this screen dump. There are no photos to see in it – only words sent to your browser to instruct it to fabricate the appearance of this article illustrated by photographs. That code, however, is also a layer. It sits on top of the basic encoding of your electronic media. In other words, everything that seems to appear on the screen of electronic media is a simulation – just like everything in a world of duality is a simulation.

But within the context of this illusion, what you seem to read on electronic media, is a layer an app has fabricated from the programming code underneath the article that most humans do not understand. In other words, you would not see this article if not transformed by your web browser.

That illustrates that the principle of duality is to fabricate something definite from something indefinite and layer the spin-off on top of the original. However, the conclusion is not that you get to non-duality by peeling off layers but by experiencing them with eyes wide open. By doing that, you see they are a positive confirmation of non-duality because there would be nothing to twist into duality without it.


Separation and constant movement are necessary to uphold the illusion of duality so that it seems to be a world defined by time and space.


If there seem to be movements in 3D in this pic, the movement is happening in you and not in the pic. It is non-dimensional and everything is still.

If this image seems to have movements in 3D, you invent this because the image is non-dimensional, and everything is still. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The reason for having a sex fantasy is that you want to be and have something you cannot have in reality – likewise, the reason for having a fantasy of being someone in a world defined by time and space.


Oneness is formless, so there is nothing to discover. On the contrary, it is as small and flat as possible in terms of dimension. That is why it is impossible to define oneness unless it is envisioned to change when observed from different angles, added together in various combinations, and distinguished by deeming some better than others, so the observed appears as a world defined by time and space.

That is not to say that you must avoid separating, or anything else, to get back to that which is One. Nor do you need to do the right thing or have a pure heart. On the contrary, since oneness is endless, there is nowhere else to dream up a world defined by time and space. Consequently, all experiences of such a world are a positive confirmation of oneness. Thus, the more confirmed, the less you believe there is more than One.


The image is grabbed from the web

Just like the movement in the above image is a trick, so is the experience of being someone substantial in a tangible world. The image is grabbed from the web.

The brain tries to fool you into thinking your experiences are real. Just like it wants you to believe a woman reaches out for you in the above image, even though nothing in the picture is moving and the woman appearing dimensional is an illusion because the image is flat and static.


On the webpage, almost calm, you can see how a still and flat painting seems to move and becomes dimensional when you, as an observer of the flat image, move around on top of it via a mouse, tracking pad or fingers. The webpage is done by Rafaël Rozendaal, who, in a series of new images, uses an old-school technology best known for its use in funky, ridged baseball cards, where it looked like the slugger was swinging a bat when you turned the card slightly to and fro – as is explained in the Wired article Vivid Paintings That Shape-Shift as You Walk by Them.


If a computer with AI is programmed to think it is a bird flying around on a star, it produces moving images of a star, suggesting it is a bird flying around it. Likewise, a human can be compared to a machine generating ideas of a world defined by time and space.


The world is your own bubble of time and space. There is nobody in it, neither you. It is all a fantasy. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

What and where you experience being is in your bubble of time and space. There is nobody in it. It is a fantasy made of nothing by nobody. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The specific form you appear to have in a world defined by time and space is perceived to move closer or further away from those perceived as separated or as if they move closer or further away from it in time and space.

But since that which is you is no different from non-duality, and since it is formless, thus endless, there is no more than the formlessness of oneness. Consequently, the experience of a world defined by time and space, where you appear to be someone tangible, meeting others who also seem substantial, is a fantasy.

Yet you believe it is real. Fortunately, you can easily correct your mistake by pretending to be someone in a world defined by time and space because what you pretend to be is not real. See hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.


It is the brain that fabricates what you believe to see. Actually, it can produce perfect visions of the world, even when your eyes are closed. In other words, you are deceived by the brain – but only because you want to be fooled.


In an augmented reality created via special glasses, your digitally altered face can be seen like that by others also make those special glasses.

In augmented reality, which can appear via special glasses, you can make a digital layer on top of your face so others with similar glasses see your face as you want. This image is grabbed from an article about augmented reality.

Maybe without knowing it, the new technologies replicate how the world – including bonus ones like astral worlds – is fabricated by imagining something on top of oneness, so there seems to be more than one.

For example, AR (augmented reality) seems to do that. You put on glasses that change what you see in front of you, so you appear to participate in a virtual world on top of the physical one. The latter, you forget because everything in the virtual world seems authentic – just like chatting in cyberspace feels like talking in the physical world.

It seems that only someone like Alexius, who is to be compared to the Enlightenment of that which is One, knows what is fake – namely, everything experienced since it takes more than one to be aware of something, and there is no more than that which is One.


The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In the early days of Hip-Hop, a tape loop, like in this image, with a fragment of an obscure R&B track was put into a ghetto blaster. Here the loop functioned as a unique piece of music that someone was breakdancing or rapping to on the street. Nowadays, Hip-Hop has become more complex, with many fragments of existing music sampled on top of each other so that you cannot recognise the original bits. Instead, you hear the sum of them as a new piece of music. In many ways, it is a repetition of how the world of duality is made with fragments of non-duality sampled into a virtual layer of reality on top of it. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The way Hip Hop started is an excellent way to describe how a world where there seems to be more than one seemed to arise. In the late 70s, rappers ripped their favourite part of a sound recording – perhaps, a guitar riff – by cutting it out of a cassette tape to use it as a loop on an empty cassette.

The loop was played on a boombox, placed on the street to entertain people by rapping or breakdancing to it. They felt the loop was something unique, invented by themselves. LL Cool Jay, for example, started his career like this. Nowadays, technology has progressed, and sampling is not done manually but via computer software – often with several samples on top of each other implemented in different ways until the sum of it sounds like a new creation.

In order to uphold the belief in being someone definitive, you basically repeat the same loop of thoughts. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In a world of duality, you repeat a loop of thoughts – some consider it to be conditioned – so that you appear to have your indisputable way of being someone special. The basic loop is ‘I am inside, you are outside.’ The graphic is grabbed from the web.

In the early 80s, adding scratching to the dance tracks played in discos became popular. It was done by quickly turning a vinyl record back and forth with your hand and using the mixer to add this sound on top of the music played from another vinyl record.

In short, fragments of existing music are used to make something that sounds like new music. Yet, nothing has been created that was not already there. The same applies to a world where there seems to be more than one. It is compiled by fragmented and distorted imaginations of oneness.


No reason to think about how the story of the world will end. It ended at the exact moment it started. You are just replaying a very dear or maybe frightening loop of it.