CANCELLEX Somebody cannot bid welcome ‘the Enlightenment of that which is One,’ but nobody can

Updated January 7, 2023

When every experience is perceived as a symbol of that which is One, none of them has the power to fend off the Enlightenment of that which is One because symbols are powerless. See hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of oneness. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Fear and other emotions may seem to be a hindrance for the Enlightenment of that which is One. It is not the emotions, though, that fend it off but that you believe they are yours. That which is you does not feel anything because it takes more than one to do so, and it is no different from that which is One. For the same reason, that which is you does not think, nor is it conscious of anything.

This does not mean you should try to stop this. First of all, that which is you cannot control anything as that calls for more than one. Secondly, while you appear to be someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one, it is impossible to stop being aware of feelings and thoughts since that is what makes you appear to be there.

It is, of course, possible to deny the awareness of thoughts and feelings by meditating, for example. But whether you establish yourself to be someone who has something or nothing, you are definable and thus in denial of that which is you, as oneness is formless.

Pretending to be someone, on the other hand, what you have is not yours because what you pretend to be you are not. Thus nobody has thoughts and feelings or is conscious of anything. See hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation. Consequently, nobody bids welcome the Enlightenment of that which is One.

This is not the only way to become a nobody. As everything in a world of duality comes in pairs, there is no fear without trust, so if you are so full of fear that there is nothing else, it cannot be defined by trust. Therefore, since you are full of nothing, you are not somebody but nobody. See hack #3.1 Inclusiveness sets you free from duality.

You could also stick to being the basic self by perceiving any kind of experience, whether it appears mundane or spiritual, as ‘it is what it is.’ See hack #4.2 The brain’s script and how to perceive it to feel happy. Since that means emotions do not stick to you, they do not fend off the Enlightenment of that which is One. Nor will they prevent you from having a marvellous time in a world where there seems to be more than one until the Enlightenment of that which is One erases everything that requires more than one.

You do not need to refrain from sex or anything else to make these or any other duality hack work. However, if you are willing to have the belief that you are someone in a world where there seems to be more than one, Alexius’ Duality Hacks apply themselves the more you read Alexius’ Duality Hacks.

The willingness comes by itself when you admit you are not willing to have this belief undone because acknowledging that confirms what and where you appear to be is make-believe.

Since the application of the above duality hacks requires more than one, they are as illusionary as anything else in a world in a world of duality, including the writer and reader of this. However, the purpose of them is not to make us seem like we are somebody but that we, just like anything else that calls for more than one, are nothing because non-duality is formless, thus endless, so there is no more than that which is One.

Read about the Enlightenment of that which is One in HACK #6, The inward-facing senses, Enlightenment and glimpses of it.