CANCELLEX Not fighting the game of the brain, it is so easy to leave it

Updated January 7, 2023

You only believe that the experience of you as someone in the immaterial world of a dream is real because you have forgotten you are a physical creature sleeping in your material bed. Likewise, when you wake up, you only believe to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one because you have forgotten there is no more than that which is one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You only believe to be in the world of a dream because you have forgotten you are in your bed. Likewise, you only believe to be in the world where you experience being awake because you have forgotten that which is you is not different from that which is one. However, that which is you is not in a bed of oneness, dreaming of a world where there seems to be more than one.

You being someone somewhere in an immaterial, material or astral world is a fantasy made up by the brain from out of nothing because there is nothing inside or outside of that which is one since it is formless, thus endless. Hence it is also part of this fantasy that it is made by the brain. It is not caused by anything because it takes more than one to create something, and there is no more than that which is one. For the same reason, nobody knows this fantasy or anything else.

It is greediness that makes you believe, it is possible to be and have more than that which is one.

Nevertheless, our experiences, processed by the brain from the info it claims to receive from our sensory system, seem to establish us as substantial beings in a tangible world. But what the brain receives is nothing that it deceives us into experiencing as something. We only accept this because otherwise, our existence as somebody definitive would be exposed as a fantasy made in a brain that does not exist.

This non-existent brain that seems to fabricate experiences of us as somebody substantial processes the experiences we perceive as fact and fantasy, dream and actuality, physicality and spirituality in one higgledy-piggledy because it knows it is nothing twisted into something with no other purpose than to entertain us. To make it more entertaining, the brain, like a movie director, sometimes may cut out some experiences and assemble the rest independently of the concept of time and the sequence they were made

When not living the dream of the brain but what you perceive to be real, you never feel satisfied, because your perception of reality is based on the idea that there must be something better. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Most, however, want to be more than a puppet in the play of the brain. They want to direct the game themselves, so they can be in charge of what and where they appear to be. But since the play of the brain, just like a computer game, is prefixed, it is not is possible to change anything than the perception of it. Hence they make a perception in which they, and not the brain, are the director and thus able to make it better.

Since this never happens, the game of the brain does not seem to be entertaining but depressing. To solve this, they construct a perception of the game by socialism, liberalism, atheism, spiritualism or another ism, so things appear to be going their way. But as they, therefore, always are preoccupied with doing right by their belief system, they are far from sensing right and wrong is make-believe and that no matter what and where one appears to be, it is a fantasy made from out of nothing. See also All experiences are equally unreal.

Keep reading Alexius’ Duality Hacks until nobody is reading them, and something, therefore, does not seems to hide the formelessness of oneness.

This, of course, also applies to you as the reader of Alexius’ Duality Hacks and Alexius as the writer. Fortunately, he has written about Alexius’ Duality Hacks in such a way that they apply themselves when you keep reading them without establishing them to be like or unlike something. Since this eventually cancels out the experience of them as real, they have not been written by somebody, nor does anybody read them. Hence there is no reader or writer who appears to hide there is no more than that which is one.

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